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How to file extension electronically?

In TT, I have option to select either file extension with existing tax return, or new extension.
I chose "new extension" , entered name, SSN and phone number, however on the next page, I don't see where to file electronically, I can only print form and mail to IRS.
1)  Does it mean I cannot file extension electronically?
2)  On Form 4868, I didn't see my contact phone number that I entered on previous page, where does it go?

    To file your extension electronically go to the following website

    Note:  When you go through the TurboTax program to file an extension you must mail it in.
    • the web site you gave me is for IRS I need to e-file an extension for NY state
    • Thank you, I was going crazy looking for this.
    dy58:  The poster asked about filling form 4868, that is why the website was given.  See the following for information on filing a NY extension

    There should also be an option to file an extension in your State interview.
    • Begs the question of why e-filing an extension isn't part of TurboTax!