Turbo Tax Previere on Windows 7 won't start when I click on it.

I loaded the software successfully.  When I click on it to start I get the turb tax box to pop up but it just hangs and never enteres the software.
This is most likely due to Internet Explorer and Windows 7.  
If you have Firefox or another browser, just use it. Otherwise you'll need to tweak IE to get it to function right with the website.  Follow the steps below:

1) Log-out of the program.
2) Delete cookies.
3) Delete the browser cache of temporary internet files.
4) Close the browser and restart it.  Be sure you are enabling cookies for intuit.com
5) Now try to log-in again.

Be sure your Adobe Flash Player is up to date. Here is a link to check your version; it will tell you if you are current:

Here's something else to check. For some people IE in Windows 7 causes a problem due to "compatibility view" which prevents TT from recognizing your actual browser version.

Compatibility View/Mode for a particular website can be controlled by an icon button adjacent to the address bar at the top of your screen. Or one can go into IE's TOOLS menu and either place a checkmark or remove a checkmark for "Display all websites in compatibility view"; i.e., toggle the checkmark to turn it on and off for all sites.

Read this support article about turning it ON/Off for a single website by clicking on the compatibility icon::


And here's a more detailed example with explanations and photos of the icon, etc., and how the settings work:


One of the settings is "check all sites for compatibility". See if that option works for you.

Finally, if you are still having trouble, please contact Customer Support by going to the following page:


At that page, choose STARTING MY RETURN.
Disregard recommended answers.

Now scroll down the page a little bit, and you will see that some contact boxes have appeared under HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO CONTACT US.
You can choose PHONE or ONLINE CHAT.
You will see the expected wait times for each.

Hours are 5 AM - 9 PM PST, seven days a week.

I hope that helps. Good luck!
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