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Has anyone been given the direct deposit refund date of 1/25/11 on the Where's My Refund site?

Has anyone received updated info on the Where's My Refund to show that their direct deposit will be done on 1/25/11 - and yes, it's a Tuesday.  

The IRS CADE system does direct deposits on other days - not only Fridays like the IRS old system that most people are stuck with.  I've been lucky the past 2 years and my direct deposit was scheduled for a Tuesday -- not the usual Friday.  Last year I had the delay with MetaBank, but my direct deposit was done on a Tuesday.

I notice on this site a lot of people have posted that they have a date of 2/1/11 on the Where's My Refund.  I have the same date.  The automated phone system has the same date 2/1/11, but when I listen to the message, it says if I don't get it by that date to check with my bank and then call the IRS.  In the past the IRS always made a person wait at least 5 days before calling back.

For example:  In 2009 Where's My Refund said:  Your direct deposit is scheduled for 1/26/10 and if you don't receive it by 1/31/10 check with your bank and then call us back at and they gave a phone number.

If the IRS is telling people that they should receive their direct deposit by 2/1/11 and to call back on 2/1/11 if they don't receive their direct deposit, then what is the actual deposit date?  

Can it be that people who received the 2/1/11 date will have a direct deposit on Thursday 1/27/11 - it's only 1 day earlier than the IRS refund chart, but then the 2/1/11 date would include the 5 day waiting period before calling.  The automated phone system does say if you don't receive it  by 2/1/11 to call.

Does anyone know if once a person has their tax forms processed by the CADE system one year the person will most likely be in the CADE system again?   

The first IRS date is 1/28/11 and that's not far off, but getting my refund on 1/25/11 (a Tuesday) again would be great.  I would just like to know because this year I paid my TurboTax fees upfront and I won't have to deal with SBBT d/b/a MetaBank and probably now doing business as University National Bank of St. Paul.

If anyone gets an update either today or tomorrow showing a date of 1/25/11 on Where's My Refund please post it.  Thank You.
  • If you have a greendot card it wont matter.   My state was issued to them last Thursday and Im still waiting on the funds to be available.   After calling they said 5 to 7 days processing time.   hope you have a real bank then you might have a chance
  • You may find this interesting:
    The agency processes filings with the Customer Account Data Engine (CADE) along with a legacy system named Individual Master File. CADE processed about 41 million returns in 2010 and processes returns on average one to eight days faster than the legacy system. The IRS plans on integrating a newer version – CADE 2 – into the system in 2012.

    The filing system at the agency is in transition as it moves away from the traditional e-file to Modernized e-File (MeF). The MeF system faced stability and usability problems and the GAO said it was overall “underutilized.” The IRS expects this year that the MeF system will be able to process 85 million individual returns.

    They plan on doubling the amount of returns processed through CADE, but I'm not a lottery winner by any means, so I dont expect to be one of them.
Yes you are correct. I called the IRS on Friday 1/21 and spoke with a live rep. I advised that I was concerned with the system showing on one day that I was going to rcv my refund on 2/1/2011 and on another day it could not find me. The first thing the rep advised is that they are running and testing through many system issues. He was able to find my tax return and advised that I should have it NO later than 2/1, he advised that some returns are taking as little as 8 days and that YES the IRS does transmit returns on Tuesdays and Fridays. I inquired why this year the Where's my refund tool is not giving a specific refund date and he said that it is a system override due to the large number of returns that the agency is processing they are now moving away from providing a specific date which in most cases creates large call volume if someones return is not in thier account on that specific date so they are now allowing a 7 day grace period. I must advise that the rep I spoke with, would not provide me with a specific date, but he did advise that they are able to process refunds in as little as 8 days from the date a return is accepted, if there are no other issues. So based on this my refund was transmitted on 1/13 accepted on 1/16 and I fully expect to have it in my account on 1/25/2011. While I may be a little optomistic, I cant see why this year would be any different than last year. I will keep you all posted as to when I receive it.
  • you maybe right because early filers were sent to irs on 16th when i went to check mine that was accepted on the 16th on the irs website it said no info and the same on the 17th didnt change to proccessing until the 18th tuesday is the 25th thats 8 days so i feel like it will be there tuesday
  • I told you refund was deposited into my acct today. So hopefully all of yours was also!!!!
  • does anyone know for the ones that recieved there refund already know if the irs web site tells you its been sent or does it still have the date 2/1/11?
  • to anyone that got theres today 1st did you have eic or your bank was threw tt which is sbbt thank you if you answer back