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Clergy housing allowance with a 1099-MISC - where do I report housing allowance and expenses?

I am a minister and receive a housing allowance. I have a 1099-MISC instead of a W-2. Where do I enter housing expenses and my housing allowance so that it's reported correctly in conjunction with a 1099-MISC?

I have seen numerous posts asking this question, but no solid answers. Everyone just gets pointed back to W-2 entry even though they have a 1099.
    What you're trying to accomplish is to pay self-employment tax on the housing allowance, but not income tax. Here's how you can do that in TurboTax Home & Business.

    Enter the 1099-MISC as business income. For the principal business code, use 813000 (religious organization). After you enter that business code you will get a screen about clergy income. Select "I Need to Pay Self-Employment Tax on This Income." The next screen will ask you to enter the amount of your housing allowance. Continue through the business interview and enter your 1099-MISC.

    If the housing allowance is not included in the amount in box 7 of your 1099-MISC, you're finished. Skip the next paragraph.

    If the housing allowance is included in the amount in box 7 of the 1099-MISC, you have to enter the housing allowance as a business expense. Scroll down to the bottom of the list of expense categories and select Miscellaneous Expenses. This will give you a screen where you can enter a description and amount. Enter the amount of the housing allowance. For the description I suggest "Clergy housing allowance."