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can i file my taxes without w2

can i file my taxes using turbo tax with my last paycheck stub and still recieve it
    Filing with a pay stub is not a good idea, usually there is a difference in total wages from a W2 and a pay stub due to any 401K and/or Life insurance, Cafeteria Plan etc you might contribute to, you won’t have the correct amount of Social Security Taxes or Medicare wages you need to enter, you would also need the amounts and codes for any 401K plan or Life Insurance Plan.  The IRS also gets a copy of your W2 and will match the information to your return and if they don't match they could send you a notice for more information which can delay your return, or you could have to amend your return.    

    The IRS is not going to start accepting returns until January 13th so you might get your W2 by then or if your payroll department participates you might be able to download your information.  Also, due to Congress late decisions some taxpayers will need to wait to file until mid to late February, see the following for more information,,id=233449,00.html
      NO!  You can't enter your info from your paychecks or by using last year's W2 as a sample.  It won't work.  You have to wait for your employer to send you the W2. It is the tax summary of your wages for the year. They have to send it to you by Feb 1. You can't use your last paystub because there might be differences in the taxable amounts sent to the IRS. There are several items that are deducted pre-tax that will affect your taxable gross income.  Usually your last paystub does NOT match your W2!  And you can't file until you get the actual W2.

      We urge you to WAIT!

      You can use your last paycheck and enter it to get an estimate but be sure to come back and correct it when you get the W2.

      See this post…
        I file with the last paycheck every year. It must be the LAST PAY DATE of the year. My wifes states the diff. in taxable wages on her stubs so I am able to do it.
          You can, if you have a simple return (i.e. you didn't pay into 401Ks), and you know the information for your employer. Look at last year's W-2 for that information. I've done it this way for the last couple years (though I have to wait on a 1098-T this year :( )
          • so can i use my last pay stub
          • i lost my job i called to get my w-2 and they said  they would send it out but i moved and they said dont know what to tell u
          • i lost my job i called to get my w-2 and they said  they would send it out but i moved and they said dont know what to tell u
          • but how do you do it?
          You can do it, however, trouble can follow. Although some may get away with it, we did not. I filed our taxes a few years ago using only the W-2 and ended up with a penalty totaling almost $2000.
          sure you can, I do it every year but the catch is you have to file a simple tax return like 1040ez, you can also file for your kids. just have everything prepare, make sure you have the last pay check stub, jobs Fed ID number,  and go for it, the check will come.
            Yes. You just need to have your employer's EIN number. You can find that on last year's W2 or tax return. However, if this is a new employer, you can call the employer or IRS to get it. If you make any mistakes, you can just amend your return but beware, depending on the mistake, you could end up owing money.
            • can i file my taxes using turbo tax with my last pay stub

            Filing a tax return before receiving your W-2 form(s) is not only discouraged, it is probably illegal as well.  When you sign your paper return (or e-sign your e-filed return) you are certifying that your return is complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge, under penalty of perjury.  If you paper file you must attach the W-2 to the tax return, if you e-file you must have the W-2 in your possession.


            When you e-file you are certifying under penalty of perjury that the W-2 information came from your W-2 form and not from your paycheck stub.



            [Paraphrased from IRS rules]

            Can you file without having received your W-2?  Yes, but ONLY if you have not received it by January 31, AND you have contacted your employer and attempted to obtain it, AND you still have not received it by February 14, AND THEN you contact the IRS (see the link below), THEN if the IRS is not successful in getting your W-2, you can use form 4852 in place of your W-2. But you MUST speak to the IRS before doing so.




            Also see this:



            In addition, the IRS will not be receiving e-filed returns until January 22 at the earliest (maybe later depending how long it takes to implement the new laws). 

            • if thats the case then how do they let you file for a "Refund Anticipation Loan"?
            • I suspect they make an educated guess (and charge large fees for it).  TT doesn't offer Refund Anticipation Loans.
            • TurboTax does not do that.  You would have to ask that question to whoever does.    A paid preparer is not allowed to file a return under IRS rules until they have a copy of the W-2 if it is required.  In most cases the Refund Anticipation Loan is given in advance of actual filing (at a high cost) and the tax return is held until all necessary documentation is available (W-2, 1099 forms, etc).   It is a loan, not a refund.
            • i myself have never done that but i just wanted to know how would someone do that because i always had to enter info for at least 18 lines from my W2. And whether its a loan or a refund. how do they do it? I mean where are they getting their info from?
            • Like I said you would have to ask them, but I suppose that you enter into an agreement with them authorizing them to access your online W-2 information when it becomes available and they then download it (just as you can do using TurboTax).   You have the (their) estimated amount of the refund minus their fees, and they get to keep the actual refund which is a whole lot more than what you got.    If they guess wrong, it will not affect their profit by much.  (You could probably get a cash loan on your credit card or from a credit union a lot cheaper).
            • thank you @macuser_22. It all seems kinda fishy to me so ill just stick to what i know best and do it the normal/right way