Why is the IRS mailing my refund when I asked for it to be direct deposited into my checking account?

I have had my checking account for a number of years and this is the 3rd or 4th year I've used TurboTax and requested that my refund be direct deposited.  My filing and the acceptance by the IRS was Thursday Jan 20 and when I checked on "where's my refund" I am being told it will be MAILED on February 11, 2011.  I'm not understanding this as I filed a friend's taxes with TurboTax (he was a H&R Block customer) on Sunday Jan. 30 and his will be direct deposited on Monday Feb 7, only a week after filing.
Why is mine not being direct deposited?  and sooner than Feb 11th?
    Don't worry.  You have entered your information correctly!  There is a team currently working to find out why the IRS has the wrong information.  Go here for more information and to sign up to receive notification when the solution is available.
    • I am having the same problem. I was told Feb 4th through TurboTax and IRS states check will be "mailed" Feb 11th. I have also used Turbo Tax for years and have never had a problem with Direct Deposit before. It's very disconcerting since the whole point of filing with Turbo Tax is to get my money back as fast as possible.
    • Same thing happened to me. TT processed it wrong. They sent it over without your DD info. No fault of yours but you have to suffer.
    • I honestly feel that TurboTax should refund me the $50 they charged me because of this flub....I only made $5200 last year and didn't really want to pay that money to TurboTax but couldn't get past the last screen to efile unless I agreed.  I feel they owe me that money back.  I'm thinking of not using TurboTax next year even though I've used them four years in a row and had my checks direct deposited the same amount of time with no problem.

    We’re aware that some customers who chose to have their refund direct deposited are instead getting their refund by check through the mail.

    *** This does not impact the accuracy of your return in any way!!  You’ll receive your full refund amount. ***

    This was our mistake. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and unexpected delay. We are communicating directly with ALL affected customers and of course, we’re waiving all their TurboTax fees.  

    We know exactly which returns are affected by this processing error.  If you think your return is one of them, you don’t need to contact support.  If your return is affected Intuit has already contacted you directly by email.

    If ALL of the following apply, you may be affected.  

    1. You selected to have TurboTax fees paid from your refund by using the Refund Transfer Service.
    2. You choose to have your refund sent to you by Direct Deposit
    3. Your return was expected to be Direct Deposited on: Jan. 28th, Feb 4th OR Feb 11th.
    4. You checked the IRS website http://www.irs.gov/individuals/article/0,,id=96596,00.html and your refund status has been changed from Direct Deposit to Check.

    What does this mean for me?

    1. If you transmitted your return on 2/3 or later, you are not affected.
    2. We have waived all TurboTax product and refund processing fees.
    3. You will receive the full amount of your refund.
    4. A check will be mailed to you 1-2 weeks after your expected direct deposit date.
    5. The check will be mailed to the address on your return filed.  

    We know that getting your maximum refund back fast is one of the reasons you choose TurboTax. We did not meet that expectation and have taken steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again.  

    Please see this article:  http://turbotax.intuit.com/support/go/SLN45513
      If you are affected by the issue causing your refund to be sent by Check instead of Direct Deposit, here is some additional information for you.

      (Q) What happened? Or Why am I getting a paper check?

      (A) A processing error caused TurboTax to NOT transmit bank information that is needed for the IRS to make the direct deposit. TurboTax properly transmitted ALL other tax return information correctly to the IRS. This did not affect the accuracy of your return or the speed by which the IRS processed your tax return.

      (Q) You said I’d get my refund in a week, but the IRS says it won’t come for 2-3 weeks after that?

      (A) I’m sorry for the confusion. The IRS is the definitive source for refund status. TurboTax uses the IRS Refund Cycle Chart  (http://tinyurl.com/RefundCycle) to estimate your refund processing date. It is a projected date based on when we expect your return to be accepted and is also the "earliest your refund will be direct deposited or mailed… based on normal processing." As the IRS Refund Cycle Chart indicates, paper checks are processed exactly one week later than direct deposits. However, there are times when, for a variety of reasons, IRS processing takes longer. For example, delays may be related to information in the return that needs to be reconciled with the Social Security Administration, Treasury or validated from other sources.
      On the Wednesday prior to the projected date, you can go to www.irs.gov and click on Where's My Refund? to get any changes to the projected date. This will prove to be the most reliable indicator of when to expect your refund.
      I know you’re very frustrated with this. We’re in contact with IRS regularly to help us understand if there are any additional delays.
      • TT screwed up and didn't send the routing info properly, plain and simple. They are downplaying the mistake, but they have shafted countless users who were expecting direct deposit. I'll never use them again!
      • I just searched this out because I checked my status today on my refund and I too am now having it mailed to me rather than having it direct deposited like I had requested and TT has not contacted me in an email.  I am very dispointed and I hope that my fees will be waived as well.
      • TT didn't refund what I paid. I will not use them anymore.
      • You are posting on a two year old thread. Please start a new question.
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