How to compare separate vs joint without pain in TurboTax (online)?

I believe there are situations when filing married separate gives MORE refund then married filing joint.
The problem with TurboTax is that there is no way to get the idea unless you create multiple returns.
Majority of the married users simply assume that joint return is better and never check any other option.

For instance, some (much cheaper) competitor products provide easy analysis of Separate vs Joint.
But not TurboTax (Online). As a result I suspect many TurboTax users simply loose money on taxes using the product...

So here is the simple case.
Note, that those who live in the community property states like California must split income (and deductions) evenly between spouses when filing separate.


1. Filing Joint:
AGI = 160k
# of dependents = 2
max child credit = 2x $1k = $2k
Phase out = $2k - (AGI - $110k) * $50/k = -$500

Obviously this joint tax return does not qualify for any portion of the child tax credit because it was completely phased out.

2. Filing Separate
AGI = $80k + $80k
# of dependents = 2 + 0  (yes, you can freely choose how to split as long you do not share)
max child credit = $2k + $0
Phase out = $2k - (AGI - $55k) * $50/k = +$750 + $0

So one of separate returns that claims both dependents will qualify for additional $750 potentially making overall refund greater by the same amount!
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    • Well, what is the point of the TurboTax Online product if it is not capable of doing such a basic thing?
      I can only imagine how many people filing joint with TurboTax online lost their money!
      Just cancel it and tell the world to use the Desktop version instead.

      Again, your competition does it with a single click and it does not require desktop, and it costs several times less than your limited online solution.
    • OK, great so I just wasted an afternoon filing out my info in turbo tax online expecting to see the difference between joint and separate filing only to discover this.
      Why don't you put a big warning on the front of your product which says "If you are married and want to know the difference between joint and separate filing don't use the online software"
      Burned by Turbo Tax once again.  I'm going to switch to another product and I won't be using Turbo Tax this year or ever again.
    • Actually disclaimer at front should be something like this:

       if you are married you HAVE create THREE separate returns and enter all you data THREE times in order to compare between joint and separate. Separate return could be a better option for you.
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