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PIN number

Turbo Tax requires a 6 digit PIN, the IRS gave me a 5 digit number.  How can I file electronically using the 5 digit number and Turbo Tax?
    TurboTax requires the 5-digit PIN that the IRS provides.  If you saw a reference to a 6-digit PIN then you were likely in a wrong section dealing with identity theft.

    The 6-digit IP PIN (identity protection PIN) is only for those taxpayers who were mailed a letter from the IRS with the IP PIN enclosed.  Those taxpayers have been subject to identity theft.  If you are not a victim of ID theft and did not receive the letter from the IRS, then you do not have a 6-digit PIN and don't need to be in that section of TurboTax.
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    • My return was rejected by the IRS, they mandated a pin.  I requested and got a 5 digit PIN, Turbo tax will not allow a 5 digit pin.  Has TTax addressed this?
    • People have been efiling for a month with 5-digit EF PIN'S.  How are you using it?  

      Did you get the 2011 EF PIN through the IRS website or the automated phone system?

      You can also leave the PIN field blank and file with your 2010 AGI as an option.  The AGI has to be from an original return, not an amended one.
    • Turbo Tax will not let me e-file with the 5 diget number the IRS just gave me.  What do I do now?
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      The EF PIN needs to come either from the IRS website or their automated phone system.  I'm not sure how you got yours, but use one of those methods to verify.  You can access both at this link:,,id=213471,00.html

      Both options are under the Green 3.

      The Green 1 and Green 2 will tell you things it will ask you for, so have them ready..

      Some people have not been able to get the PIN from the automated phone system after business hours, but you can try. Even if it sounds like they are closed, keep listening to the end of the recording and see. If you can't, then call during the day.

      When you use the EF PIN you obtain from the above, you have to be sure and leave the AGI field completely blank  Was that your case?  That's what I would do first--be sure you did that right.

      The  next option is to leave the PIN field blank, and sign using the 2010 AGI.   

      If you're still having trouble after that, then the only thing left is to talk to Customer Support to see if they can walk you through it and see if you are doing anything wrong..


      You can discuss your situation with the TT Customer Support by Phone or Chat.
      Read all the steps below before going to the link.

      You will come to a page that says CONTACT US.

      You MUST choose a topic on the LEFT, then a topic on the right to get the page to expand and make the contact boxes appear.

      So in your case click FILING/ALREADY FILED; then on the right click PROBLEMS EFILING.

      You can disregard the help articles. That was just to get the page to expand and route you to the correct department.

      By then the page will have expanded. Scroll down a little past the notice of the IRS Delay.

      You will see contact boxes for CALL US or CHAT, with expected wait times.

      Support hours: 5 AM - 9 PM PST, 7 days a week.
    • I received letter from IRS Identity theft IP pin # 6 digits.  Turbo tax allow me only 5 digits

    You are trying to enter your 6-digit PIN  (the Identity Protection PIN) in the wrong place.  It is NOT entered in the efiling section.  The 5-digit PIN in the efile section is something different that people use to sign their returns for efiling.

    Here is where you enter your 6-digit IP PIN (from the letter the IRS mailed you).

    From the FEDERAL TAXES tab.
    Click the subtab "Other Tax Situations."
    Scroll down to "Other Return Info"
    Find subtopic "Identity Protection PIN", and click START (or Update).