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What is the standard allowance for meals and snacks in a daycare facility?

Under the explanation for "Meals and Entertainment: 100% Limit" it says, "Meals provided to children at a daycare facility; if you use the standard allowance for meals and snacks, and you are reimbursed for them, you can only deduct the portion of the standard allowance that exceeds the reimbursement."

This implies that there is in fact a "Standard Allowance" amount for daycare facilities for food/snacks provided. I would like to know what this amount is please.

Tania in TN
    That URL was for 2010.  They changed ever so slightly for 2011.  To use a standard meal allowance you need to keep records of the types and number of meals served.  The rates, based on those records for all states except Alaska and Hawaii would be:

    $1.19 for breakfast
    $2.22 for lunch
    $2.22 for dinner
    $0.66 for each snack (up to 3 a day.)

    Slightly higher rates apply to Alaska and Hawaii.
      The standard allowance depends on the state.  

      Are you a day care provider or a mommy who sends her child to day car?.  This allowance only applies to the owner of a day care center.

      This site might help.