How can I import W-2s from employers?

I need to enter my employer, not a financial partner...

    TTX has the a list of EIN numbers from the W-2 providers.  IF the W-2 providers don't have the EIN you entered on their list, then TTx jumps directly to the manual entry screen.  If it's on the list, then TTX presents the Import choice on the next page.

    Doesn't mean the EIN isn't valid, it just means that the W-2 providers that TTX has in it system do not have that EIN on their list.  (Might be there at a later date, but not right now).
    • Now that I have deleted all of my prior payroll information, there is still no W-2 import capabilities. I am not getting any sort of eligible employer list or even sense that the system is checking for my eligibility. This is a bad mistake on Intuit's part and needs to be addressed.
    • I agree, last year, TurboTax automatically imported all my W-2 info. That was the biggest reason I choose it; automatically filling everything out saves me from typing errors. But this year, There's no option to import. After entering my EIN, I'm given the opportunity to import from Mint or a financial institution, but not the W-2 from my employer. I work for Walmart, so I doubt it's just that my employer's EIN isn't on the list (and in any case, it worked last year). Had I known this wouldn't work, I wouldn't have paid for TT, and would have shopped for a better way to file. Next year, if I hear this still isn't working, I'll most likely be going to Jackson Hewitt.
    • I will absolutely NOT use turbo tax ever again if this is not fixed. What bonehead made this decision?

      I've used TTX for years, way to screw yourselves out of a customer.
    • I would assume that if you have a control number from ADP that you should be able to import the information. OK TurboTax... Why is it not showing the import button???
      This one small error will not affect whether I use TT again. :)
    • I don't have an answer either, just experiencing the same issue.  It asked me on one of them, but then it never showed up again nor do I know how or why it asked for the control number in the first place.

      I wish TurboTax would look at these forums and offer an answer because I've waited for the chat online feature twice now (each about 40 minutes of waiting) and neither time was the person able to help me.  Spent four hours waiting for an answer... and here I am.  Bummer.
    • so you have enter your w-2 wages for your import
    • Can my info be import in since I don't have W-2
    When you get to the W-2 section, don't use your previous year's W-2 file. Start a new one and enter your employer's ein. On the next page, TTx asks whether you want to download it. Then you willget a list of providers, select the W-2 provider.

    Then when done, delete the unused W-2 from last year.
    • I don't have my info from last year, so that's not the problem.  I did enter my company's EIN, but TTx isn't asking me if I'd like to download it.  Also, it doesn't seem like the list of providers is very long - - only major banks/financial institutions.  I work for a school district - I would just give up and wait for my W-2 in the mail, but another employee said that she'd downloaded hers...
    • I agree - this year (Jan 2011) it is impossible to import employer W2 info as I did last year.  Extremely annoying to have to type everything in.
    • Actually, you can still import the previous year and it will still work.  Once you put in the EIN you will prompted for the loging information for your provider.
    • I cannot seem to get Turbo Tax online to ask me if I would like to download a W-2.  This is ridiculous.
    • I'm experiencing the same thing. I don't see anywhere where it asks if I want to import my W-2 info. my employer uses ADP as well.
    • same issue here with no prompt to import.  DOD here, my w2 is in the system if i can get the prompt
    • I followed the recommendation of the superuser "When you get to the W-2 section, don't use your previous year's W-2 file. Start a new one and enter your employer's ein. On the next page, TTx asks whether you want to download it" The PROBLEM is that I am never prompted for the download, it goes directly to the w2 page will all the empty fields to enter manually, like all previous comments.
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