What is the information for Bancorp - Turbotax Card Bank -

So the IRS has deposited my refund. The where's my refund website, and hotline both say that it *WAS* direct deposited on the 17th.

 Which was the day it was telling me on WMR, but 2 days after the cycle chart said, for the record.

Now when I call the number on the back of the card I got, it brings me to Turbo Tax customer support. They don't have anything to do with banking, and they can only see if something happens when they get an e-mail from BCB (BanCorp Bank). The number on the back should be for BCB

There is one number for BCB I have found, but it asks immediately for the first 12 digits of your card, and if yours are the turbo tax ones it just transfers you over to turbo tax again. The turbo tax reps don't know what they are talking about, and they don't know what I'm talking about. Routing #'s, ACH #;s, Account #'s. Ugh.

I was told that I might have to wait 72 hours for the funds to be put on the card by TurboTax, followed by "because we have to take out fee's and then post them to your account". That is all fine except I didn't have any fee's, and I checked the numbers on the e-filed return match the routing number for BCB, and the account number matches the account number listed on the Turbo Tax Card site, along with the same routing number, and a correct card number matching the card I have, which I activated right away, so I'm not having the problem where people are having their cards closed.

So can anyone shed some information on when BCB posts the deposits they received, which I'm assuming was around 12:01 on the 17th. Based on information from the greendot site it says that direct deposits (payroll) are available immediately. I don't see why this is any different, and BCB doesn't take out any fee's, they are only responsible for loading $ onto cards.

If you got fee's taken out then you can google "SBBT Tax Services" then you enter the same info as WMR, and it will tell you if they received your refund, and if they took their money and forwarded the rest.

Side Note: Turbo Tax should have done their homework before picking a company to do business with that has had a myriad of complaints lodged against them. Just search online, a lot of people are pissed. We'd like some answers.

Why does the IRS say the money has been deposited to the account # and routing # that are linked to my card, but there is no money on the activated card?

Perhaps it will appear 12:01 PST, why they took an extra day, who knows? Maybe that is how it works. However, the transactions might not get processed until Tuesday due to Pres. Day?

Anyone have any info for getting in touch with BCB, or any stories about how long after the IRS said it was deposited right to the turbo tax card, did the turbo tax card actually acknowledge they got it.
  • Yeah this is the last time I use this service. My account was closed and I had to send in the info which I did, but my money or my account still isnt open yet. I dont get I swear.
  • Sophie,

    How do you know your account was closed? Mine appears to still be open, and it says as of the 18th $0 balance. Nothing pending either.

    The BCB is impossible to get in touch with a real person.

    It's currently the 18th in the ENTIRE WORLD so where the hell is the refund? Only people with this card appear to have this problem.
  • I have had so many issues with turbotax card.  The first part, was a mistake on my end.  I recently moved and when I processed my taxes, I mistakenly entered the wrong address.  Upon realizing what I had done, I quickly called SBBT and gave the correct address and faxed proof to them.  The issue with them was solved.  I then called the Turbotax 800 number for the card and gave them the new information.  I asked the rep if I needed to send any proof and at that time I was told all was good and the card was being shipped.  This was 2/14/2012.  I called a few days later to check the status and once again was told, the card was in transit.  My IRS refund was deposited on 2/23/2012. I  received text notification that the card was loaded, so I call the card's toll free number again and was told, yes, it is in transit.  The next day, I was told the card was never mailed due to a security hold.  Until I proved my identity, they would not mail.  Why wasn't I explained this to begin with???So, once again, I faxed in the documents this time both to turbo tax and bancorp.  On Friday, I opened a checking account in my hometown.  I was told by both bancorp and turbo tax, my new bank would be able to debit funds out to fund my new checking account.  This is not true.  The inaccurate infomation I have received by both turbotax card, and bancorp is crazy.  I understand security holds, and can even appreciate them.  However, why wasnt I informed this to begin with? As of today, I have not received the prepaid card and have over $4000, which is my money.  I am unable to utilize these funds.  My suggestion is for anyone reading this, DO NOT USE THE PREPAID CARD SERVICES!!!!!!! In the years past, I have always used turbotax, and my funds were credited in a timely manner with no delays.  The software itself, for me is not the issue, I just think the reps arent trained properly.
  • This is true. You are absolutely right. they are extremely incompotent! I will tell everyone to USE UR OWN CARDS. DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES. ESPECIALLY IF IT NETSPEND!!!!!!!THEY SUCK~!
Hopefully by now you have resolved this issue. However, if not, here is a number to Bancorp where your able to speak with a LIVE person: 1-866-271-1623. Its the pre-paid card service number. When prompted push 1 then push the option to "Check the status of a refund deposit" which I think is #4. I am having the same problem as you right now. IRS says they deposited my refund on the 29th but Bancorp is saying they haven't received it and of course, its not on my TurboTax card. Please, if you dont mind, let me know how this works out for you. It's all so frustrating being at the mercy of these....people. Best of luck..
  • Please follow up with us at http://www.TurboTaxCardClassActionLawsuit.com to join the 100s and 1,000s affected by this negligent behavior perpetrated by TurboTax and Bancorp.

    "Security holds", faxing endless documents, waiting on hours on end to speak with someone to be hung up on. Follow our lead, and join the class action movement against TurboTax!
  • FYI:

    The number for prepaid support at Bancorp 1-866-271-1623 cannot assist you. Quick to reach someone, but they cannot help on these types of accounts.

    They transferred me to their fraud department which handles the closed accounts. Maybe that can get you going?

    It couldn't hurt, at least it is the department responsible for your hold. Although each time I try to be transferred, I get disconnected, even with a rep hold me while the transfer takes place.

  • RIPOFF!!! I e-filed and got my refund back on the "Get It ____ now card". It is backed by Bancorp Bank. I have spent more money trying to get my refund off this! First they tell you that you can transfer money into your bank account, well i tried that and now they are holding all of my money.

    After my bank was unable to complete the transaction, they voided it back to my card...well then i was charged  insufficient fund fees, a 3.50 charge each time i called to check my status (even when i was transferred from the BCB to the "Get it now" representatives.. I was lied to several different times...my money will be back on the card in 24-48hrs, Fax a letter head to us from your bank stating that they will not process the payment, no we dont take faxes and you will have to send one from the bank's merchant bank, to now, it will be back on your card in 10 business days. ALL THE WHILE I AM STILL GETTING CHARGED FEES!! Now I have $40+ dollars in fees!!!!

    I hate the day i ever went with them. Something needs to be done! They are thieves and liars. Please lets do something about these PREDATORS!
  • I didn't have the problem of getting my money on the card. My problem has been a pending transaction for over 25 days which was never a charge to begin with. We checked into a casino for a comp night (so it was free - 0 ) but they asked for a credo card in case you watched movie or ran up the phone bill which I did neither. The front seat had signs saying it could take as long as 10 days to have the charge come off. I thought that was a little excessive but  I waited  and after about two weeks called the 866-543-9160 number and was told the casino has placed the thirty day hold in their agreement and there wasnt anything they could do. I then called the casino and spoke to someone in accounting and was told that they did not have a thirty day hold in place and she then called the customer service number to speak to them on my behalf. They called me to verify it was ok to talk to her and the she and I talker to a rep who said she couldn't do anything we then asked to speak to supervisor and wound up on hold for twenty minutes only to be told they were unavailable but that if the casino would fax several documents then it could be cleared up in 72 hours no problem. HA!  Just the start of the hassle. I called back 5 days later explained the situation and was put on hold again to speak to supervisor. She then informed me that she was unsure what the notation in the system meant and she would try to get clarification. That was Tuesday I have called every day since and no new news. I spoke to a super today and was told that they had not gotten an answer back from Bancorp yet. I asked for a number for Bancorp and was told they DO NOT HAVE A MUMBER FOR BANCORP that they only are able to communicate by e-mail. I then asked for her super and was told I could speak to them but they would tell me the same thing. I then asked about the supervisor over the next one and was told THEY DON'T TAKE PHONE CALLS!!  Can you believe that. My question is where is my 120.00$ floating around and in whose account and who is making the interest on it. I know mine is not making that much but multiply it by numerous transactions and cardholders and someone is making money off us
  • You are right about someone making money off of us!!!!!!  This is bull and Turbo Tax should be held liable for partnering up with these fraudulent people and BanCorp!  How about this one.......on my boyfriends Turbo Tax return his bank account information defaulted to the BanCorp card and the preparer changed it BACK to his personal bank account and the changes were correct with his personal account number!  After the return was submitted and printed (seriously) the BanCorp card number was there INSTEAD of his personal bank account number!  Now that is fraud and it needs to be stopped!  I hope everyone stops using Turbo Tax from now on and this happened on 2/1/13!  This year!
  • Contacting Bancorp is a pain. Somehow my funds were released to them but I have no access to the funds! I've been going back and forth with Santa Barbara bank which is an IRS bank and Bancorp to get my funds and NO ONE can assist me!
The Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ NM: TBBK) is a financial holding company with a wholly owned subsidiary, The Bancorp Bank.

The Bancorp Bank is an FDIC-insured online commercial bank that delivers a full array of financial services and products both directly and through more than 300 private-label affinity partner programs nationwide. Our regional community bank division serves the needs of small and mid-size businesses and their principals in the Philadelphia-Wilmington region.

When it was introduced in 2000, The Bancorp Bank’s ability to create customized banks for affinity partners set a new standard in financial services innovation. Today, Bancorp remains a leader as one of the few banks in the country dedicated to providing private-label banking and technology solutions for non-bank companies.

Bancorp’s private-label program focuses on four main business segments – healthcare, merchant processing, prepaid and wealth management. The “branchless banking” programs enable members, employees and customers of affinity partners to access online banking services, customized for them, under the affinity partner’s brand.

The Bancorp Bank is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, with offices in Philadelphia, Exton and Warminster, Pa.; Chicago, Ill.; Crofton, Md.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Orlando, Fla.; and Sioux Falls, S.D. Total assets of The Bancorp Bank, as of December 31, 2011, are $3.0 billion.

409 Silverside Rd # 105  Wilmington, DE 19809
(302) 385-5000
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