I wanted everyone to know that it seems like the IRS is getting the refunds processed within 14 days. My return was accepted 2/1 and I now have a DD date. I have been obsessed with the wmr site for several days, like everyone else. But they are getting it together. Up until last night the system seems to have been having issues with status updates. Everyone that I have spoken with is finally getting their refund. Be patient everyone! It will come soon!!! I know everyone's frustration level. I was on the verge of tears because I needed my refund. But thankfully I should have it this week. My date is falling in line with the refund cycle. Believe the IRS is getting so many calls that they are working overtime to get back on track. Most of the issues were with the new system and with the website. I hope this gives everyone some hope!!!
  • Yay!!!! Just checked WMR and got a DD date of 2/15...was accepted on 1/30.  Maybe they finally got it together.  Has anyone else had any luck?
  • I filed on 2/1 and was accepted 2/1 and checked the wmr site today and it says dd of 2/15 so 14 days is not bad at all was starting to worry like everyone else though, i have bills that need paid and a car to repair just hope nothing goes wrong like i have read with others
  • I just got my deposit in my account 2 hours ago!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!
I spoke with a friend of mine at the IRS and she told me that everyone's refund are on a 14 day cycle instead of the 7 days we all expected. Some will be delayed a little longer but all of the ones that have been delayed are receiving top priority right now unless they have to manually change anything or if they were selected for review by the system. While the delay is frustrating, it is better to have the system in place to avoid the honest people like ourselves from being subjected to possible identity theft and the government paying out falsified refunds.
  • Mine is still saying the 7th.

    I filed on the 13th, accepted on the 18th.

    1st told the 25th then the 1st then the 7th then the 21st then nothing and now I've been stuck on the 7th for two weeks+!!!
  • I filed on the 2/3 and the irs still says they don't have anything even after turbo tax says it has been accepted. Getting very tired of no info.
  • I filed the 17 check was mailed out Friday, mine has been updating every SUNDAY.. SO now just gotta wait for my mailman.. SIGH, but at least I know its on its way
  • I files 2/2 and still NOTHING on wmr.. UGH!!!
  • I agree Ugh!  I filed on 2/2 as well.  This is unbelievably frustrating!
  • I filed and was accepted on 2/4. WMR says my direct deposit date is tomorrow, 2/14.
  • I filed on 2/7 accepted right away still noting on WMR and my State has yet to be accepted!!! I live in Michigan has it taken this long for anyone else for state to be accepted??
  • Yea!  Wanted to share my good news too... I filed on 01/27 accepted on 01/28, yesterday afternoon WMR FINALLY updated from an expected date of 02/14 to an ACTUAL direct deposit date of 02/15, so praise the Lord, it's on it's way.  Looks like they're starting to get caught up.  I hope everyone waiting sees good news soon.
  • Yeah! I filed on 2/3 and finally got a definite  DD date on the WMR  for 2/15!!!!! <3 Now I just have to wait 2 days, already got the card last Thursday :)
  • Seems to be no rhyme or reason, people accepted on 2/3 And 2/4 are getting DD dates when many on 2/1 and 2/2 are not.  The IRS really needs to get their act together.  I am not in desperate need of my money as some are, but geez, it would be nice to have it.  It is my money.  I just changed my w-4 so that I will not have to pay nor will I get anything back next year.  When you get a refund, you have just let the IRS borrow your hard earned money interest free for a whole year.
  • this is the 5th time ive gotten a dd date from the wmr website only to have it disappear 2 hours later.  dont gtet excited  until it shows up in the bank. accepted 2/1.
  • Once you have a DD date then that means that they already sent it out and they are just  updating the system. I would not be surprised, depending on your bank, if it is in there tomorrow. Some banks will hold it until the actual date that the IRS gives them. Thankfully my bank does not.
  • I filed 2/2 and still no update this morning.  This is ridiculous!
  • I filed and was accepted on 2/4/12 and there is no information what so ever on where's my refund!!
    I did my mother's taxes on 2/5/12 one day later and she had a direct deposit this morning on 2/14/12 already. This makes no sense. She has her money, i did her taxes a day later, and i cant even get acknowledgement that my taxes are being worked on through wmr. Very upset!!!
  • spoke to irs today and was told they do not have my refund even though it was accepted and i have the email to prove it. I efiled on 2/4 and it was accepted on 2/4, wmr has no info regarding my return. extremely frustrating!!!! spoke with turbo tax and the rep was helpful, told me that people that efiled during that time period, their returns are being held up in the new irs system. GREAT just what i wanted to hear!!!!
  • still no update for me.....
concerned 45... call 18004468848 ask if you had a dcn if so ask for the number then call irs with that number... thats bhow they found my info. i stillm have no date or wmr status but it is being processed
  • I efile on 2/3 & was also accepted on 2/3...wmr just updated my status this morning from having no info on me to being processed & should have my  DD by 2/28! That's almost an entire month later! Has anyone else gotten this but had your DD sooner?
  • I filed on 2/3 and was accepted on 2/3...still nothing on WMR and no refund dd yet....HELP...I know others are having problems..but has anyone else received a DD date?
  • I just finally got a date this morning.  I also filed 2/2.my date is 3/6.   I am so mad right now.
  • I have been checking WMR daily...no update.  We filed on 2/3 and were accepted 2/3.  I just called the irs number 8008294477..was told or return is being processed and we should have our dd by 3/6...I am also VERY upset!  We were expecting our refund on 2/15 as all info I have found states!!!  UGH UGH!
My situation is the same as kdula5. Filed on 2/3. Accepted on 2/3. WMR finally shows something today - I can expect my refund on 3/6. I checked last night and it was still showing nothing.

This is 11 days outside of the IRS stated normal range of 21 days at the outside. What's up?
  • The only reason I can figure the 3/6 date is they do not include weekends as part of the 21 day window....does not help but hoping they are just giving themselves the 21 days and we will get it sooner....
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