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Why is Turbo Tax so slow this year

Turbo Tax is sloooooow to open, slooooow to go to the Internet. I am working in Windows XP with plenty of memory and a very fast fiber optics connection to the Internet.
Once the program is open and I am in my 'Tax Return' the response time is ok.

When I open the program, I have plenty of time to walk out to the kitchen, pour a cup of coffee, walk outside to check the weather and reture to my computer. Turbo Tax may or may not be open to the first screen.
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Well, here it is January 9, 2013 and people are starting to work on their 2012 taxes...and TurboTax is still slooooow years after it was first reported to be slooooow.  What's up with that? 
    • Just a comment that might help: Check the tray on the lower right hand corner of the screen and see what processes you have running. If you have a lot of icons down there, that could be what is slowing you down. Close any that you don't really need running all the time.

    • I agree completely with your complaint. The 2011 Turbo tax is extremely slow. I always check for updates so I don't think this can be the problem. This is very frustrating.
      I would like to hear via e-mail from Turbo Tax directly
    • I agree with Pttz123 and Lamby1. I am trying to print my return of 46 pages and it is taking about 30-45 minutes to get this sent to a printer. Terrible. Need help.

      I bought the CD version of TurboTax 2011 Premier and I am running it on the following system

      Windows XP (x32)
      Firefox: 7.0.1
      Javascript: Enabled
      Flash Version 10
      Screen Resolution 1920x1200
      Popups Allowed
      User Agent : Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:7.0.1) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/7.0.1

      This product is slow to start as well, and Intuit even apologizes for how slow it takes to load when it first starts.

      Not sure what happened with the 2011 version of Turbo Tax (Premier) but I don't recall the 2010 version being this ridiculously slow.
    • Something is wrong with TurboTax 2011, at least as of 3-22-12.  I am able to run ProSeries and every other application just fine.  TurboTax, however, is almost to the point of locking up my computer.  Intuit - we need your help on this!
    • @Pittz123 et al...

      Yes, very slow indeed. INTUIT please take heed and run a fix quickly. Your software appears to be stealing time away from the good tax conscious community.
    • I can not agree morre.  This 2011 is so slow.  For example, editing 1 1099 B, it takes over 2 minutes to complete.  I have downloaded over 1,200 transactions that my broker reported.  I will be till October to just review what was downloaded.  I do have a very new Dell with the fastest CPU, etc, ad I have close all non esectial programs that were running, including my virus scan.  But every time I hit the enterr key, I know that TT is taxing my system, because the heat fan goes on.  There is no way I can get my return for filling in the next days with TT.. I am seriously considering changing to another prduct, but that is just an unknown.  BTW, I have been using TT since the Reagan years when I found my simple spread sheet could no longer handle the tax complexity.
    • Turbo Tax download for state is not very slow, it is dead -- never starts. And everytime I try to start the download it stalls the computer.  Need response from INTUIT.  I cannot start the state tax return without the download.  Need INTUIT response.
    • I agree with all the other comments, the 2011 Version is E X T R E M E L Y   SLOOOOOO. But here is another complaint.  I've used TT every year since the 1992  when I had a small business.  I recognize that Dodd-Frank legislation have made things enormously more complicated (the new 8949, or whatever, is only one small part).  I watched my hard drive during these long operations, and look at my memory control sw, and my CPU is running flat out, with rarely my Hard Drive even giving a flicker.  Further more, Intuit makes it 99% impossible to find your way to either an Intuit Technical Support Chat, or phone number.  Since I'm retired and my tax info is becoming less, I will go to a local tax preparer.   Sorry Intuit, but that's it

    I'm afraid I have to agree about the slowness when opening TurboTax for Windows.

    Another thing I've noticed is when you leave TurboTax idling for a long time, it goes into hibernation (or in some cases, a coma) and has a similar slowness when you start working in it again. But once it wakes up, it's fine.

    The Mac and Online versions don't have this problem, nor did TT for Windows versions in years past. So what's the common factor? If memory serves me correctly, I started noticing slowness in the 2009 version, and my guess is that it's directly related to the .NET dependency (although we first started building off the .NET Framework in the 2008 product).

    Then again -- I'm not as sprightly in the mornings as I used to be either, so it could just be old age.