TurboTax Online for Linux

Hi, the system requirements show only Mac and Windows being supported.  Isn't that the beauty of an online application, it should work no matter what platform the browser is installed on?  Leaving Linux users in the dark may have been acceptable in 2005, but in the age of Android netbooks and Droid phones, this is a reckless business stance.

One more Linux user moving from TurboTax to H&R Block.


  • Does H&R Block's online program officially support linux? I wasn't able to find any information it being supported on their website. I did find some results in google about people being able to make it work, but the same could likely be said for TurboTax Online.

    From what I understand, the biggest obstacle to linux support is that TurboTax Online is very Flash-heavy, and I believe H&R Block's online program is as well. If you're comfortable with working in an environment that's not officially supported, you can try the link below to bypass TurboTax's system requirement checks. We can't make any guarantees that you won't run into problems though.


    Also, regarding Android-based devices, there is a version of TurboTax made specifically for Android. You can download it from the market or from the article linked below.

    What is SnapTax

    I do understand your complaint about not supporting linux, and will send your feedback along.
  • You lost my business and I switched to TaxAct when I couldn't access TurboTax Online from Linux.
  • I agree completely.  I have used Linux Mint for the past 3 or 4 years.  Always been able to do Turbotax with Linux versions, but for some reason I can't even get past the "Checks" this year.   I would really like to use Turbotax.  They have all my info.   Don't want to switch to some other tax preparation software, but I refuse to use MS, and I don't really feel like dropping a grand or two on a Mac.  I don't understand why it does not work at all this year?   I guess I will just go down to the post office and get the forms and do it the old way.  Pen and paper.
  • I've used TurboTax online on Ubuntu for the past 4 years without any problems. I started entering my information in TurboTax online a few days ago on FF/Ubuntu. Now, suddenly today, when I try to sign in, I no longer have the "No Thanks"/Bypass option on the System Requirements page?  I'm half-way through my return and you arbitrarily decide to cut me off??? WTF??
  • I think what everybody has a problem with is even though it is possible to run turbotax on linux, even if not "Officially Supported", the website developers have arbitrarily decided to block linux users.  Most linux users are a bit more capable than the average MS user and can decide for themselves whether or not the experience is satisfactory.  The best way to not piss off the linux crowd is to pop-up the system compatebility check, but give a clear option to bypass at the users own risk.
  • Same here. Used TurboTax with no issues for the past few years, but this year the browser compatibility check does not allow you to continue. Can anybody verify that H&R block works? I used their software before in desktop form, but switched to TuboTax online because it support Linux...funny that I might have to switch back for the same reason.
  • Yep.  I think I've used Turbotax for 10 years.  All of a sudden, it won't let me start a return when I'm running linux.  I didn't care about official support, but if you're not going to let me in, it's time to look for a new solution.
  • It is likely that big daddy microsoft is inserting some dollar bills in the perverbal bums of intuit to not allow secure and free operating systems
  • I was able to get in with Chrome on Ubuntu 12.10 64 this year. I had to click through at the first page, but it did let me continue (and I had no problem with it at all)
  • Chrome for linux gives you the option to bypass the block, but the option to bypass is not giving with Firefox for linux.
  • On another post  by eric.frederich (https://ttlc.intuit.com/questions/1553733-why-don-you-suppot-linux-for-online-tax-prep-i-cannot-upload-my-2011-tax-file) there is a work around for firefox, I tried it today and it worked.
    "go to "about:config" and search for useragent.
    Verify that you don't already have a "general.useragent.override" key.
    Create one as a string. Put the following in:
       Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2; Win64; x64; rv:16.0.1) Gecko/20121011 Firefox/16.0.1
    Restart FireFox.... that'll at least let you log into the damn site."
  • Just tried to do my taxes with Linux Mint 13 on firefox 17 turbo tax does allow me in. I used Turbo tax for years will no problems on Linux now because of some stupid reason it doesn't allow Linux users to use it's service. Well I guess I'm not going use your service ever again!!
  • I also have been using Firefox with Ubuntu.  This worked fine a few days ago but now I don't have the option to "bypass" the check to finish my return.  I have used Turbotax since 2002 but I guess no more.  The last thing I want is to do my taxes on a non secure OS like windows.
  • Seriously poor decision, Intuit. Allow users to input all of their information on Linux, then lock them out a few days later. Someone in your IT department has made a serious blunder that is unlikely to win friends in the online community. This stunt is already making the blogs.
  • This works but it's ridiculous we have to make our browser lie about what it is to use TT

    Reply is to jeromeymann on user agent trick.
  • I could get into turbotax last week, and now I can't.  I put all my tax information in for this year, and now I'm locked out.  In the past Turbotax online let me bypass the minimum requirements, but they changed something last week, locking me out of my account.

    I don't WANT to install a user agent switcher.  I have a workaround, see my followup below.
  • Agreed. Sounds like time to boycott intuit.
  • I'm not as mad now... i got it working with chrome for linux.  They claim to support Android, iOS, chromebook, and kindle fire, see:
  • This is absolutely ridiculous. The flash excuse sounds completely bogus. I will be moving to H&R or TaxAct.
  • I am now having the same issue.  I have just one tax document left to put in which I just received and I can't get past the system requirements screen.  This is just plain stupid...
  • My wife began our taxes using her laptop on Windows 7 in Firefox and naturally had no problems.  She asked me to review our taxes before filing and I have discovered that TurboTax online is not supported in Firefox and Chrome on Linux.

    To the original poster's comment, I agree online applications should be Browser and OS agnostic.  Perhaps 10 years ago it was acceptable to claim "Only Internet Exploer" "Only X Browser" but according to the requirements page TT Online is supported on Mac OSX, Chromebook and Windows using various versions of Chrome and Firefox.  I can't imagine the differences between running Firefox on Linux and Firefox on OSX (which is POSIX compliant and based in part on *BSD), or Chrome on Linux and Chrome on a Chromebook are very significant.

    I am confident that if I install the Firefox plugin "User Agent Switcher" I can get TurboTax Online to work just fine.  The point is howerver that I shouldn't have to.  This is 2013!  We (the Information Technology sector) have pretty well ironed out the "Only Supported on browser X" problems.

    To have a policy turning away paying customers because their experience might be degraded is completely ridiculous.  If anything I can see saying "use at your own risk" but certainly not "go away paying customer your browser will probably work just fine but we don't want to take the chance."

    In a further twist of irony, the login page is at 'https://turbotax.intuit.com/login/continue-return.jsp'.  Note the file extension.  ".JSP".  This implies that Intuit is running some J2EE container like JBoss, Tomcat, Glassfish or one of many others.  Having worked in IT for 12 years myself and in particular the last 5 worked in managed services and on cloud scale computing.  I am nearly completely confident that TT Online is running their J2EE container on Linux!!!

    Lets recap.
    1. Server component is probably on Linux
    2. Firefox and Chrome are supported on OSX (POSIX compliant and based in part on *BSD)
    3. Chrome is supported on Chromebook which is its own OS
    4. Kindle Fire's (which is Linux) Silk browser is supported
    5. Firefox and Chrome are supported on Windows of various versions
    - BUT -
    6. Firefox on mainstream Linux distributions like Fedora 18 and seemingly Ubuntu and others ARE NOT supported

    I may complete my taxes on my wife's laptop this year as we have hours of work invested but I will certainly not be back next year.  Even if Linux support is added.

    A quick look seems to suggest that live.hrblock.com does not support Linux officially either but one can brush past the client warnings to the application anyway.  Maybe they just got another customer, even if I have to nearly re-do my entire tax preparation.

    Goodbye Intuit,
  • ...went over to H&R Block and did my taxes on their site with no problems in Linux. I was even able to import some of my info directly from Intuit.
  • Yeah, I'm taking my business to H&R Block also.  I've been using TurboTax for years, but blocking out Linux people like that is just petty and small-minded.  There's no technical need for it.
  • I will be switching to H&R Block, too.  I have been using TurboTax for years without a problem.  But since TurboTax is going to block me from using Ubuntu and Firefox, I will use another tax preparation product.  It's not like TurboTax does not have any competition.  It's just a shame that TurboTax is losing a lot of its loyal customers who have used Linux on TurboTax online for years.  And the sad thing is that it would work just fine if they only let us bypass their silly system compatitbility page.  Farewell, TurboTax!
  • Sad. But I too will NOT be changing my OS from linux mint back to Microsoft just to do my taxes. Do to the support for windows XP leaving next year and I not wishing to purchase an os from microsoft I'm now 100% linux. If turbo tax is not willing to support my OS, I am not willing to support them.

    Paying TurboTax user from 2003 file year to 2011. I'll miss you.
  • This is stupid, I have always done my taxes on Ubuntu with turbotax, it works fine, WHY do I have to screw with workarrounds, why did you start blocking it.
A lot of angry people.

This shows support for chrome, kindle fire, etc, and says 'flash is not required', but even if it was required... going to
http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ in linux says "Adobe will continue to provide security backports to Flash Player 11.2 for Linux"

You can always login to turbotax with chrome for linux, then copy the URL it gives you, into firefox, I completed filing my taxes that way, even after they enforced the block on firefox for linux.

Turbotax, all you have to do is, put the link back in that says, "No Thanks, Continue Without Updating" for all browsers.

  • Short-sighted TurboTax management.  I have been able to process my TurboTax returns for years using Linux.  But this year, the TurboTax-in-the-dark-propeller-heads decided to only support Mac and Windows.  Linux is perhaps the most stable of all three today with huge gains in usage; not to mention the spin-off operating systems that are Linux derivatives including Android.

    To TurboTax management:  your IT staff should not be receiving a bonus this year!
Hello JesseJamesA and others,

You can use most flavors of Linux with TurboTax Online. We do some limited testing with Ubuntu and Firefox 3.x, but not to the extent that we do testing with Windows and Mac OS-X. With that said, your experience with TurboTax Online could be suboptimal while using Linux & Firefox 3.x.

If you do want to use a version of Linux with TurboTax Online, then you will want to use Firefox 3.x as the web browser and not Chrome/Chromium. When you do start using TurboTax Online and you're prompted at the System Compatibility Check that your system does not meet the system requirements, you can click the link “No thanks, continue without updating” and proceed with starting your tax return filing with TurboTax Online.

Thanks for posting this question.


Ken ( a Linux user )
  • I use Linux (Linuxmint) as well. Hopefully by the time I have to do 2011's tax, Intuit won't require me to go through warnings that my OS isn't supported. Adobe flash on Linux is the same as on the other OS's. And It would be nice if there was at least some clue on the warning page that Linux will work, just that you may come across problems. I am not an idiot, I can handle the truth.
  • There is no such button to continue. Chrome and Firefox should run nearly 100% identically (Of course this is my naive expectation without knowing the specifics). It's somewhat annoying to have to switch to my mac or run a windows VM. Please resolve this :)
  • Yeah their is no button like that to click no thanks and continue... lies
  • Aeaea & MorbiousStone

    I'm sorry to hear that you are not able to use your Linux system with turbotax.com. As I mentioned we don't fully test all flavors of Linux and derivatives of Firefox.

    But to better help you & others understand what I wrote above, I've created a screencast using a Ubuntu 10.10 LiveCD in VirtualBox to demo the option to bypass the compatibility warning on TurboTax.com. In the demo I show that I'm using Firefox 3.6.10 and I install Adobe Flash from the multiverse.

    Here is a direct link to the Ogg Vorbis video:

    Here is the Archive.org page


  • @TurboTaxKenS.  You're work around may work (or may not depending on some of the comments above), but the larger issue is that Intuit is blatantly ignoring a large component of OS users, unnecessarily.  There are innumerable examples of commercial software out there that have been also designed for Linux without the excuse of "don't fully test all flavours of Linux".  What you're hearing, I believe, is a voice from your consumer base who are not happy with the way that you (the company) view them and provide them with service.
  • I agree with others  that more attention should be paid to Linux users.  Turbo Tax is a great product and they shouldn't blatantly ignore users.
Mine too.  It would likely work fine if the filter page would allow passage.  I displayed hidden elements and selected no thanks and was redirected right back to: NO!  Extremely disappointed but not terribly surprised.
  • I was able to bypass the check on Linux/Firefox about a week and a half ago, did all my taxes, and made the mistake of not filing when I had the chance.  I come back to it today and I'm locked out.  DId that decision come from the same person who thought hiring Vanilla Ice as a spokesperson was a good idea?  Seriously, I like your software, but you have two weeks to let me bypass the browser check or lose my business permanently.  I am loyal, to a point.
  • same here.
  • Same here; I was able to work-around the compatability check by changing my browser's user-agent.

    Angry Customer
  • Just adding my +1 to the above. Monkeying with the UA string let me in, but it is absurd that in the year 2013 you have to resort to that. I provided feedback to that effect at the end of the filing process, too bad you can't require they use Linux to read those...
OS detection is apparently being determined by the JavaScript User Agent.

You can use the 'User Agent Switcher' and 'UA JS Fixer' addons below to circumvent this in Linux/Firefox.

Simply install and change your UA to IE 8 then proceed as normal.
  • It is trivial to change the user agent on Firefox or use a browser like Chrome whose UA string is not picked on, but this is not the point. The point is that Intuit is actively refusing to accept clients that use Linux. Its claim that there may be software incompatibility is obviously bogus. So the problem is either due to incompetence or to some bizarre business decision. In either case there are only two solutions:
    1. Intuit removes the useless browser/OS check.
    2. Intuit's clients go somewhere else to do their taxes, and make sure everybody that they know does the same.
  • I agree. The issue at hand is unacceptable. I only wanted to provide an answer to anyone still attempting to use Linux/Firefox.
  • Very disappointing and frustrating!
Clearly the people at Turbo Tax don't care about the Linux community.  When I first came across this problem I sent Turbo Tax an e-mail asking when a fix might be available.  They didn't bother to reply.  Then I stumbled on this thread.  Even with all these complaints Turbo Tax is doing nothing.

So how can we get their attention?  Big brokerage houses, like Fidelity and Schwab, steer their customers to Turbo Tax.  I plan to tell my broker of the problems I'm having.  If enough other people do likewise, and the word gets back to Turbo Tax, then maybe this problem will be corrected.
    I've made my decision...there is only one answer to this issue....switch to H&R Block.  These folks don't want our business...f*** em.  I have a close friend who works at Fidelity.  I'm going to ask him to make sure that higher ups there realize that they're recommending a product that does not support the same browsers and operating systems as does theirs, and that they should cease doing so.
    • I used TaxAct with out a single warning!!!

      I then sent them this email and less than a day later I got a response!

      Email Sent:
      "I used Taxact for the first time this year because Turbotax chose to not support linux. I had been a customer of them from 2003 to this year. In the past they warned you but you could continue. now Turbotax will not let you file with out MS windows or MAC OSX.

      I used your service with out issue in linux mint 14. Ya might want to reach out to us linux guys.
      See all links below for turbotax not playing nice with linux.

      Email reply:
      "Thank you for your suggestion. We appreciate your feedback and value your opinion. Your suggestion will be forwarded to the developers for consideration on future products.

      Please feel free to submit any other ideas that you have to improve our software. The best channel for this is to visit our support page and click on product suggestion (or click on the link below). As always, your feedback is appreciated and will be reviewed by the development team for consideration.
      Thank you for using TaxACT. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
      Evan J.
      TaxACT Customer Support

      Seems to be a company that cares about its members!
    • On another note I decided to talk to Customer support turbotax. After a a few back and forths.... hold on ..... and many links to the supported browser page. I met requierments. I was then told that running a windows emulator / virtual instance of windows would solve my prob. I was shocked that this was the suggestion by Turborax. To file my return I needed to run a virtual instance of MS OS. Wow...... great solution eh ?
    • That's unbelievable.  By the way...I just discovered that apparently, just like Chrome, the Linux version of Opera also has the "No thanks, continue without upgrading" option...WTF??  What's the deal with Firefox under Linux??

      I just found out, to my horror, that neither TaxAct or H&R Blocks products will import from my Fidelity Investments account.  That would add literally hours of manual work for me.  I've never been so f****** pissed off in my life.  What a bunch of A-holes.
    • Turbotax issued this page to help linux users:
      If you want them to fix it, sign up for notifications about when it will be fixed.
    It used to work fine, now I am blocked out.  I could hack my browser to say it is running on Windows, but why fight to give my business to someone?  To hell with Turbotax.
      I spent over an hour on the phone holding and then talking to TurboTax.

      They were very nice, but all they did after all that time is take me to the web page where it said my system (quad-core i7, 24G RAM, 1900x1200 monitor, Firefox 19) does not meet their minimum requirements.

      That's okay, because although I've been a Turbotax customer for >10 years now, I spent the time on hold using the H&R block site, and it's working fine.

      I suggest using H&R Block, as Intuit no longer wants my money.
        I switched to TaxACT.  Intuit needs to wise up and make their software available for Linux users. I advised my mutual fund company of this rubbish and I advise others to do the same.
          I have been using TurboTax for over a decade, and I will not hack my browser to be "allowed" to do business with them.  I know that it works perfectly well on my standard, up-to-date Ubuntu / Firefix config.  Goodbye TurboTax.
            Hi Jesse,

            I use TurboTax online with Linux. On the page that has the system requirements there is a button that says basically, "continue anyway". I use Firefox browser and it works just fine. Have used it for several years.
            • rant start:
              I've ALWAYS used linux for doing my taxes online with turbotax. EVERY year since 2000.
              Every year there is something weird with intuit.
              Sometimes import from one of my borkers doesn't work right, etc.
              But this year Intuit has surpassed itself.
              I try to go in and it just doesn't want me because I'm a linux user. My money was good before but not this year.
              rant end.

              Anyway, my real question is, how do i get my affiliate discount when i use the link that bypasses the system requirements check?
            • I have been using Turbo Tax to do my taxes every year for the last 10 years, but now that I have migrated to Linux I suppose the time has come to migrate away from Turbo Tax as well.
            • +1 for official linux support.  User Agent Switcher add on for firefox got me through the initial page, but the lack of official support, higher price, and mixed results reported by other users has me switching to another program .  bye from a long-time user who no longer uses windows.
            • I used CompleteTax and it worked great for me.  I use Chrome on Ubuntu Linux.  TurboTax would fail trying to get to past the login screens.  If I could fake it sometimes I could get in sometimes not.  

              CompleteTax worked throughout the whole lifecycle.
            • Let's stop beating around the bush.

              More and more people are kicking the Microsoft habit, but finally with one-to-many Blue Screens Of Death, I have stepped up to Ubuntu - it is great.  Now, the question is when will Intuit offer a Linux version to serve its Linux customers - desktop or web version solidly supported.

              Someone is going to be first to get there - could be H&R - and when it happens, lots of Linux users will seriously consider it as the Tax SW provider for the NEXT decade.

              Intuit... get to it.
            • I'm one more vote for fully supporting Linux, at least Ubuntu.  In the meantime, I'll have to cancel my automatic T-Tax cd delivery.  No more Windows for me!!  Get with the program, Intuit!
            • Using TurboTax Free with Chromium running in Linux Mint 11. Running fine.
            • This year I did my taxes with TurboTax Online from my Samsung Chromebook (Chrome OS running on Linux). No problems.
            • Fedora 18, denied
            • Fedora 18, denied
            • always used turbotax in firefox w/ linux... no option to bypass the check this year. Switching to alternative provider
            • Yes, I have used Trubotax for several years, just said continue even though it was unsupported - this year, not continue button. I saw H&R Block allows one to continue while using Linux, perhaps others will as well
            • I was hoping Intuit would fix this by now for 2013 so that I could use Linux Mint 13 on a monster workstation.  If I can run Google Docs and every other heavy site in a browser, what is wrong with Intuit's stuff?  Sure, I can work around you with a browser config, but Intuit is being intentionally discriminitory.  You'll support a weak tablet, sure, but a 16-core quad-gpx workstation and you throw up the door bouncer?  wtf
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