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How do I enter California domicile information?

I'm domiciled in California but live overseas. I qualify for CA's safe harbor and can file as a non-resident, but turbo tax does not give me a screen where I can indicate days spent in California and/or indicate how much of my income is from CA sources (in my case, none).  TT indicates I am filing a non resident return,  but is treating all of my income as sourced from California.  Why is this?
    has this issue been fixed? we are starting our return but our situation is pretty similar to jonnyh's. we have lived overseas with military (retired last jan 2011) and now with the state dept (6 weeks between those two events.....but no return to CA during that time). Our mailing address is in VA - but our home of record has always been CA (23 yrs). We have no CA source income, but have been told we need to file, now that we're out of the military. W2 shows CA as our state. I will try TT but don't want to encounter the same problem! thanks for bringing it up!
    • After several hours on the phone with customer service, I finally gave us and just filled out the CA form myself and mailed it in.  I had difficulty even getting folks to understand that I didn't have a policy issue, that this is a problem with their software.  I know I qualify for the safe harbor in CA publication 1031 (from a discussion a few years ago with a CA tax attorney), and have used TT for at least three years without difficulty.  All my personal info transferred over to 2011 and nothing material has changed in my situation, but the software continued to treat me as a resident this year.  Finally gave up in frustration.
    • Jonnyh,

      Did mailing the form in for you work?  What form did you use and what info you put in?  I am in the same situation as you as I've been overseas over 18 months and qualify for safe harbor however, I have two homes in CA under my name rented out.
    • @overseasDan,
      Yes, I used the 540NR and mailed it in.  It took about 3 months to get my refund, though.

    It looks like this hasn't been addressed in a while.  TurboTaxAnita indicated that a change was made, but someone marked it as unhelpful.  Can anyone confirm that they've successfully used TT to file as a CA nonresident with NO CA sourced income under the safe harbor provision (thereby making themselves exempt from CA income taxes)?  I plan to attempt my taxes using TT soon and would like to know exactly what to expect.

    • Not fixed...  I'm in the same situation and all of my income shows CA
    The Calif nonresident/part-year return, Form 540NR, computes your income and tax as if you were a resident the entire year, then computes a net tax rate by dividing the total tax by total taxable income. Your California-source income is then multiplied by that net tax rate to determine your California tax.

    So you do report everything but towards the end of the interview (Adjustments to Income -> Nonresident Adjustments) is where you allocate the California-source income which is multiplied by the net tax rate. See Form 540NR, lines 31 - 42.
    • Thanks Terry, but when I do that, TT tells me: "Nonresident Adjustments - Based on your residency, you are not required to make any of these adjustments."  I checked to make sure I'm in the nonresident return (state taxes => your state returns => type of return: nonresident).

      Under personal info, both my wife and I list resident of: foreign.  We have an APO mailing address, and under "other state info"  we don't indicate any state (no other state info, no other state income).  Not sure what the problem is here.
    • Be sure you've told TT in Personal Info that you have income from California sources. But you seem to already have a Calif nonresident return going on so you've probably done that already. The screen saying that based on your residency you don't need to make nonresident adjustments can only appear if TT/Calif thinks you are a resident, and it gets that information from Personal Info.
    • Yes, that is the frustrating thing about this.  I'm not sure what in the personal info is making TT believe I'm a CA resident. Maybe because I have CA withholding on my W2?  Or because my APO zip code is in CA?  I'm really frustrated at this point, because this wasn't a problem last year (and I haven't changed my personal info, it's the same as 2010), but the state taxes part of TT is useless if I can't access the nonresident adjustments.
    • I should add that I don't have income from CA sources, though my employer withholds state tax for CA (have to be domiciled somewhere).  

      I think there must be a glitch in the system.  Even when I change my address to a foreign address and delete all reference to CA from my W2, I'm still having the same problem:  TT won't give me a screen to allocate income in the state tax section.  Reviewing my return from last year, form 540NR CA column E served to separate out my non-CA sourced income.  Not sure how to use the software to get that result.
    The interview for the Personal Info section has changed from last year.  You should click on the PI tab and edit each section to make sure your entries show what you expect
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