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Transferring turbotax file from computer to turbotax online

Does anyone know if you can upload my 2010 turbotax file which is on my computer to my 2011 online "cloud" account with turbotax?
I don't want to keep my file on my computer anymore.  I want turbotax to store it on their servers and then I can access it every year.
    If you don't want to keep the tax files on your computer then you should burn them to a cd or dvd, or copy them to a flash drive or external hard drive, etc.  which you should be doing anyway for backup.  Be sure to get all the .tax and .pdf files.  In Windows they are usually in My Documents in the Turbo Tax folder.  If you didn't save them as a pdf file go back and open the program and save it as a pdf file now.  If you have the pdf files of all your years you won't need the program installed to view them and can take them to another computer.
      TurboTax does not provide file storage. There is no way to upload your file to the TurboTax servers. You can transfer the data from the 2010 file on your computer into a 2011 tax return in TurboTax Online. For instructions, go to the following link and click on "Transfer your 2010 CD/Download software return."

      Transfer last year's return to TurboTax Online 2011

      It's not clear why you want to access your 2010 file "every year." You can only transfer data from the immediately preceding year: 2010 to 2011, etc. Other than transferring, you would only have to go back to older years for reference as needed. You should save your return as a PDF in addition to saving the TurboTax data file, so you can look at it without having to have the TurboTax program for that year.