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I am unable to login to turbotax online using firefox 3.6

I have my login credentials. When I enter them and press "submit," nothing happens.
    Hello gb98501,

    Are you still having this issues? We've had reports that some customers are receiving the message below when attempting to log in to TurboTax Online from TurboTax.com.

    "Sorry about this, but we're having a temporary problem accessing our servers"

    If this is the message that you received, we apologize, we are working of it and you should try to log back in a little later today.

    Thanks for letting us know. Take care.
    • I am still having this issue. There is no message when I click Submit. There is no response whatsoever.
    • It is January 21, and this problem continues. Does TurboTax intend to fix this problem anytime soon - or anytime before April 15?
    • It is January 27, and this problem still hasn't been fixed.  I am giving up on TurboTax and switching to H&R Block.
    • I am having the exact same problem. I wasn't able to sign on using Firefox 3.5 so I upgraded to the latest version 3.6.13 and I still can't sign in. It does nothing at all after I type in my user ID and password, no error message, doesn't hang up, just nothing. My info is correct because I wouldn't be able to sign in to make this comment if it wasn't.

      I would like to start my 2010 tax return but it won't let me. I am very computer literate and this is not a case of operator error. My security settings do allow cookies, I've cleared my cache and have tried over and over but still nothing. It won't let me use Opera browser (not listed in system requirements) either and I deleted Internet Explorer because I was tired of getting viruses. I'm not a fan of chrome either and haven't downloaded it. I've been using firefox for turbo tax for years and all my info is there so I won't have to re-type a bunch of stuff, but I can't get past the sign in screen.  When will this be fixed?
    • I am having this same problem.  Anyone find a solution?
    • Apparently still not fixed I am having the exact same problem.  Have tried both Safari 5.0.3 and Firefox 3.6.13.  I have tried to use the Chat Service, but after a 30 minute wait was connected only to be disconnected before I was able to get any answer.
    • Yesterday I was finally able to connect with the Chat System and was told to install Google Chrome and try running Turbo Tax on that .  The good news. It worked.  I have signed in and out a number of times without the sign in problem occurring again.

      The bad news is I now have Safari, Firefox and Chrome on my computer.  It does seem strange to me that Turbo Tax has problems with Safari and Firefox.  Both pretty common!  You would think they would get this fixed.
    • This is ridiculous and so infuriating. I can log in to the website using one of my computers, but not with the other, yet each has the exact same settings, browser, etc. Firefox is listed as one of their compatible browsers, and I can confirm it works on some computers, but for some strange reason not on all. Poor programming and extremely disappointing that Intuit can't fix this problem after over a month of it being identified, and we're supposed to trust our tax returns to these people.

      I DEMAND an answer and immediate resolution to this issue, or I'll take my business elsewhere.
    • No help from Intuit since I posted this problem six weeks ago. Still can't use Firefox with TurboTax online.
    • I am getting the same 'temporary server' error when I use my iMac and Firefox 3.6.13.  I switched to my work laptop running Windows and Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3.16.13 and it works fine with either browser.  Maybe it has something to do with Flash plug in the iMac Firefox.  Intuit should at least change the error message so as not to mislead the Apple users.   Otherwise they are going to lose all of their Apple users to H&R Block.
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