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How do I start a new return

I don't get a File tab to select new return.  It just keeps me in the return I already filed and got accepted from e-file.  Now I want to start a different tax return.  What can I do?
    With Turbotax Online, you can not start another return. You can prepare only one tax return per account. To prepare another return, you will need to create a new account, userID/password, and pay again.

    Only the CD/Desktop version allows multiple returns.
    • I have been submitting more than one return in past years on the turbo tax program I purchased at Walmart. I paid just as much on line as I did from Walmart .... you screwed me and you can be sure I will pass this on to my friends. Thanks for not telling me this before I paid!!
    • i also think it is not fair that only the cd/desktop version only allows multiple returns as i also paid for the premier edition online and only got to file one return.. bad customer service folks..
    • I would have bought the one at Wal-Mart if I had known I couldn't do multiple returns!  think I will purchase it as I have a couple more to do!  Bad advertisement and I will make sure I tell everyone I know!
    • This absolutely stinks. I spent a lot for a business return, then did my daughters' easy return first. Now you won't let me access the return I purchased. Basically you screwed me.
    • If you buy it in the store you can file multiple returns.  The online version only lets you file one return per account.  This really sucks and was not disclosed.  What a ripoff.
    • I too am shocked that Turbo Tax on line would rip people off like this.  This information needs to get out there so others are not ripped off as we all have been.  No more on-line with Turbo Tax in the future.  There are other companies that offer better prices and those will be looked at next year instead of trusting Turbo Tax to give the same options for online and cd purchases.  Shame on you Turbo Tax.  We all should get our money back.
    • I feel screwed too.  On TT site it says you can create up to 5 returns.  It did not say a thing that it is not applicable for the online version I purchased.  Had I known this, I would have purchased the program in a retail store.  SHAME ON YOU TURBO TAX!!!!
    • I more than agree with all the comments about the online ripoff. What makes the difference whether I purchase online or at a retail outlet? This is my first times to use TurboTax  software and rest assured IT WILL BE MY LAST!!!!!  I have another return to file and but I won't be doing it with software other than TURBO RIPOFF. I encourage anyone who reads the comments to do as I will be doing and that is SEND A WARNING TO EVERYONE IN YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS BOOK BEFORE ANYONE ELSE GETS RIPPED OFF.

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