Why is my "Creating a Secure Connection" taking such a long time?

I have tried several times to get my taxes started and every time I log in I get the message "Creating a Secure Connection", but it is staying like that even if i leave it for a very long time. I realize that there must be alot of people trying to log in but I am begginning to feel it is a connection problem.  Could you please let me know what to do.
    The creating secure connection take quite a long time when your Adobe Flash player or Java  is not updated to the recent version to work on your internet browser. Try to upgrade you flash player to rectify the problem. As a secondary you can try another browser to address the situation as well.
    • The IRS won't start accepting returns until January 14th because of the bill Congress passed recently regarding  tax provisions so I think that is why we are having a problem. I'm going to try again at midnight tonight to see if it will work then.
    • i have up dated my flash player and i am still have the same problem. i was able to do my daughters taxes about 2 1/2 weeks ago and had already started my was just waiting on one more w2. but i cant wait anymore. turbotax needs to fix this problem or the will lose a lot of money. because everyone cant just sit and wait till they thing they need to fix the problem. i have used turbo tax for years and never had this problem but i am going to have to go some where else to file this year cant wait. sorry
    • I have been trying to log on for days and it will not get past the creating a secure connection screen. I've used turbo tax for years but I'm thinking about using another site because of this. Any suggestions to get past this??
    • FIrst of all, it's ridiculous I have to come to an online forum to find answers to turbotax issues since there has been waits of over half an hour every time I try to call.  I also have updated Java and am still having issues securing a connection with turbotax.  I have used TurboTax before and I loved it because it was FAST and easy.  I'm not waiting around anymore to try to load up your website.  I'm going to H&R Block.  
      Thanks anyway.   POOR WAY TO RUN A BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!
    • I was signed in just fine on Friday 2/18, and have been trying since then and it never moves past "Creating a Secure Connection". Is there a fix for this? There is apparently no number to call for Intuit.
    • I also cannot get past the secure connection point.  I have used Turbo Tax for 5 years and am looking for alternatives, Turbo Tax does not seem very concerned about fixing the problem.
    • I am also giving up because of this problem
    • This issue with the secure connection was reported January 18th.  It is now March 26th, and TT still has not resolved this.  I have been waiting an hour, and it is early morning on the east coast!  Hello?  Anyone one home over there?  Lights still on?
    • i cant get into it either and this is april 13 please help now
    • I had the same problem in Google Chrome. Changed to Internet Explorer and had no problem.
    • I have the same problem, it won't get past "Creating a Secure Connection"  I restarted my computer, updated adobe and still nothing.  This is ridiculous, I have been using Turbo Tax for 10 years and never had a problem connecting.  I will check out Taxslayer, H&R Block and Tax Act today because I do not have time to wait on this!
    • Ok, I got right in by not using Google Chrome.  This is the problem!
    • have never used turb o tax with anything other than chrome, the day I have to use internet explorer to use it I will switch to H n R block, my stuff is always up to date, lame excuse
    Try again, unfortunately it is sometimes very slow.
    • I do believe there is a problem, I experience the same problem, how many people must report this issue before Turbo representatives will look into this issue? I have tried to connect three day's I receive the same message for hours
    • same problem three days in a row
    • I have tried again to get a "Secure Connection" going with no luck. I suppose since everyone else is also having the same problem, it must be Turbo Tax that is not working correctly. Therefore I guess i have no other choice but to use another Tax e-file company. I need to file my taxes and I can not wait for them to fix their problem.
    • Yeah turbocock sucks balls!
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