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Am I still eligible for EIC and/or work pay credit?

On my 2009 return, I was eligible (and received) the Making work pay credit and the Earned income credit.  My financial situation hasn't changed since last year.  I don't remember whether or not I received a letter from the IRS saying I couldn't get it again.

TurboTax offers me the option to receive these two credits again, but are those default options, or is saying that I'm eligible two years in a row?

Thanks in advance for responding.
    Yes.  You can get them in both years.
      Both of those are available for 2010 also.
      • To elaborate, I'm trying to determine if someone can recieve these two credits for two consecutive years.

        (I remember, for example, a while back an economic stimulus payment was offered, but those who claimed it on a previous return were not permitted to claim it on future ones)

        Essentially I just want to make sure these aren't one-time deductions or that I'd need to wait for X number of years to elapse before claiming them again.

        Thanks in advance for responding.