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    IRS installed a new security software which helped them catch almost 1000 incidents of identity theft. The installation of that software caused some glitches which in turn caused IRS to be backlogged with returns to process.
    It is taking approx 2-3 weeks for your return to be processed. Keep checking WMR on the website.
    You will see that it gives a date and says you are being processed. That date will change to a definite direct deposit date as soon as the return is processed.
      filed on 1/19 @ 1100am,  accepted on 1/19 at 330pm  stayed on processing  2//7 for several days, then 2/5 DD on 2/8, SBBT  received from IRS on 2/7 this am, waiting for it to hit my bank!!!! Hold on it's coming.!!
      • i still have a date on wmr for feb 7th and i didnt get anything and the site didnt even update for me i dont know why ?? its just crazy i filed on the 17th and was accepted on the 19 and still nothing
      • I'm having the same problem the IRS  stated that some returns are being pushed back two weeks
      • i was pushed back was on the by the 7th until this morning now by the 21st lol what a flipping joke i can not believe this sh** accepted the 20th
      • It's happening to us that file after the "so called" January 24, 2012 issues. I was accepted on 2/1 and it is a week later and there is no status update as to the status of my return either. I'm guessing "get your refund in 7 days" now becomes, "get your refund in 21 days; maybe".
      • no ala i filed on the 20th so thats not it
      • well i filed my taxes on the 12th, was accepted on the 17th have no DD date. IRS website says its been received and is processing and if all goes well i should expect refund within 6 weeks of acceptance. I Could have done them myself and mailed them by now, heck i could have walked them to the irs by now.  6 weeks would put me at Feb 22!! never had to wait this long in my entire working life of many many many years.  Per call to IRS a week ago, same info as whats on the site. Basically just got to hush the heck up and wait. Still its irratating because i dont think they would wait on me if i owed money....
      • is anyone still stuck on the feb 7th date today ??
      • i am still stuck on Feb 7  i was accepted on 1/20
      • Then TurboTax needs to update their website.  They are still advertising 7-14 days to get your federal refund.  That does not at all seem to be happening.
      • I am stuck on the 7th still as well, I am going to call. The only difference is I know I have an offset, but also I filed on 1/24/12 and accepted the same day.
      • The "Where's My Refund" site says "We are sorry, we cannot provide any information about your refund. For more information, please continue."

        Continue to where? Continue by doing what? There is no continue button, there are no further instructions.

        Is anyone else having this problem?

        Details: Filed on Jan 30, Accepted on Jan 30.
      • if you logged in more than three times i was told it does that no info thing idk if its true
      • i dont have no offsets i called yesturday and they said it was done processing but they said something about a letter i dont know everytime you call them they have something diffrent to say to you last week i called and they said it was done processing that we had to give it 2 weeks they said nothing about a letter who know i am gonna call later on to see if i am told something diffrent
      • keep us posted cirious to see the excuse they have
      • so let me get this straight if you have a dd date and they say it has been deposited it aint going to be there for bout two more weeks or will it be there today says it was deposited on the 6th
      • idk i am not going to see anything until the 21st filed on 20th and accepted went from by the 7th to by the 21st
      • I filed 19th was accepted on the 20th had a dd of 2/1 wmr says no later than 2/7 still nothing. When I called IRS agent stated I would receive a letter in 2 weeks what is this all about. she said she could see what the letter says but they couldn't process my return until then. I don't know what it could be I have no offset. This is really frustrating and the IRS should have all there systems check before it is time for people to file taxes. If I owed taxes they would have been took that out.
      • I think this will be my last Turbo Tax year, I filed on jan 22 they said feb 7 still nothing, my friend used H&R block filed the same time I did and already got his back. What the hell is the point in using turbo tax if I have to wait 6 weeks for a refund,
      • I submitted my taxes on the 31st, accepted on the Feb 1st. went to wheres my refund and the IRS doesn't even acknowledge I sent it. I'm confused.
      • kdd22 so you cant get a refund intill you get the letter i think the are still using the old system and the new one and they have noclue what they are doing last week i was told that it was done processing and that i would recieve my refund in about 2 weeks and then i called yesturday and they said something about a letter so who knows i am still saying the 7th on wmr all i know this year is crazy
      • i have an offset but they never said anything about a letter to me i knew i had an offset but three extra weeks is a bit much are we being audited?  why cant they answer anything when they have it right in front of their faces?  I know they know whats going on they refuse to tell us when we call cause when i talked to the VA about our offset i mentioned to the rep at the Veterans about the irs told me they dont know who or how much i was being ofset and she said thats bs cause if they didnt know they couldnt offset...So jsut goes to show they arent giving the info they have to us and that makes a person angry i would rather know then be told they have no clue?  I knew we had an offset before i filed we do every year cause husbands a vet and we always have hospital bills they take
      • I seem to be in the same boat as the others that submitted around Jan 28 and am seeing the message.

        "Refund Status Results
        We are sorry, we cannot provide any information about your refund. For more information, please continue"

         I did see last Wednesday that it was accepted and scheduled for deposit on Feb 14th, but yesterday when I checked I got the generic message above.  Just posting so others know they are not alone on this one.
      • Mine says the 7th nothing yet this is ridiculous!
      • I submitted my return on the 31st, was accepted on Feb 1st.  Just checked the "Where's My Refund" (Feb 7) and there's no acknowledgment that they even received my return.  TurboTax should refund those people who paid the extra money to have "Rapid" Return, because it's not rapid!
      • Mine also says the 7th nothing no money yet  this is crazy
      • I agree with you montgomerychild ... I would like a refund for paying up front for this service ... filed and accepted on the 1st, and can't find any information anywhere and I am getting really upset
      • I filed was rejected TWICE saying i had to file a 8862 a prior years EIC disallowance!!! I never had a disallowance so I did what HR block advised and filed it .... was accepted the 20th..... STILL NO REFUND!

        same thing date Feb 7th called and said i owed a tax debt for 2 years I DIDN'T FILE!!! and went to IRS yesterday spent 5hours starting a fraud claim.. then 2 hours trying to find my refund. they stopped the tax debt that i didnt owe ... I had to bring marriage licence, passport, iD proof of my residences etc..... but he said its really strange they received my return but they haven't processed it at all.... he said its just sitting somewhere in IRS cyber space.... he said the best I could hope for is a processing delay but he hasnt seen them yet this year... my status STILL says Feb 7th... and nothing...... he said my return shows NO ERRORS NOTHING all it shows is it has been received.....FML! at least they fixed the offset of more than 9,000$ dollars.....

        I also got married in SEPT and changed my name with social security..... they said SS hasnt pdated my name yet so the computer may have kicked it out bt then they saw it was updated SEPT 20th so couldnt be the name that is the delay.. I had the coolest tax guru at the IRS work 5 full hours searching my record... even he said he "hopes" I get it soon but not to expect it very fast... he said the IRS has 2 speeds .... slow and never..... as someone who actally was sick of the phones i WENT to IRS and it was soooooooo mch more helpful! detailed and if I had not gone I would have surely LOST my refund...... due to a tax debt ....I dont OWE! so if you are truly worried go in.....

        The agent told me as well..... that almost all returns are just handled by a computer and the irs will eventually only accept electronic returns.... they "HATE" paper returns his words.....

        I really hope to get an update soon..... its my BDAY and obviously no refund.....
      • I filed on the 13th. accepted on the 18th.

        1st it said the 25th then the 1st now the 7th and still nothing!  

        I filed my mother's on the 20th and she got her's on the 1st!

        This really sucks!
      Irs is checking turbo tax customers and other online refund claims as well alot of fraud happens on these sites because people don't have to use documents to file as when you go in the h&r block with id's and ss cards... some illegals use other people ss numbers to work and then at tax time file taxes online with no documents ect...

       Here's some other info that might be helpfull to those of you who had a dd date with no dd to be found...

      As you know, your IRS refund deposit has not reached your account as expected according to the normal IRS deposit cycle. We wanted to give you a little insight on what happens now since you may have a lot of questions of why the IRS did not deposit the refund on time. Our experience in the industry over a number of years tells us that a few things are possible when this happens:

      1) The IRS may pay your refund on the next cycle. The IRS uses the Financial Management Service (FMS) to pay out refunds. When the money is sent out, they use the system called the Automated Clearing House (ACH) through the Federal Reserve Bank which can take 1 to 2 business days for it to post to the receiving bank. For orderly processing and since they pay out millions of refunds each year, it is paid according to a cycle. You can check the status of your refund on the IRS website at using the “Where’s my Refund” link*. They also have a document posted on their site called the IRS Refund Cycle Chart* you can view. When the IRS makes deposits on time, you can see the expected date on that chart. A large majority get paid out on time, but when they don't the next available disbursement is done on the next cycle, which can be up to one week later. Your deposit simply did not get disbursed during the normal cycle. If you call the IRS Customer Service, they may inform you that the refund was disbursed so that means that it is on its way and should be included in the next cycle.

      2) Another branch of the IRS may have intercepted your refund for further review. When this happens, IRS Customer Service may tell you that the refund has been sent out when in fact it never reached your account. This is part of the IRS Revenue Protection Strategy and it insures that questionable information on a tax return is addressed before paying out the refund. If this happened in your case, you will get a letter from the IRS within the next few weeks to explain why your refund was withheld. They may need more information from you in order to complete the review and disburse your refund.

      3) The IRS may have offset your refund to pay off an outstanding debt. If this happens, you will receive a letter from them within a few weeks explaining why they did this and what the debt was for.

      the number to check to see if you have a setoff is 1-800-304-3107...  Hopes this helps...
      • this really bites
      • just an fyi before everyone gets bent i talked to an irs rep today whom was very understanding she said they are waiting the full three weeks this year so before we all get bent about our by dates to count the days and look to the closest day of your three weeks.....They will change daily i am worn out by stressing my date moving to the 21st just because it saids processing delay doesnt mean anything it isnt the three weeks yet and it dont mean you have a problem......Hang in there guys i know i am stressed too angry but lets see if she is saying the truth mine will be three weeks  Mine is the 14th or fifteenth that would be my full three weeks...I am hoping to see a change this weekend... Good luck everyone
      • @Poohbear-that's pretty much what I received when I called today. 3 weeks for me is 2/14 or 2/15 as well, I only called because mine did not update stating a delay and she said it may not until it is done processing. I also have an offset like you. So we are in the same boat also. I'm done stressing. I'm on turbo tax more than Facebook, which is insane as I didn't go on Facebook that often! Very frustrating, so we will all get through this. Hang in there everyone.
      • I too had an offset, I have had many different things thats were said, I got a letter yesterday and it stayed that my return was being mailed because of late processing delays.. I asked for DD, But i was and have bee ntold the last coupld days its being mailed the 10th.. I wanna know why its being mailed. I checked all my bank was all correct, But maybe its casue of my offset, it was going to a navy thing.. Also it was under my social not my husband and we didnt file a injured spouse form. I dont know but I will let know when I reiceve it in the mail
      • I filed 1/18, was accepted 1/19, was given a refund date of 2/1, it then changed to 2/7, it then said wait 6weeks, now says it can't find me. Spoke to two IRS Operators that were just as clueless as the website. My 3 weeks is tomorrow, and they didn't see any deposits going out, so we'll see...
      • tomorrow makes my 3 weeks as well and I have no dd date    automated or wmr        nor did I receive a letter      I dont know what's going on
      Ok the issues with the fraud protection stuff is taking longer as we all know (IRS is saying 10 to 21 days instead of normal 7 to 10 days) and the "electronic acceptance" that TurboTax talks about is NOT when you are actually accepted.  The IRS opens the batch of returns at that point.  They do that automatically throughout the day.  You are not actually accepted until the IRS starts to actually work on your return.  That can be up to 3 days later depending on weekends and time of day and holidays (don't forget President's Day will slow down returns as it will be a 4 day week for government employees) once the IRS begins the actual processing then the "clock starts" on the 10 to 21 days.

      Other issues this year are state issued 1099's and 1099's in general for "home businesses" and unemployment claims.  Some states are slower than others at confirming those and extra attention is being paid to "home businesses" as well due to all of the issues in the economy and the work from home crowd claiming home offices and the like.  Guess Uncle Sam doesn't want to give back anything extra if he doesn't have to.  This goes back to part of the fraud prevention work this year.  They are not dealing with too many new tax codes/laws so they can go back to investigating returns.  1000's of fraud and identity theft arrests have been made and I am pretty sure the IRS/Secret Service and the FBI will be quite busy cracking down on tax fraud as the tax season continues.

      The delays are at the IRS level and touching us all.  It is still better than the "First Time Home Buyer" issues of last year when I filed in early January and didn't see my refund until the middle of JUNE due to IRS computer and software issues!  It is also better than running to the mail box every day 3 to 6 WEEKS after you filed looking for a check in the mail like it used to be done!
      • I filed on the 19th, accepted on the 19th and still no refund.  WMR said Feb 7th and nothing.  I called today and was told I was pulled for review and it could be 2/3 more weeks.  This is crazy.  What's the use in filing early and paying for the "free" service if you have to wait as long as snail mail?  I read else on the community that 15% of TT customers were being pulled for review......
      • i filed on the 17th per turbo tax accepted the 19th irs website saying it has been received and being processed no dd...
        so alot are in the same issue
      • it doesnt matter if you decided to do h&r block next year....a few friends of mine went with them this year and the same thing is happening for them as well. it's inevitable. but i do believe we should DEFINITELY be refunded the extra money we forked over for the direct deposit. We're paying for the convenience of not having to deal with a check and getting it earlier......but this is anything BUT convenient.
      • I am part of the "stuck on the 7th" club too. Filed 01/19, accepted 01/23.
      • I was accepted on the 18    given date 1/25    then 1/31    then your application is being processed       I was under the impression that they have 21 days from the day your accepted to give some kind of response     is this true
      • I would highly doubt any refunds from TurboTax will be issued for an IRS issue...if it was a TurboTax issue they would refund as they did for many last year due to issues with the filing system they had in place and other issues due to the IRS not being specific with some tax return issues.

        I filed January 17th LAST YEAR and did not see a refund until the MIDDLE OF JUNE!  I did NOT get a TurboTax refund but the error on my taxes that was on the part of TurboTax resulted in my refund going UP more than $320.00 so I could not complain too much but the wait was not fun.  An extra couple of weeks due to the IRS having the Secret Service and FBI conduct fraud protection and tax examiners taking a closer look at returns for the same reason is not what I was expecting but it is actually nice seeing a government agency or two actually doing their jobs and not just allowing the 1000's that have been arrested so far to keep ripping off the government and the American public is a nice change of pace.
      • LJ91 I remember you from last year! I had the same FTHB issue...

        This years delay so far is nothing in comparrison... I now have a DD of Feb 8th I was stuck on the 7th for the longest. Here's hoping!
      • my state tax return went from rejected to pending      ????????????     any comments on why
      • had a co worker today who filed 1-31-12 got a rejection code, fix the issue and refiled got a text saying accepted contacted irs and was told that both claims were rejected and to wait til march 1-2012 to re file cause of system issues and delays so not just the ones who filed early having issues it is all
      • Hey ally...check the sbbt website if you had fees removed from the refund is sitting in the SBBT account and says it should post to my account within 1 to 2 days...

        This year is a breeze compared to last year...did end up with a higher refund since TurboTax made pay back something I didn't have to pay which of course added a bit to the delay as well...

      This chart explains it all.  It is the 2012 IRS efile Refund Cycle Chart.  If you are having it Direct Deposited, although
      the date shows Wednesday, you will probably see it in your account on the Friday 2 days later.

      Good luck.
      • ok so mine has said its been accepted since like half n hour after i did it was supposed to get it 3rd-6th n havent gotten it i got messages to my phone saying the money is on the card but still no card
      • now its saying that (We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Your expected refund date has been changed due to processing delays. You should receive your refund by February 7, 2012. Please wait until that date to contact us again because we cannot take any action until then. Thank you for your patience/

        now if this aint some BS i dont know what it its 5:54PM here
      • Thats what mine said and when I tried to call, all I got was the recording, But I still have no dd, its the 8th
      • I go to WMR and it says we have received your refund and it's being processed. It was accepted on 1/23 and I had date of 2/7....I have not got a deposit. I call the refund hotline and it says if i have not received by 2/7 call back???
      • If all of you who think you read that you will recieve it on the 7th would go back recheck the wording, it doesn't say "recieve", it says, "will be mailed or sent out" to you on the 7th. So many misread that.
      • Where does one find the new date of deposit?   My return was accepted on 1/29.  I know that from an e-mail, but can't find it anywhere on my return.  Help please!
      • @oneandonlysaraya....that pdf you posted from the irs website is worthless....if that was correct most of us on this forum would have already received our checks.....
      • @ollie lol I just went on and had the same thing when this morning I didnt have a date, filed and accepted on 1/20 I havent called as I dont feel like wasting my time on hold n getting someone who can tell me anything friday wil b 3 wks n if nothing I'm caling than kinda sucks if dont get anything than wil have to cancel vaca took a week offf work for next week cuz usually get taxs when thay say which would been 2/1
      • So both Wheres my refund and the hotline says direct deposit date of 2/8....anybody betting to see if it shows up by Friday?
      • I filed Feb 02, and according to the IRS, they still have no record of it.  According to Turbo Tax the IRS accepted it on the third and according to the Turbo Tax APP on my phone I can expect my refund between 12 Feb and 23 Feb.
        What is the dang deal?
      • My friend who filed HR block also got their return back already. The difference in filing dates 48 hours. This is the last time with TurboTax... something is not right...
      • I filed on 1/17/2012.  Called IRS and they stated they deposited to turbo on 2/1/2012.  Double checked it and it is right.  Called Turbo and they gave me another number to call!!! still no answer, the gal was very nice but kept saying we have no further information, call university bank. STILL  NO  ANSWER
      • Got accepted on 2/1/12 said 8th when im supposed to get my money. Got my IA refund but not the federal refund. Can someone tell me when i will get my return. My parents got theirs before mine and they did it on 02/03/12. Someone PLEASE RESPOND!!!
      • was accepted 1/20.. givin a dd date of 2/1, as the dd date got close it changed to 2/21 then as of last week it changed to 2/7 my bank acct said anticipated dd 2/8... nothing yesterday of today... checked wheres my refund and the irs is talking bout cannot find info about my refund and to check back in the week... i called irs and a lady said i should wait the full three weeks before i call back again... im not understanding all this extra shit.. the run around makes no sense.. twenty on days is more than enough to process or figure out the validity of a claim... smh
      • this is my 1st and last year using TT
      • I filed on the 13th accepted on the 18th.

        Was told the 25th then the 1st then the 7th.  TODAY IS THE 8th!!!!

        NOW the WMR now says it was accepted and is processing!!

        Does that mean the 25th 1st and 7th posting they were, I don't know, jerking me around??

        I filed my mother's taxes a week after mine, she got her money dd. LAST WEEK!!!!!!!

        EVERYONE at my work that filed through H and R Block got their money 2 weeks ago.

        Here I sit with nothing!  No updates. NOTHING!

        This year Turbo Tax charged me over $100 to file. Last year was $29 and the year before free.

        I will NEVER use Turbo Tax again and I have told EVERYONE I know how F-ed up this years taxes have been through TurboTax!

        It has been three weeks today since my return was accepted!

        Next year I will wait till Feb. 1st to do my taxes and I will use the IRS's free service!

        Turbo Tax can bite me!
      • I am not happy! Turbotax should refund the 29.95 they charge for the 7 day refund! My date went from the 8th to the 21!  This is uncalled for and that date is 20 days past my accepted date. I could have mailed it and got the same response. Why do we sign the Bank agreement if the Bank isnt willing to do their part?
        And try to contact Turbotax about this....good luck! I will not be using Turbotax next year!
      • Three of my friends filed with H&R Block the same day I did.  Why do they have refunds and I do not?  I knew H&R Block was cheaper to file my state taxes, but I trusted Turbotax as a loyal customer for years.  

        Bad on you Intuit!  You lost another customer this tax season.
      • You can't contact Turbo Tax, no number.

        Just a big fat runaround!

        Someone posted earlier about the turbo Tax not updating to the new forms the IRS was using so all Turbo Tax customers are being manually processed.

        That makes more sense to me then the runaround I've been getting!

        Anyone notice that Turbo Tax hasn't said a thing about all this?

        Just quietly taking our money for the past three weeks!

        Well they got me this year but I promise they won't get me next year or ALL the years after!

        done, done, DONE!
      • My refund was excepted on the 18th at first I had a "7th" date now it's telling me within 6 weeks. I have no offsets. This is really insane, I will never use Turbo Tax again, everyone I know who filed their taxes the same time as me and went to H&R Block or Jackson Hewlett has received their taxes. Totally upset over this
      • this is BS about being late... I know 2 persons that file with H&R block 3 days after me and they have already received their returns
      • Here's how I see it for myself personally, I work in a resort town, I come in contact with many, many people EVERY day.

        I will make it a point to tell at least 10 people a day how bad I think Turbo Tax is.  

        90% of my customers are regulars and many of them work in the same field as me and have very easy tax forms.

        Do the math, if even one person a day hears what I say I will have an impact.

        This whole run around is a big pile of crap!
      • ...
      • I filed on the 19th accepted on the 21st. Was stuck on processing should receive by 2/7 till i was updated to a dd of 2/6 and received my refund on 2/3 and i had an offset.  I dont know what order their going in this year if any order at all but everyone just be patient. Those of you that have been processing for weeks now, you should be closing on the finish line.  Telling you from experience your not gonna get any real answers from anyone you call.  Basically the only thing you can do is just wait it out.  You will know something eventually....Good Luck
      • 2 things. truth in advertising, and class action.
      I have read a few responses and would like to point out the delay is on the IRS side of things.  New software was installed this year on the Federal side of things.  This has nothing to do with TurboTax, use them every year and never a problem.  I filed on Jan 28, 2012, at first the IRS site stated anticipated deposit date 2/14/2012, now it states approximate time in weeks (4 to 6 weeks after acceptance) in most cases.

      Just an FYI, hope this helps...  No refunds are processed before Jan 17th, anyone who has filed the week of Jan 17th is just now seeing returns.  I called the IRS just to get estimated time on this here is a link to the CYCLE PAYMENT CHART.  Look at the week you filed, look at the week of anticiapted return and add one week is what the rep told me.

      IRS CYCLE PAYMENT CHART:  (2012 - add one week delay to processing)

      I filed 1/28/2012, I will keep you all posted as to when my direct deposit hits but to answer that question they always post Tuesday and Thursdays before and hit the account on Wed & Fri.
      • I just saw the date was 2011!!!!  I was flipping out!!
      • I filled on Feb 2nd and accepted on Feb 2nd, i have been checking every day or every other day since monday 2/6/12 and all it keeps telling me when i get to the second screen is that i might have entered my information wrong and the retry well i finish the second page and it tells me that they have no information on me and that i need to wait another week before i can try again and it may take up to 3 weeks to get my refund.  I haven't even gotten a day yet.  Starting to get very frustrated!!
      • I too have received the same responses via web, and through the app on my phone. If this is an IRS problem, TurboTax should not be blamed. However, I feel that the fees associated with filing electronically and using the program should be refunded to customers who experience this. Paying forward for a service, and not receiving the benefits for that service is a valid reason to expect compensation. As for the IRS, I have no respect for any organization that demands payment from citizens by a certain date, and increases charges for each date thereafter, all the while only offering a "Please be patient, we will get to you when we get to you" approach when they are expected to pay. In my opinion, we should receive interest on the money owed to us to begin with. I draw student loans to attend college through the Fed, and believe me when say that I pay interest on those loans. Hey there IRS, WE are the reason YOU have jobs.
      • Hello
        if all of you just accept the answer they give you then its your fault for accepting the Gov failure . If you owed the Gov any money i bet you would be paying intrest fees if you were weeks late after it was to be paid in 7- 10 days
        so keep on electing your favorite politician and remember if nothing changes NOTHING CHANGES
        i made this message and i approve it
      • my girlfriend file on the 27th and was accepted the same day, using turbo tax, and got her refund on the 3rd. i filed my taxes on the 30th, it was accepted on the 2nd. when i first checked the irs website, it gave me a dd date of the 14th. but when i check it now, nothing, no info except the sorry we cannot provide any information crap..
      • I would've been better off taking my taxes to H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt to have them done and walk out with a Debit card with my return for no extra cost!! I filed a simple 1040EZ...nothing fancy! Waiting 3 weeks now!
      I WENT to the IRS office spent 5 hours there with a actual AGENT not a call center operator who can only see 2 screens..... he said THERE are normal processing delays of a couple days the 2/7 group of people who filed with all diferent tax services has nothing to do with the way it was filed...... The identity theft is designed to catch the use of MINORS and other children "other than your own" or minors who's social security numbers who had previously been on other returns....... so people who used a cousin, etc as a dependent.. not the TYPICAL dependent situation...... I hope most people understand that the IRS phone field agents are not agents just call center reps who can only see 2 screens......I was told I had a 9000$ tax bill and an offset for tax years I didnt even file!! they fixed that issue and changed my refund to release to me .... however they couldnt even find my return!! said it was literally floating in IRS cyber space....all they could see is it was recieved!
        Hey Jess, that situation may apply to you but it sure doesn't apply to me. I have no kids....I'm dependents...I only claim myself! I'm not a minor either. It normally takes me 10 days to get my $$ every year.
        • So whats the number you can call to get a PERSON,
        • I WENT to my local IRS offcie as soon as I was told I had a prior year tax debt..... and they helped settle it for me.. took 5 hours but was totally worth it!
        • Filed on Jan 30th still getting the we have no info on your refund message through the IRS! It seems that the ones that got pulled for review are taking FOREVER and the rest are going right through and getting DD. I guess we are the lucky suckers that got to have our taxes reviewed and now have to wait a month extra!
        • where do I see the date at all or that my federal return is on the way.
        • We cannot provide any information about your refund.

          If you file a complete and accurate tax return, your refund will be issued:
          within three weeks of the acknowledgement date if you filed your return electronically.
          Processing may take longer under certain circumstances. Be sure to:
          verify your filing date;
          check with your tax preparer or tax software provider; or
          verify you received your electronically filed acknowledgement e-mail. which i got 1/25 the it was in processing mode for till yesterday now it says this again? WHY?
        • i filed on jan 18th and was accepted jan 19th 9:59am .. had an expected date of 2/7 up until 2/7 when they decided not to give me a date at all . my status just says processing , and now when i check it cannot even be found . i called to make sure i didn't owe any debts .. which i didn't .. i've called irs agents who told me keep checking during this week because this is the week everything will be issued .. i called the tax advocate group yesterday and they told me i am still within the " IRS time frame " because rightfully they have a whole month until they process my return .. and to check back after the 19th . this is ridiculous how they could let people file after us and receive their returns before us it should be first come first serve. i was also told that some returns were lost and had taken some time to be found .. still if they were found why are we still waiting ? me my mother & aunt filed the same time using turbo tax my aunt accepted the 18th and me & my mother the 19th none of us have yet to receive a return or any information about them. they know something & it's not fair that they won't tell us when it's OUR money .
        • & the people who filed 2/1+ and are complaining relax .. you'll get yours sooner than us, it's only been a week -_- .. try being like us who have been waiting over 3 weeks for theirs
        Same boat....
        Accepted the 20th
        3 weeks at 2/7/12 date
        No Info not processed......
        No errors
        No review
        • Same here!  This sucks  A#####
        • Filed on the 18th accepted on the 20th, my date changed several times until the WMR posted the note about please do not call they gave me an actual date of Feb 8 so I checked the Irs bank today and it was and they said they had already sent it to my bank  so called my bank and they had received it, it was in memo and would be posted tonight by midnight. I know guys this tax season has been crazy for whatever reason everyone seems to have a theory or know all the issues. I dont know anything about what the IRS is doing but I do know that their is hope and they have at least started pushing out refunds. Good luck to all and I hope you guys get your refunds soon.
        • Check WMR on Wednesdays and Sundays. Ive read from different post, people with Feb 14 date updated this past Sunday and got DD for Feb 8. And some Feb 7th date got their DD update to Feb 3rd.
        • I hit the 21 days today and got told to wait another week so idk what is going on I was accepted on the 17th and have no new info and am totally frustrated and aggravated!!! I know I paid alot of taxes back last year and didn't wait on there money!!!
        • I got mines today.was part of the 2/8 club I was shocked when jackson hewitt called around 6pm and saided your check here.about time
        • Good news...SBBT has my money....Bad news....They have decided to just hold it for me until they feel like sending it to my account, been showing since 5am this morning and I still don't have access to MY F-ING MONEY!!!!! I'm seriously changing my dependents to 13 on my W2 so that I don't have to worry about anyone other than me being in control of MY HARD EARNED MONEY!!!! THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!
        • You might wanna call IRS, and hope to talk to someone that helps.  WMR stated by 7th for weeks. I called and got a date of the 10th, then WMR updated to within six weeks of receipt.  I called back and got a date of the 8th.  SB Bank has refund and Im waiting for it to hit my bank.  WMR still says within six weeks.  So, it could come any day.....hopefully this is a sign that issues  with the IRS are worked out
        • i just call and went on the IRS web site its 1:08AM here and it went from we have received your return and its being processed you should receive it by Feb/7. But now it says (We have received your return and it is being processed) NOW I AM CONFUSED?
        • i say im filing a report for false advertising. wtf are hey adverising 7-10 days if it could take up to 6 weeks are you fuc**** kidding me. my uncle is a lawer and i surley intend to sue if my taxes are messed around with!
        • I agree, this sucks!!
        I just want to say a few things. For people who are blaming turbo tax it is not their fault. They help you prepare your tax that is all. And for those who blame the IRS, it is not the IRS fault either. If people are committing identity theft, than got mines deposited today at sbtpg and hope I get it the next day. I hope this will help anybody who hasn't got a dd date yet.
        • i got a date!!    accepted 1-18    given run around    been stuck in its being processed     then this morning   expect my money 2-10   yay!!    a ray of sunshine
        • turbotax needs to change their add i agree 7 to 10 is NOT happening and if the the irs would have stuck with one system instead of two they wouldnt be having this problem...Everyone knows that you will have problems with two different softwares sounds like an excuse to me Best of luck everyone  I am still waiting for an actual date
        • still waiting on a dd
        • my son is also todays his dd date
        • me to had the feb7 date and today i checked and it says we have recieved your tax return and it is being processed with no date now i dont know what going on
        • I also have we have received your return and it is being processed, no date. has been should receive by 2/7 all along.
        • i got this 2 when i went to WMR  we have received your return and it is being processed but no date it did say 2/7 now noting wow
        According to the IRS website it will take 10-21 days after acceptance...the information on the page is as follows;

        "Our new telephone hours of operation are 7am to 7pm, local time. Please disregard any reference to our 7am to 10pm operating hours. We will update our systems with the new information very soon. Thank you.

        If you filed electronically, you should expect a refund to be issued 10 – 21 days after the IRS accepts the return. Please do not call our toll-free number as our representatives cannot provide further information before processing is complete nor expedite processing. You may continue to check this website for the latest refund information. The information at this website contains the same information provided on our automated telephone application."
        • Filed and was accepted 1/24/11, expected refund date changed 3 times w/latest as 2/21 and then was in review process all in 2 wks time.  Finally was able to speak w/someone and was advised it was sent to legal/bankruptcy due to Chapter 13 order and refund would go to a trustee -- they confirmed this was IN ERROR and there was no such Order so the lady was very nice and keep me on hold while she entered information in system and advised it would be sent back through but would no longer receive refund by direct deposit -- would be paper check and to allow 3 wks, but likely would be about 7 days.   Now status has changed again and there is no information about the tax refund.  Called the number listed above for treasury offsets 800-304-3107 and no offsets which I was sure was the case, but thought would still be errors.  Have no idea what is taking so long -- not a large refund like, but there was a change in marital status so wonder if that has caused the problem
        • I filed mine jan 15 accepted jan 15 and still nothing. Then i filed my gf on the 20th and was accepted on the 20th and she just got hers in where the FU@# is my money.
        • Filed 2/1 yesterday finally got DD of 2/21. Checked today just for kicks and it changed DD to 2/13. Hopefully this will be it!
        • We  filed AND accepted on the 2/1/12.--- (IRS chart said it should be deposited on 2/15)

          WMR did not show anything (after 72 hr wait).

          I downloaded the app from TT for my iphone and said both Fed and State were accepted and was given the date of 2/11 - 2/22

          I checked the site and nothing

          I checked the WMR site again and it updated on Wed stating it should be deposited by 2/21st (consistent date with the phone app :))

          I called 877-908-7228 - bank site for refunds and it said it should be on 2/15?

          Called 800-829-1954- IRS automated linesaid we should get it by the 21st.

          So I left it alone.... Figured it sucked and we would have to be delayed a week like everyone else.

          TODAY I checked the WMR site and it says there is no info about our return??????? We HAD had a date, now they took it away?? WTF!!!.

          I called the IRS autho line and got the message that we should get out refund on 2/13th??? and if we don't get it by the 18th to call them.

          EVERYTHING is so messed up with all the systems!! So WHO KNOWS when it will show up??

          The Illnois site for our state refund said we should get it 1 week after it's been accepted... well it's been over a week so far... and nada!

          Good luck!!!!
        • Filed on Feb 1st and was accepted before noon the same day.  Where's my refund didn't have anything until yesterday when it said expect dd by Feb. 21st.  Today when I checked again it's back to saying "you may have entered your information incorrectly".  UGH!! Has anyone else had this happen?
        • Has anyone seen this article.  I'm not sure how accurate it is but it says something about Turbo Tax forgetting to transmit the final page of your return which inlcudes the Direct Deposit information.  Check it out!

        • We filed on 1/19 accepted 1/19...expected date was 2/3 then changes to 2/7 then it said direct deposit should be 2/ deposit,and no offset. Can't figure out how to get a darn person on the phone. They say to wait until 2/13 to call back b/c there is nothing they can do until then?! Really...I just want to talk to a real person instead of an automated system. Anyone know how I can do that or a different number besides the main number?!
        • I sent mine on Jan 24th accepted same day. Recieved only my state refund. Went on WMR and it said would recieve refund on Feb 8th. Checked back because there was nothing and now it says it processing and will receive within 6 weeks. FML. So now that means I have no time to expect it or what??
        • billm....WOW....Thanks for the link. Wondering if EVERYONE has been effected or a specific date range. Hmmmmmm makes you wonder and makes sense. Glad to hear TT is refunding the fees.
        • "BillM. commented
          Has anyone seen this article. I'm not sure how accurate it is but it says something about Turbo Tax forgetting to transmit the final page of your return which inlcudes the Direct Deposit information. Check it out!


          Bill....this article is from LAST tax season!  PLEASE check your info before posting it!  I am one of MANY people experiencing delays and this article just about gave me a heart attack until I say the dates.
        • How do we know if we are among those affected by the no dd info error?
        • BillM, thank you for posting that article! I had heard from others they were told this was TurboTax's fault but I couldn't find any news articles related to this. So, I am now going to get a paper check....Well, I may not get anything because the idiot who designed my neighborhood named two of the streets similarly and the street numbers on the other street are identical to mine...So, some stranger could get my check if there is a mix-up. Way to go, Turbo-Tax! I am done with you!

          Wouldn't you think as part of oh, I don't know, due diligence, you would verify the banking info on the last page of the tax returns were being received by the IRS on THE FIRST DAY THE IRS BEGAN ACCEPTING TAX RETURNS???? Or, maybe you knew about from the beginning but didn't bother to tell anyone because it might cause you $$$ while you were fixing it? I would LOVE to know how long TT knew about this!
          I dd not use Turbo Tax this year but a friend of mine did. I have been reading all your posts. I recieved my $$ DD this morning. I filed 1/27 accepted same day. According to WMR until this morning I was getting the generic We have received your return but it is being processed. You should have your refund no later than Feb 14. I split mine 3 ways. $ to my bank which is there but will not post until 2/13 but the $ I sent to my Prepaid Netspend card posted @ 7:15 this morning.
            if your worried you can see what the IRS is doing with your return here
            • must be new....that is the WMR site which is never
            • i filed on 2/1/2012 was accepted 30 min later.. only info ive seen ONCE was that i was to expect it by 2/21 then when i tried to check today as i saw some people said theirs changed from 2/21 to 2/13 it gave me a number to call.. called and talked to the idiot on the phone whos comprehension skills were less than that of my 3month olds and she told me that because im filing different this year (was single last year, married filing joint this year) that was what was going on because they had to verify there were no issues on either SS#'s ok.. that i can understand.. kindof.. so i guess if you are filing differently this year that may be why theres a small delay with yours.. i honestly think they were taking the very easiest ones and getting them fast tracked to try to reduce the back log a little as most really only need to file a 1040ez. cant say for sure but it seems the people with the simplest returns are the ones getting their stuff already and us who had slightly more complicated returns are the ones waiting.

              on a side note.. we also had to file an oklahoma return as my husband is military and THAT still hasnt even been accepted.. ohhhh joy.
            • the problem is with taxes done on internet everyone that went through an h&r and liberty got there's back in the 7 days also some people are getting them back in 7 who used the internet i guess its like a lottery if u get picked u got them if not u wait ive been using turbo tax for yrs and never had a problem
            • Update.....I called the 8008291040 number, navigated the automated attendant, finally got a real nice lady named Mrs. Sanders...She was patient and willing to help...She said I have no red flags, no offsets, etc......but she could not tell me why my return has not been processed.....standard line about new systems, fraud prevention,..etc.... My return was accepted on the 20th of Jan...still not even started being processed......wait 2 more weeks and call back in.....also she stated the 8008291954 number, if you can get a real person, should be able to inform me as to the delay....I haven't had any success thus far with that number will keep trying...
            • Saw where another user posted the below article that had this in it:

              The Turbo Tax spokesperson, Julie Miller issued a statement:
              “We deeply regret the inconvenience this has caused these customers.  We made a mistake and are doing everything we can to make it right.  We are communicating directly with customers affected and of course, we’ve waived all TurboTax fees.”
              This error affects possibly thousands of taxpayers who opted to receive their refunds via direct deposit.  If you are one of the affected taxpayers, you will be receiving your tax refund by paper check instead.  Furthermore, the IRS will mail your check approximately one week after the day you were scheduled to get your direct deposit.


              I'm trying to get my refund now since I'm past 3 weeks already....
            • i filed my returns on jan 16 accepted jan 17. im still waiting on my returns!!! its already feb 9...
            • Filed 2/1 before 11am. Accepted... have had all the same issues as everyone else - no answers - the website is NOT updating and then it says your entering your info wrong.. so decided to Call the IRS where is my refund number - FINALLY have a deposit date of 2/13 - CALL - 1-800-829-4477.... there is alot of talking - just listen thru it all and it will get to the Enter your info.. says its the same as the website BUT ITS NOT - so stay on the line and listen to the blah blah blah stuff it will get to the enter your info.. and it will give you answers that the website won't..... good luck everybody... hope they can give you some relief and answers so many of us have been asking for.
            • I just checked WMR and got this new, updated "out of office" message:

              We are all going to Hawaii from February 2-26th and will return on Monday, February 27th. We will resume processing your return at that time. Thank you for your patience.
            • THis must why my wmr is saying its gonna be mailed the 10 and I was suppose to have dd...
            are they talking business days when it says 10-21 cause than can not count the weekends

            and when does irs consider return accepted?
            • accepted mean they have it and is gonna process it, they know that its you.. Not including weekends for me
            • Filed 01/19, accepted 01/23, WMR showed 02/07 until today....Now it is saying it is being processed with no date.
            • filed the 17th accecpter per tt the 19th for a week got wmr message should receive refund by 1-31-12, than it changed on 1-31-12 that it has been received and being processed so do i count 21 days from when message changed?
              still checked today and states been received and being processed, called IRS line and get a nasty message now about live reps can not speed up the process...guess irs getting tired of calls
            • i am not sure she just said three weeks its sooo messed up this year i am not sure if son got his dd or not i will check his back shortly to report he filed on the 18 and accepted the 18
            • sons was deposited today i just checked he was accepted on the 18th he is single if that means anything with their processing them quicker?  Hes a minor too
            • Got my refund today (2 weeks after initial estimated date) and it's $1,012 short??
            • Filed on 2/1 & today finally got update on WMR of processing w DD due 2/21.
            • Yeah, I thought the same thing, todays my due date.  No refund money in my account. I'm single and had a every easy return. more than half of the questions didn't even apply to me. Whats really going on?
            • I filed on 2/1 and was accepted that same day. IRS just updated today saying that I would have my refund by 2/21. Why is this date so far off? My original dd was the 11th-15th? Or is this just a guestimate on the 21st?
            • This is very frustrating!! I filed on the 31st and was accepted on the 31st.. Wheres my refund had nothing so I called yesterday and the automated system said 2-15. Checked Where is my refund today and it said 2-21! Which one is right?
            • Last year for Trubo Tax for me. I have used it for about 10 years, but forget it. I can't find anything out from any human being. Just a bunch of runaround crap. Disappointing to say the least,
            • i filed on 2/1 accepted on 2/1checked  wheres my refund 4 days later and still nothing so i waited until wed. like their site said and finally got an answer so i should recieve mine no later than 2/21 hopefully hope this helps others
            • Ok so do we get a refund from turbo tax since we were mislead about the 7-10 day theory, mine was accected on the first of Feb, state still pending, which never ever has taken this long and it is going to cost me 99.00 to have it all direct deposited with assurance of audit protection, I have never seen this happen with turbo tax and have been using this program for years.. whats up here?... someone needs to give us the real reason we are being so back logged i agree with other posters we could have mailed our returns for free and not had this headache.... what give...
            • I got the same message this morning that its processing and I should get it by 2/21, but when I called the 800-829-1954 it said by 2/23. What's really up with the irs
            • I just called IRS... TT submitted and accepted on 2/1.  IRS wheres my refund.. No status. When i called telephone number, said expect refund by Mar 13,....

              So we are now well beyond 10-21 days from date of acceptance.
            • i submitted mine on the 1st and the irs still doesnt say it has it.but turbo tax says accepted! but my mother in law submitted hers on 1/28 and got it deposited in to her acct  on 2/3 so who knows whats wrong with them. im just going to be surprised if it comes this month at this rate.
            • yeah i dont know i doubt they will reimburse with the fees i know i got them to reimburse them tho one year i cant remember the number i got to talk to someone who did it though..It is definately worth a try
            • i filled my on Jan 5 was accepted on the 18 , the first date the said was 1/25 then hey said 2/1 then they said 2/7 now there are saying you have been accepted and is being processed and not date yet what the hell is going on where is my dame money
            • Filed on 2/2/12...tried checking the irs website wheres my refund? It doesn't give me any information. Turbo Tax says accepted....but if its been accepted why cant i find any information on it? Has anyone been able to find out why?
            • I filed Jan 17th. It says accepted and my refund will come between Feb. 6-14. Mine hasn't come.

              My boyfriend filed Jan 30th. Estimated refund date was Feb 9-20. AND HE GOT HIS LAST MONDAY (Feb. 6th).

               I was sooo mad I really needed that money.
            • i filed and was accepted on the 27th. the website is also giving me the i don't have your information message. my sister filed 3 days later on a different site and got her refund this morning. turbo tax should announce when you are filing they are having longer delays. had that been the case, i could have went somewhere else. i would have gladly paid a little extra to get a refund sooner. I have used turbo tax for YEARS without any trouble at all and have always gotten a refund promptly. it's aggravating
            • I spoke to the IRS yesterday. They indicated it was a software problem and that the changes in the IRS forms were not mirrored by turbo tax so they were having to go in and manually change the lines numbers fell on so it could be processed.  I filed and was accepted on 1/28 and am being told now that I shouldn't anticipate a return prior to February 27th which is a week beyond the 21 days for e-file.  I'll be contacting turbo tax to get my money back!
            • still waiting and accepted on the 20th i would rather hear the truth than to keep getting changed numbers..Its like they are playing with out minds///JUST tell us the truth///I would rather know than get the run around when you call.
            • I like alot of you will not be using turbo tax again in the future. I have used them for many years but something isnt right this year. A friend of mine used taxslayer this year, we filed the same day at the same time (we were on the phone with each other) and she got her refund today. I cant even get into the IRS site to tell me anything. It tells me the same as most of you have said about waiting 3 weeks for processing. I already got an email a week ago saying it was processed and accepted...and now I wait...this is horse &*(^

              This is also the most Ive ever paid with turbo tax. I lost a little over $150 this year because of them. They advertise free this and free that..Well, NOTHING was free. Cost me 29.95 to efile federal plus the 29.95 they charge for direct deposit, ontop of 3 states for 33.35. BS! We are military so we didnt have a choice but to file a couple states....NEVER AGAIN!
            • mines WMR been saying a DD for 2/14 when i checked today they said a DD for 2/10. the amount of my refund has been changed to getting more back. they told me i would receive a letter by 2/27 about the changes. but as im reading this comments im noticing people also haveing a message stated the will receive a letter and their refound hasnt been depoisted yet by their DD. so now im wondering that if its really gonna happen on 2/10 or am i gonna be waiting longer. did mine 1/20 got accepted 1/21 and still waiting.
            • yeah people that i know that used different tax companies like HR block and liberity tax and jackson hewit they already got theirs back its turbo tax its not the government turbo tax probably had a glitch and blaming it on the GOV so yeah mine was accepted  the 23rd and the irs (wheres my refund) said the 7th and now today it just says they got it and processing not even a date what in the hell is going on?! and im getting like 12k back and i need this money because my job needs me to move like ASAP! im getting pissed off!
            • i filed on the 17th of Jan. the irs says my bank has recieved my return yesterday. i ncall my bank up and they say i have no pending transactions.

              i can honestly say im never using turbotax again. my brother filed after me and got his before me. my sister and i filed on the same day and she got hers 3 days ago and she used the turbotax card and im direct deposit .
            • Seems like my story is the same as everyone else's...........Filed mine on Jan 25th....was accepted the 26th...was given a DD date of Feb8th...WMR FIRST said the same...but then on Monday Feb changed to "They have no info on our refund status" etc etc....Would just be nice to get ONE answer & have it be the right answer...We all know that when we owe the IRS money they dont play around BUT when we are entitled to OUR money its a different story!!
            • I too filed on 02/01/2012 and it said "Accepted" right away... but nothing more...

              I kept checking back, and nothing...

              I started checking the IRS "Where's my Refund" site a couple days into this and FINALLY today got THIS:

              "We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless there is a processing delay or you owe other taxes, you should receive your refund by February 21, 2012."

              So yeah... I agree... 7 days for E-Filing turned into 21 days...

              At least it's faster than paper filing - RIGHT??? If it's NOT, THEN I'll scream!!!
            • Its like so crazy. tomorrow will be my three week period. if i dont get it tomorrow im going to raise some hell, let me tell you that much
            • I have been using Turbo Tax to file my taxes for years now. I have always gotten an email giving me a date to expect my direct deposit and it has always been right on the money. This email. My return was accepted on 2/2 and I was told that within 72 hours of that, I could check the status of my return on the IRS site. They continue to tell me that they have no information. Sadly, I knew from the get-go that the "7 days" claim was a load of B.S. because I have never gotten my money in less than 14 days. However, at this point in the past I at least had an actual date so I knew what to expect. If I end up being told that it's going to be 3-4 weeks, I am going to be absolutely livid at having paid $32 for this.
            • Our refund was both filed and processed on January 24th. we paid for a "rapid refund" and have yet to receive it.  First it stated Feb 2, 2012, nothing was received,  Then it stated Feb 7, 2012, nothing was received. Now its stating "Will be Direct Deposited on Feb 8, 2012" and nothing has yet to be received.  I am frustrated very much that i paid for a service and have not been rendered. I will not recommend nor will I ever use Turbo Tax again.
            • i havent even got my turbo tax card yet and i havent even got nothing sent to my email stating when i will get my returns. i will not use turbo tax again and i iwll not refure turbo tax to anyone.
            • FYI Where's My Refund only updates once a week and that would be on Wednesday. My return was accepted on the 1st and it states that I will get my refund by the 21st. I think this is just best case scenario. Another webiste says I should get it by the 11th. So for now it's just a waiting game.
            • My 3weeks was yesterday and up until then  i had message saying i would get mine by the 7th and now it has changed to processing,i dont owe anything i checked and my 2 daughters already got there return one was excepted day before me and one 2 days after me.
            • wgardner where are you going to check the status of your refund?  You said one site tole you one thing and another told you another date..Just curious/  I have been processing since january 20 no dd yet only by the 7th now its by the 21st i pretty much gave up//Isnt gonna come anytime soon i dont think :(
            • I filed my refund jan 31st and my date on turbo tax said i was supposed to get my taxes 2/7 i checked my card and it was nothing there so i used the were is my refund tool yesterday and they said they couldnt find my refund in the system so i checked today and it says the irs has accepted your refund and your date to recieve your refund is feb 21st
            • I am really getting furious with how they handled it this year. I think it is unfair that they are completing the taxes of those that did their taxes after Jan 24 instead of those that did it first. Thanks to how they have handled and not warning the taxpayers that there could be a delay if we did it early, my bank account is in the minus and will screw up my monthly rent. I just want to scream!!!! If I find a website where I can make a complaint to IRS, I WILL. WMR is not even working now.
            • i am the same problem as some of you other guys  checked the irs site, it said that the funds should be presented to the bank (Santa Barbara Bank) on February 7th, well today is the 8th and nothing  i called the bank 877-908-7228 and the guy (Mike) said that he did not see anything processing  he was so rude, sighing like omg another calling about their refund, turbo tax need to use another bank  this is crazzzzy  i want my money and i want it now
            • I'm VERY disappointed with TurboTax this year. I've been ranting and raving about how much more convenient it is and how you get your return in the same amout of time as H&R Block (7-14days) but for alot less money charged. This is absolutely ridiculous and I will NOT be using them again. I'm having the same issues as everyone else. I would've rather paid the $300 in fees to get it back from JacksonHewit or H&R Block in a lot less time than its taking. This has just been a horrible experience and it will not be repeated through TurboTax.....EVER!!!!
            • i kno i agree that the irs is handling it wrong.......first come first serve.....i am at witts end sbbt are very rude they say they are on real time but i dont think so their not releasing funds when they get them either...sorry everyone is having grief wish this would end
            • I think that Turbo Tax should definately change the 7-14 day advertisement and just be up front with their potential customers. I feel like they were afraid of losing money if they made it known about the delays. Well, if THAT'S the case, they may have gotten our money THIS YEAR but ultimately, their customers negative experiences will reflect on them (TurboTax) and it will surely keep them from getting our money NEXT YEAR!!
            Just a FYI I filed on the  Jan 17th accepted the 19th and had my fees held out they recieved my dep 2/7 at midnight and I just recieved my federal, and state so there is a end in sight.... hope y'all are gets yours soon!
            • i dont see an end in site cause i went from the by the 7th to by the 21st that is crazy if you ask me i may as well mailed it probably would have gotten it faster and saved myself the 50
            uggggg thats what I have now!! "we have received your refund and its being processed".. no other info!! No date nada!!
            • It did take mine the full 21 days. I filed the 17 and just not getting mine mailed to me Friday
            This site explains EVERYTHING. The bottom line? If you submitted taxes early this year, you're screwed!

            • Just letting all the ones with "anticipated" DD of 2/8, don't count on it. I called yesterday to the SBTP automated system and it's recording anticipated my refund for today, well when I notice no deposit today I called and spoke to representative. The nice lady advised me that not only was my deposit not made NONE were made the IRS was projected to. Meaning they hadn't received ANY money from government today to disburse among us waiting on the 8th deposit dates! So if you used TT tax and elected to have fees deducted from refund, according to the SBTP folks, money isn't there. She said to check back tomorrow and hopefully IRS disburses money so they can make deposits to us! I'm not holding my breath!
            • jay i filed the 20th accepted the 20th i have an offset and still have no dd date it started with the 1st then the by the 7th now by the 21st i will not return to tt been with them for a long time each year things seem to get more and more delayed I am not falling for it another year i will spend what ever it costs to mail it and keep my 50 dollars next year
            • I know now that it is kind of harsh to get mad at TurboTax, they really didn't do anything wrong...besides TurboTax is a software program, not a full fledged tax corporation like HR Block. Granted, they probably should have done a better job of informing their paying customers of the delays. My biggest problem with the program was the fact that I really didn't need the "deluxe" edition but they suckered me into it. I used it last year and had no problems with the free edition and thought I might be able to get more with the "deluxe" but all they do is check for a few more deductions. But as far as the refund, that's all uncle sam and there is nothing anyone can do about that...
            Before you call the Internal Revenue Service with questions about
            Refund? | your refund, give them 7 to 14 days processing time from the date
            | your return is accepted. If then you have not received your refund,
            | or the amount is not what you expected, contact the Internal Revenue
            | Service directly at 1-800-829-4477. You can also check
            | and select the "Where's my refund?" link.
            • Mine first said dd on the 25th, then the 1st, then the 7th. The 7th came and went, so I checked WMR this morning and it says 3-6 weeks. I checked WMR tonight it says this "We are sorry, we cannot provide any information about your refund.

              It can take up to 3 weeks to process your return. Please wait at least one week before you log-on again to check the status of your refund".
              WTF does this ????
            • I filed and was accepted on 01/30.  My first anticipated dd was 2/8, then moved to 2/14, then to "no information can be given".  I called the IRS today, and they told me that the same glitch that affected the returns filed from 01/17-01/25, has now affected the returns filed on 01/30, 01/31, and 02/01 due to a second glitch in the system.  This second glitch has put a huge delay on these returns as well.  I was told that it could take up to 3 weeks, possibly 4, before my refund is issued.  Very frustrating, but hopefully they will get caught up, and the processing won't take as long.  Hope this helps to anyone in the same situation.
            • So I filed my taxes with Turbo on Jan 25, it was received and accepted on the same day.  Turbo then said I would receive my refund on the February 8th? I check my account and nothing there,  the Irs site said I would receive my refund before the 14th of February and then after a few days I checked it said within six weeks of the accepted day..  I have never had a problem with Turbo Tax and in fact I find this software very easy to use and the 3 years I have done my refund with turbo it has come to me on time! All I know is, who is in charge?? Turbo customer service should get their but in gear and tell the IRS to get going.   Now if we owed taxes, then we would have to pay them right away or we loose a number of things.   The same rule should be applied to refunds that are coming, if we don't receive our refund the IRS should have to double our refund amount to the thousands.   The IRS needs to follow the rules too, oh yes.. follow the rules!!!   I pray at 6am my refund is mine!
            • I wonder if there is a way that I can file a civil lawsuit against IRS for F****ING up my bank account (all the bank charges). I will send them a nasty letter for screwing it up this year.
            • i filled my on Jan 6 was accepted on the 17 , the first date the said was 1/25  even th bank says this then I also recieved and e-mail on this then hey said 2/1 then they said 2/7 now  i just read the new irs refund cycle chart
               it say 2/9 there are saying you have been accepted and is being processed and not date yet what the hell is going on where is money and why is turbo tax saying they know nothing ....praying it comes soon ...god knows it will help
            • i help my family and friends do thier income tax and i have 3 diff site i use to do them on and so far i only see this problem on turbo tax and i think its bc of the people that buy the software and install it on their home computers and they are #1 to have problems with fraud and all that stuff. i only use the programs that r online ready. i had 4 friends get thier refund today but was from one of the other sites i use... i had one friend didnot get his today and it was the one i had to do here on turbo so i really think its all to do with where u efile ur return.  Jus saying!
            • So I filed on the 30th and my expected refund date was on the 8th of february, i tried to go to wheres my refund and when i put in information it says file not found and so i put in extra information. I am wondering if i did something wrong. Then it says that there is no current information and i should wait 3-6 weeks...
            • I filed on the 27th got accepted the same day. Took about a week for WMR to say I will get it by the 14th.. Still says the 14 and no dd date.
            • They have to rev up the presses and make more money....ours is spent!
            • Ok maybe this will help some....Im from Georgia..I filed on 1/31, I got an email saying accepted about an hour later...72 hours I checked the WMR site and they gave me errors of yesterday ( 7 days later) it had changed telling me to "EXPECT"it by Feb.21st , ok not happy but at least I got a date...checked it again this am and it's telling me Im set to have a direct deposit on the 13th. All i can say is check the site daily . Im just like everyone else I NEED my money as well and want it NOW.. I have no idea when they up-date the site but mine seemed to be after the 7th day or maybe Wednesdays and Thursdays. Wishing everyone nothing but the Best of luck and God Bless. Hope this helps.
            • I checked this am and mine still says BY the 21st then it says i must have put in the wrong info i only checked twice so it isnt cause i did it three times...I am about to give up on mine...I was accepted the 20th and no dd date you said you were on the 31st?  hmm
            • I checked my yesterday on the WMR site and it said by the 21 of Feb, then I tried checking it on the site this morning and it had no information, could not find my info.. so I called the IRS number and it said the 21st of Feb.. But.. the SBBT number that you can call, says by the 15th of Feb.. so my question is who do we go by, do we go by what the IRS says or do we go by what the SBBT says.
            • mrswilliams when did you file and get accepted? I call the sbbt and it still says the 1st but its longggggggg gone that is just their estimated by the chart. I dont know why they are still saying the actual date i would go by wmr sbbt is only saying the expected date according to the chart when we filed.
            • I have been checking WMR all week and they still have no information on me? I am confused by this because it has been over 72 hours. I filed my taxes 2/4 and now it is 2/9 and there is still no information.
            • I originally posted:


              I too filed on 02/01/2012 and it said "Accepted" right away... but nothing more...

              I kept checking back, and nothing...

              I started checking the IRS "Where's my Refund" site a couple days into this and FINALLY today got THIS:

              "We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless there is a processing delay or you owe other taxes, you should receive your refund by February 21, 2012."

              So yeah... I agree... 7 days for E-Filing turned into 21 days...

              At least it's faster than paper filing - RIGHT??? If it's NOT, THEN I'll scream!!!

              ( Commented yesterday 12:54pm in [Online Deluxe] Deluxe ,Views by community 13943)"

              Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Now an Update...

              I JUST checked the IRS site again, and:

              Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on February 13, 2012. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 18, 2012, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until February 18, 2012 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then.

              Let's see how THIS works out...

              Still no E-Mail though reporting status which I find Odd...

              I do agree with the general consensus though that if TurboTax was aware of this/these issue(s), we SHOULD have been informed BEFORE we PAID...

              I smell Class Action!!!

            • they say wait at least 72 hours after being accepted so who knows if its been 72 hours on irs end seems that they have a different clock than the rest of us ;)  three weeks is actually 6 weeks to them ;)  sorry i am irritaed with them and had to make a few jokes..But seriously i dont think they are updating like they say they are they probably have it but are poking around putting it in the system
            • poohbear55,  I don't know ... all I know is that the IRS is saying the 21st, but like I said the SBBT I guess IS giving the estimated return date which is the 15th, all I know is that I guess we all will just have to wait between the 15 and the 21 and see if we get it.  I filed on the 1st of Feb.
            • yeah thats all a person can do is wait i was accepted teh 20th and mine says my estimated dd date WAS february 1st on sbbt phone line please call back in 7 days to see if the irs has deposited funds...But the wmr tells me by the 21st i am going by the wmr it sucks but what else can we do :(
            • On day #23 waiting for my refund and now instead of saying 6 weeks on the WMR update, it says it can't find me. On a side note here's what TT is saying in regards to a refund:

              "Printing or e-filing your return reflects your satisfaction with TurboTax Online, at which time you are required to submit non-refundable payment."

              So it looks like there is no hope for a Federal Return or a TT Refund...
            • Where are you all getting your expected date of return? I do not recall getting one. I cannot access anything on the IRS site even though it has been a week today. Help!

              >>> Refund Status Results

              We are sorry, we cannot provide any information about your refund.

              It can take up to 3 weeks to process your return. Please wait at least one week before you log-on again to check the status of your refund.
              Please read the following information related to your tax situation:

                  Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
            • no wish i did so i got a change lol nope nothing but you must have put in the wrong info speal they must be having issues AGAIN or shall i say STILL they need to take the site down until they have it fixed too many people are getting mixed messaged and its irritating everyone...
            • It says i may be putting the wrong info when I know i'm not... for 2 days my WMR has been saying this.. when i filed on 1/22 had dd of feb 1st then feb 7th.this is crazy. I hope some associates from IRS are reading these msgs.....
            • I agree TT should refund the money that we paid to get our taxes back a lil faster i could have mailed my taxes in VIA snail mail and i would have gotten them faster i files on the 27 Of Jan and was told i would have my taxes back on the 3rd awseom yeah i thouigh till i check and they were not there then i was told the 6th then the 8th now by the 14th ...4 dates and still no money i went thourough H&R block last year and got my taxes back in 7 days ill just go back to HR block cause we all know TT wont do anything about this NONSENCE that we are all dealing with
            • So, yes, I am getting the same "new" message today from WMR:

              We are sorry, we cannot provide any information about your refund.

              It can take up to 3 weeks to process your return. Please wait at least one week before you log-on again to check the status of your refund.

              (I filed Jan. 19th, accepted Jan. 23rd)

              Of course, I also called my bank this morning (now a daily ritual) and no money. I am so familiar with the automated system I refer to the auto-lady as "Rita." She told me today this is a bunch of bull.
            • i filed two days ago...i am just now reading the comments....very nice. i think i will crack open a cold one
            • i hope they are reading our posts too...If we owed them they would be on top of it but since they owe us we gotta wait
            • Adam--You will receive your refund before we will! The IRS doesn't believe in first come-first serve! You are golden.
            • haha so true gabriel we are last on the list i think
            • no use in calling irs cause they only tell you something to get you off the line....I wish my job was that easy to say oh well you got to wait three weeks...Its still processing i see no errors just gotta wait the three weeks how do they no if there are no errors if its still processing? thats what i want to know
            • Elect Ron Paul and all of these issues go away.  Flat tax no refunds.
            • i'm having the same issues filed on 1/22 accpted the same name stuck on the 7th and now it says it can take up to 3 weeks. Tried to call the IRS but can never a live person. Anyone have a phone number that I can call and get a live IRS rep??
            • no thanks to Ron Paul.  I like getting my refund every year!
            • I love Ron Paul too! It's so sad the Dems and the Repubs don't realize their candidates are hand-picked for them. I'd rather vote for someone who isn't "owed" any day. You can always recognize those people too because the media (owned by corporations) will IGNORE them or say they don't have a chance.
            • if you have an offset, you can call the dept of treasury at 800-304-3107 and you put in your SSN and it will tell you if your refund will be offset.
            • I filed my taxes on the 5th of Feb it was accepte by irs on the 7th but the irs web site says they have not recieved it yet.
            • Filed the 2nd of Feb was accepted 1 hr later. WMR still has not update about my refund. Does not even say its received it.
            • Mine were accepted on the 17th - and for weeks now I've been stuck at the generic WMR message "still processing... blah blah blah six weeks."
              I'm seriously trying to remain patient, and not be one of those people who call  the IRS on a daily basis, but its already been 3 weeks since they were accepted. What gives?
            • Did anyone read the previous answer about IRS software against identity theft? They are backlogged. Turbo has no control over when you get your refund. And as far as logging into WMR on can only check once over a certain time period...they only update like once a week. Hey...your return may have gotten flagged as questionable ...especially if you didn't provide turbo with accurate info or withheld info. Just because the transmission was ACCEPTED...doesn't mean your return is ok with IRS.
            • I am getting the six week thing. I can't get a date for nothing. Most of us do the rapid refund, because we need the money. If I would have know that it was going to take three or even the six that they are saying I would have done paper instead and saved the $100 + that I paid. Like some of the others said if I owe them they wanted it yesterday plus interest and late fee's.
            • I also have an accepted date of 2/1/12.  Like many I need the funds, hubby's been out of work, putting off medical needs etc.  Never take this long before, last year I got federal in a WEEK!  Just checked this am (after reading some of y'alls posts) and have a DD of 2/13/12.  Fingers crossed!  I also agree that TT needs to take off the "get $ in as little as 7 days" as it is quite misleading.  May need to find another way to do my taxes after using TT for YEARS!
            • i filed 2/2/2012 and still no info on the irs wmr tool its been a week..what should i do ?