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How often is Where's My Refund updated? Has anyone gotten updated info besides February 1st?

How often does the IRS update refund info on Where's My Refund?  I know that they update on Wednesday, but do they update on Sunday also?  I e-filed on 1/14 and my federal was accepted on 1/16.  On 1/19 I got info on the WMR saying that I should receive my refund by February 1st.  Since it says by 2/1, I'm thinking that it should be that the IRS is sending it out on Friday the 28th and depending on my bank, it should be in my account by 2/1.

In the past, the Where's My Refund usually stated a statement that the refund was processed and the direct deposit would be (let's say January 28th) and then it would state if you do not receive your refund by (let's say February 1), check with your bank to see if they received it and then call us back on 2/1/11.

What has me confused, is that some people are posting on this site that Where's My Refund says January 28th for their refund date, and a lot of people are saying that Where's My Refund says BY FEBRUARY 1st.  Does that mean that the posters who received the 1/28/11 date, that their refund was already processed and the people who received the BY FEBRUARY 1ST, their refunds are still being processed and the date could change?

Where's my Refund does say that your return is being processed and if there are no processing delays or you don't owe any other taxes, you should receive your refund by 2/1/11.  I know the IRS doesn't want a million calls, but they used to give more info than that.

I remember last year that for my refund, it said that my refund would be direct deposited on 1/26/10 and if I didn't receive it by 1/31/10 to check with my bank and then call them back. Does the IRS still update to show the actual direct deposit date?

Has the info changed for anyone that had the 2/1 date?  Are you getting any statements saying YOUR RETURN WAS PROCESSED AND YOU SHOULD RECEIVE YOUR REFUND ON ..............................., 2011?
  • Many people that got a date of the 28th are finding that the date has now changed to the 1st as well.  Personally, I believe they were given the exact date instead of the  padded date we are all used to.  My date still says the 1st and I dont expect that to change until next week if it does.  Last year I had my refund before it changed, as did many others.
  • They deposit the refunds on fridays so its should be the 28th but some banks take up to a few days to process the deposit.I had my return on time last year but the IRS site didnt say anything about it until right before  I got my money
  • Well I have the same time frame as you to taxhater01, I submitted & was received at the same times you were, however, TurboTax is the only site that says it was accepted.  When I go to the IRS site, it tells me they Do Not have any record of my return.  This is a little dishearting,  but TT says it should be deposited on the 28th, bank permitting of course.  So I am really confused and wondering about why TT says its in the IRS hands and they say they DO NOT have a record of it.  VERY SCARY, any suggestions??
  • Federal still the 1st for me too.   My state says it deposited last Thursday and I called greendot and they said 5 to 7 days for processing time.
  • I check my WMR and it said by Feb 1st. then today I checked it and it said my date has changed due to processing delays to feb 8th. so my question is not does anyone knowwhen the expected date is? if it says feb. 8th should i expect it that friday the 4th?
  • how do i check my "wmr"

Hope that helps :)
Also, I noticed some did get their refunds today, I wasn't that lucky lol but gives me hope that the IRS is depositing them early this year.
  • Wednesday, January 26th, 2011 :
    Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on January 28, 2011. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 2, 2011, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until February 2, 2011 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then.

    I efiled Sat.Jan.15th,2011 and got a response Wednesday,Jan.19th,2011. Its the same response as yours. (still processing...etc). I believe due to the holiday and me filing it on the weekend  is why it took awhile to get my 1st response but it hit the 72 hour mark. No biggie.

    After checking it everyday since, today finally a new update : It will deposited on the 28th!!! :)

    I recieved my state return 2 days ago.
  • I checked the where's my refund site and it still says in processing and should have refund by 02-01-11. Do they or don't they change the wording to it has been deposited once they have done that??