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homestead property tax credit APPLY?

Ive been renting my home for 7 months I DO NOT PAY PROPERTY TAXES IN THE RENT , Can I still get this?
  • laws differ by state
    What state are you in?
  • MIchigan I pay 650 per month ive been living here 7 months
As long as you have had a Main residence in MI for  six months or more you are eligible for  Homestead Credit. In your particular  case you sign in as a renter -- part year resident.  20% of the rent paid is used as property taxes paid for the computation of the  Homestead Credit.  TurboTax will do all the computation for you .
  • ok just to make sure for one final time, sorry, I live in MI, I do not have a mortgage or anything I am just renting I have a landlord, I do not pay anything for property taxes I live in a house, I can still get this? Again sorry for me being confused im young and have never filed for taxes before!
                       not to worry ---  even if you are renter you are entitiled to  Homestead Credit besed on rent you pay   { note that if this is normal housing i.e. property tax, then 20% of the rent is assumed to be property taxes paid,  fee paying houses the  percentage is usually 10% etc. )  Also note that students are not considered residents since their home is with their parents  -- their permanent home.  

Hope this helps you -- you can always leave more questions here or start a new thread if  you still have  doubts etc. ---PK