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What is the depreciation treatment for new carpet & window for an existing rental?

I read a few responses to questions regarding depreciation treatment on new carpeting, window replacement...etc. when the property owners were preparing the units to rent for the first time.  However the situations described does not apply to me since my property was tenants occupied when I purchased it.  In my case, I had contractors replaced one window and installed all new carpeting after the original tenants moved out but before the another tenant moved in.

Am I allowed to take 27.5 year depreciation (my preference) or must I take 5-year depreciation on:
1) the window?
2) the new carpet?

Thanks !
    You can use 9 years for carpets with ADS
    Window is a structural component and could be 27.5 or 40 years (could be repair if replaced because broken)

    More info table 2-1 at this link
    • Thank you, Louise !

      There is one condition I should have mentioned in my original question.  I purchased the rental in 2009 and followed the General Depreciation System (GDS) per TurboTax click-through menu in my 2009 return.  Am I allowed to switch to ADS starting with my 2010 filing?  If so, must I amend my 2009 return or is there another way to do the switching?
    • You choose the depreciation method for each asset being depreciated.
      You can use ADS for the window and carpet and keep GDS for the other assets