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Phone number for Turbo Tax Tech Support????

What's the phone number for Turbo Tax tech support???  Why the damn mystery???  Don't they want to talk to people???  This type of customer DIS-service SUCKS!!!
  • Turbo Tax adds on tv say that you can talk to tech support it is a downright lie.
This is how you get to talk to a person in Chat or Phone, but you have to follow the steps exactly like I have outlined them below.

Read all the steps before going to the link at the end of this message.

You will first arrive at a page that says CONTACT US.

You MUST choose a topic on the LEFT (choose one close to your problem), then a topic on the RIGHT to get the page to expand and make the contact boxes appear. That routes you to the correct support department. If you don't choose something in both columns, the contact boxes lower in the page will not appear.

If you are presented with results "I have a question about the software", or "I have a questions about tax rules", then make that choice as well.

You can disregard the help articles. Those steps above were just to get the page to expand and route you to the right support department.

By then the page will have expanded. Scroll down a little past the notice of the IRS Delay.

You will now see contact boxes for CALL US or CHAT, with expected wait times.
Choose your method.

Support hours: 5 AM - 9 PM PST, 7 days a week.
  • this is bull crap it never gets me anywhere. If you are saying i owe so much i deserve to get a number and talk to a human!!!! i need to figure this out now!!!!!!!!1
(number removed)
  • drbobby, thanks for listing the Customer Service phone number (number removed), I'd been looking for 45 minutes on the site with no luck.
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  • I agree about the Turbo Tax Tech Support. I think the live community is the tech support. I going to try out the (number removed).  I hope that guy was right.  If so, YEAH for him.
  • All of them Turbo Tax , Tax Slayer, ect... have the same BS, u cannot get any tech support, unless u pay for there Delux editions. I have used both and cannot get any phone support. I just file a 1040ez form, Free federal edition, whereas nothing is free, the fees are taken out of ur State Filing, however they took there fees out of my federal filing, and i want to know the [Removed Profanity]  why, when it suppose to come out of my State filing. How do I know this because what I received in my bank account was less than what my federal refund was for. And what I discovered was the amount taken out of My Federal refund was the same amount as my filing fees. I just want to know why this happen, and cannot get phone support.  I understand that the fees are gonna come out, however it states,
    " FREE FEDERAL FILING" , moreover I do not owe the Federal or State Government for that matter. All I want to know is why that happen, and can't talk to know one. Because this Question is not on there FAQ'S.

    I tried Tax Slayer first Before Turbo Tax, that was a joke,kept giving me an Error code R00-091, which does not exist in there Error Code Data Base. Which is funny because Turbo tax granted my Federal and State filings with the  same information within 24 hours. Tried getting a hold of Tax Slayer support by phone however got the same run around.

    The deal to this or moral to the story In my personal opinion, If u use the free edition u get no phone support, but if u pay for Special Addition or Deluxe Addition, I believe u  may get the phone support, which means to mean its all about the $$$$$$$.
There is no number for tech support, there are no answer to any ones questions about how the site works. The (number removed)  number is a waste of your time it only gives you 2 options both of which lead you no where. TurboTax took my money before e-filing, then told me I couldn't e-file and had to print and mail my return. Ok so I chose that option and now it wont print anything but the second page. This sight is a sham. I will be suing this company in small claims for my money back. I will no longer be using this service and I will make it a point to tell every one I talk to about how corrupt and misleading this site is.
    I had the same problem, finally found the phone number and got the answer...that WORKED!  Go back to your business profile and go through the steps to add a home office again.  When you get to the page that has you choose "exclusively" or "regularly"  CHECK BOTH BOXES.  YES, CHECK BOTH...then it worked!
    Turbo Tax's phone number is[Removed Profanity] for a live tech. I don't know why they don't post this phone number. Someone had this posted last year and I finally found it online. I sent an email to TurboTax prior to finding the phone number.  TurboTax sent me a response a "YEAR" later.  I had to laugh. I really like TurboTax as long as you don't have a question. I hope this information helps someone. It helped me.
      Its the worst company ever....JUst give them your money and keep your mouth shut
        can i have the number please been seaching for days

          I couldn't download my state so I followed the instructions at and I was talking to a live tech within 2 minutes. He was able to get my state up and running by posting a state executable file to my account which I downloaded and installed at no extra cost. I was worried when he told me he was an outsourced center from the Philippines but he spoke English well and was very knowledgeable. I'm back on track. Thanks guys!

            (number removed)
            • The adds on tv are a lie.  It is false advertising.  There is no way you can get a phone number and talk to a tech support person as shwon on the tv.  Turbo Tax lies.