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    You can see what your fees are for by clicking on Tools then My Fees. Only the Free Edition is free and it is free for the federal return only. If you start a state return, whether you actually file it or not, there is a $27.95 fee for the state program use. You can avoid it by clearing the state return from your file.
    • Well this is bogus because filing your federal still aint free. You have to still pay 29.99 or whatever so they can process your Tax return from BANK. And the next big joke is then they hit you with State Tax filing for 27.95 so your looking at 60 dollars in fees and this is all under FREE so read this it says FREE for a reason it is supposed to be FREE not here is a fee and another and Yes I will file complaints against turbo tax this is ludacris and against the opt for FREE. It's called False Advertisement so don't act smart, we all know how to see our fees this is just another way from America to boost its selfish gains
    • similar to the other posts...Why am I paying $30 for you guys to file this for me electronically.. On tax act,,,they never charged me $30 to file. This is BS.

      I understood this was not free, but I am getting charged 116 for something I was planning on paying $50. Never again.

      Nice business model...your losing customer left and right!!
    • I thought this was free? Last year I only had to pay for the state return, not the federal. Please explain why I didn't pay for last year's federal and this year I am. Has this changed, or did I do something wrong?
    In addition to the fee for Deluxe federal, there is a fee for preparing a state return and a fee for having the fees paid out of your federal refund if you choose to. You can see a breakdown of your fees by clicking on Tools then My Fees.
    • So, there's a fee to pay the fees. That is rich. I worked for a company that operated that way, I am sure you understand why people are upset that you are charging them an outrageous amount of money for something so simple. I will file my return with you this year, because I currently have no money to use a card to avoid this joke of a fee, although next year I will not use this service. Please let your superiors know that this is a bad business model, and you will lose customers this way.
    For those of you who have a fee for federal, look up in the left corner of the screen. You are not using the Free Edtion. You are using a federal version that is not free. There is no fee to have your refund direct deposited in the bank. There is a processing fee to pay your fees out of your federal refund. If you want to avoid that fee, pay with a credit or cash card. You can all see what you are being charged for by clicking on Tools then My Fees.
    • I was very confused then angry when I realized I had been double charged what I thought was a discount rate of $29.95 for the Deluxe edition.  I did not notice anything during the process that mentioned getting a double charge and did not realize it until I had already submitted my return and received some email from a bank I have never heard of before. Turbo Tax will be loosing a lot of business in the future because of misleading so many people. I know I am going to pass the word around and will not be doing my taxes with Turbo tax next year.  I only used the Deluxe edition to make sure I could get my Itemized deductions, but found all the extra work was for naught and I was charged almost $60.00 for my trouble.  I have noticed reading through the Community that I am not the only one that is extremely angry and upset and feeling they they were stolen from.
    • Like everyone else i'm very upset that I was slapped with the extra charges at the end. I already had spent so much time on filling out everything I decided to just go ahead and file this year but for sure never again. Good job on having unsatisfied customers. I will make sure to spread the word to not use this company.
    • I have been using turbo tax since i was sixteen and i'm sad to say this will be the last year i use it....
    • I too am not happy with this new addition... I have filed every year with turbo tax for the last 8 years and this is the first time i get a fee for them putting in my bank...  Its MY bank account so WHY am I having to pay???  I will not be recommending turbotax again...
    • I'm not very happy about being charged a fee that is NOT mentioned, like ALL other fees ARE, prior to accepting.
    To be very clear.  There is no fee to deposit your refund in your bank account.  The extra fee is to have the Turbo Tax fees DEDUCTED from your federal refund.  You can pay them with a credit card and avoid the extra charge.

    AND it's been the same way for many years.  You must have paid with a credit card last year or used the Free Edition.
    • I just went to file and ran into the same problem everybody else is posting about.  And I have not yet finished completely but am on the last step and it says im getting chared for the federal return as well! And iM looking in the top left corner as I type and it says FEDERAL FREE EDITION!!!!  When everybody is having the same issue and feel that they are being ripped off, maybe the problem isnt everyone else but rather turbo tax!! I paid no fee last year.
    To timalim0: If you have started a state tax return, you will be charged for use of the state preparation program. It is not free and wasn't free last year. You can use this link to delete the state return and avoid the state fee:
    • The additional 29.95 fee is wrong, and I will NOT be using your software again because of it. There are too many good competitors that do not charge such an exorbitant fee for a refund. Banks only charge $10.00 for transfers so how is it justified that an additional 29.95 is charge for the "Refund Processing Fee"? You will lose so many customers with that tactic, and I really think someone in the corporation should reconsider!
    • Nobody is reading the rest of the comment. The federal is free, there is a fee to file for your state and it's not charging you twice - this "second charge" or "double charge" everyone is talking about is because you're paying for your state return from your refund. You can pay for it by credit card and only be charged one time the $27 or $29 or whatever it is. Stop complaining and read the comments!
    • so in the free edition i have to pay extra to have the state filing prep taken out of my refund? what bs. is turbotax affiliated with the current regime? should have gone back to h&r block. live and learn
    It was the same way last year.  And the same fees.  You can pay with a credit card and avoid the Refund Transfer Fee.
    • i have restarted 3 times to find the 'free' filing and can't find it any where!! And the extra fee wasn't there last year!!! I check my last years tax return and there isn't anything there and I KNOW that I didn't use a credit card since I didn't have the money like I don't this year. I don't think I'll be using TurboTax next year due to the added fee. That's one of the reasons people use it; they don't have the money to go somewhere to have it done and your 'fee' was taken out of the return. Very dissatisfied!!!
    • Listen to whomever keeps saying, "Your NOT paying any additional fees," you are sadly mistaken and trying to convience people they are not paying when they are! I wish I could sent a snap shot of this so called NO bank fees to deposit your money into your account that you are speaking of. Line two states, "Less BANK Refund Processing Service Fee....$29.95" Line 3 states, "Less Turbo Tax Fees $59.90". And this is the FREE Edition my dear! I made sure to click FREE...F.R.E.E.....and yet I'm paying $89.95". Oh yeah and how can I forget the  small print which reads, "This is only an estimate. The amount will be reduced by any appilcable sales taces, and if applicable, a twenty dollar ($20) returned item processing fee as set forth in paragraphs 4 and 7 below." DO not and I repeat do not sell false advertisment! Nothing is fee not even our own money! Last year charges were only $27.95 and do not tell me it wasn't because I'm looking at my receipt as I'm typing this. All these fees were not added and I had this amount deducted from my refund just like i'am doing currently! It's suppose to be easier to have your money deposited into your account rather than mailing it to you. You all are seeing its becoming lucrative to do this so now you are charging additional fees.
    We are all users of TurboTax like you are. If you want to register a complaint, you need to contact TurboTax directly. Unless you must have schedule C for self employment income, you could have used the Free Edition which is free for Federal and not done a state return. It would have all been free.
    • this is bs paying 2 fees for this. i was charged over a hundred dollars for turbo tax when it was only supposed to be 29.95 i think next year i will be going else wear & by the way above user the free one isnt free either i did my fiances on the free one and still got a 70 dollar charge and it was the basic free federal edition now tell me how does that work and isnt there where you are supposed to ask questions??? i would also like to know how my fee went up almost a hundred dollars so im posting a comment. are not in the free edition.  Somehow you have upgraded to Basic.  Basic is not the free one.  Only the Free Edition is free for federal.  Basic is 19.95 for federal and 36.95 for state.  And to have the fees deducted from your federal refund is an EXTRA 29.95 which you can avoid by using a credit card.

    I hope that clears it up for you.  For the Online version, Turbo Tax starts you out in the same version you used last year. Or you upgraded because you wanted to transfer from the prior year.   

    If you want to go back to a lower version or the Free Edition you can contact customer service and ask for a downgrade code. You can contact Customer Service here 5am - 9pm Pacific time..…


    Or if you don't care about transferring from last year you can just abandon this account and start over in the Free Edition with a new account and user name here…

    Or there is the Tax Freedom Edition, which is a separate free product from the regular Free Edition. The Turbo Tax Freedom website is free for federal AND free in 22 states. In order to use the Tax Freedom Edition, you have to start it at a special website:

    When you get to Tax Freedom use the link to "I Qualify, Start Now" instead of the sign in link.

    How to find your fees…..
    Log in to your return
    Click on Tools (Upper Right)
    Click on $My Fees
    A window will pop up that shows the fees

    The extra fee is NOT to have your refund direct deposited. It is to pay the Turbo Tax fees OUT of your federal refund. Your refund has to go though another bank first to take out the fees. Or you could pay up front with a credit card and avoid the extra charge.

    You have to go through several screens to confirm that you want to pay with refund transfer, the first of which is:

    Which clearly states in bold that there is a $29.95 fee associated with the refund transfer service. The fee is then shown again before you actually confirm your acceptance:
    • I agree you have lost another customer for next year. The additional fee is not mentioned at the beginning of the process so that we can decide whether to file or not. NEXT YEAR NOT
    • You just lost our business. you aren't getting the 19.95 or the 29.95 - what a scam!