military retirement pay

Where do I file my AF military retirement pay under.
    Just to expand on SuperUser doninga's correct instructions.
    Military Retirement
    To enter your 1099-R Military Retirement
    Click on the Federal Taxes tab
    Click on Wages & Income
    Click on Explore on My Own if it’s showing
    Scroll down the Screen (Page) to (Retirement Plans and Social Security)
    Under the above you’ll see (IRA, 401(K), Pension Plans (1099-R) Click Start or Update
    ****During the interview you will come to a Screen (Where Is This Distribution From?) then Check (Military retirement or survivors benefit)
    Then Click Continue to finish the interview for your Military Retirement
    Plus, Military retirement is a non-qualified plan.

    • I followed the directions but was never asked the question "Where did this distribution come from"?
    • I have the same problem,, what am i doing wrong or is the Turbo tax messed up
    • I am being asked at the end to "Identify the Plan" possible answers are: 1.) Qualified retirement plan.    2.) Nonqualified annuity.   3.) modified endowment...............welll....which one is it?
    • I think there is definitely a problem with Turbo Tax this year on Military Retirement Pay.  It is not exempting it from my military income, have tried the explore on my own AND the guide me is not asking what the income LA is trying to tax me on that income.  If I click on the Federal Retirement system, then it does exempt it, but I don't think this is the right thing for it to be doing......
    • likewise I am struggling with the 1099-r inpput into 2010 turbotax. I have now received a computer generated correction letter saying that I now oew 2 grand plus interest for the "Unreported"portion opf my retirement pay.
    • Folks
      It doesn't ask you where the distribution was from it's in writing "Where Is This Distribution From?" and you have 3 choices.
      Plus, Military retirement is a non-qualified plan.
    • I don't get 3 choices, and I'm not seeing it in writing.
    That would be retirement income on a 1099-R.  Go to Wages and Income.  Click on Explore on My Own.  Under Retirement Plans and Social Security, on IRA, 401(k), Pension Plans (1099-R) click on the start or update button.
    • It never gave me an option to check Military retirement or survivors benefit
    I was having the same problem cannot Military Distrubtion!!,  Had to navigate thru the form several times until until it became available.
    • Just wanted to confirm what doc5108 is true. My dad had this problem so we chose "Explore On Your Own" and went from there. Eventually, we did get to the screen about where the distribution came from, chose the correct one and a big potential payment turned into a big refund.
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