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I have adjusted my AGI and called the IRS# provided. It says I do not need a pin and to enter zero. Turbo tax will not accept that. My return keeps getting rejected. I don't know what to do
  • Same here.....i called and spoke to a live person at the IRS and it still is rejecting my pin they gave me. VERY FRUSTRATING!
  • Same here 3 times submission, and still rejection, could be a problem with software!
  • I have called the irs 4 times now, gotten the PIN and it won't let me submit wtf do i do?
  • Same problem here wish I could get an answer!?
  • I had my pin and my AGI and my return keeps getting rejected as well...Im on the phone now with the IRS Im going to get this fixed they cant do this to people i dont understand how everyone elses in my family did there taxes on here and it worked but not mine.
  • I just got off the phone as well and it says to enter the 0. I did the online thing to get a pin and had all the info done and then it said I would have to try back.
  • I'm having the same problem.  Got off the phone with the IRS and they said to enter 0.  Not sure if it is a problem with turbo tax but I would rather get it fixed than start over! I feel like I've tried every possible option.
  • I made mistake by clicking home and business deluxe. I need  to go back and do the free turbotax.  Now they are ask for a IRA number. What can I do to correct this?
  • i put my pin in  number and the irs keep kicking it out. i went to the web site and it gave me 33024 that,s what i put in and it won,t take it.
  • Called the irs & they said I dont need a pin & to just enter 0 also. Keep getting rejected. 4th time already =(. Should I start over again?
  • This is really rediculous!!! I and many others have been having the same issue with no real help. I am e-filing and being charged $100 dollars almost, with that much money i expect to get better service! this is a horrible system and i will not be recommending it to anyone unless they enjoy this kind of poor customer service and extreme frustration!!!!!!! I am not happy with turbo tax, next time Im going to H&R!
  • I was told to use 0 now what
  • um. how about you fix this problem turbo tax!!!  seems to be a common problem
    i will not recommend this sorry excuse of a site to anyone
  • I get the same thing, when first asked for my e-pin, I clicked the 3rd option which was recommended.  I didn't file last year so the IRS told me to enter 0 which I did, but TurboTax wont accept it, and now my claim has been rejected.  WTF is the problem here?!  TurboTax needs to fix this or I'll find a way to stop the claim and go to H&R where I've never had these problems.
  • Getting the same problem here... try to get new pin with the suggestions and getting NO WHERE
  • i have the same problem . i was told i don't need a pin and that my agi is the pin ....i might try another system...
  • I have had the same problem!!!!! submitted my returns and they were rejected tried the pin i got from the website and it still won't work! I am going somewhere else to have my taxes done!
  • Can we try filing with H&R Block or do we have  to wait for TurboTax to fix this issue?  It is so dumb.  I chatted with TurboTax for an hour last night and they fixed nothing and told me I had to speak to the IRS about the pin issue.
  • i got the same error.. what do we do turbotax?? help us out!!
  • The IRS keeps telling me to enter zero ofor my PIN but turbo tax will not accept it. Please help!!!
(Before I provide what I would like to believe is a good answer, realize that in order to change or enter the AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) from last year, you must go through the e-filing process again. Turbo Tax will not charge you twice so do not feel hesitant to file again! Yes, you heard me right, if all your other errors are corrected, the AGI area to change or update can only come by going through the efile process again! Therefore, commence to e-filing again if all other errors have been addressed and this option (2009 AGI) as well as the option to remove the pin that may have been rejected likewise will appear. This should be especially, for the people whom have been told on the IRS recording that you do not need an electronic filing pin- only to enter AGI as zero!)

Hello There:

I know this process seems extremely frustrating yet I almost made the same mistake of placing the '0' in the pin field. But that is not what the IRS recording says actually. What it says is that you should enter '0' as the prior year's AGI!  I know, it's a bit tricky. What I did was removed any pin by clicking the (edit) button just below where it confirms your banking information. And I chose to identify myself by last year's AGI which happened to be what the IRS told me to put on their recording at; 1-866-704-7388 which happened to be '0'. I know it's confusing but listen closely and all will make sense.

It said no pin is required so I definitely wanted to make sure the PIN box was empty and the AGI (how I chose to identify myself) was entered as zero!

Hope this helps.

    Have you walked through ALL the Turbo Tax Continuation screens?  Once you go into turbo tax and select the button to fix your return - it takes you to a screen to enter your pin. Once you do this it does not automatically refile it for you - even though the screen processes and looks like that it what it is doing. You must scroll down and hit the Continue button - and repeat this through about 5 or 6 screens until you get a Green button that says re-transmit return.

    During this process you will get to a "Review" screen that verifies your name (which you can edit) your verification - PIN or AGI (which you can edit) - Click on the "Edit" for your pin/agi and verify that the number in this screen matches what the IRS gave you. If not correct it, if so, click continue and keep clicking continue until you get to the green button that says re-transmit return.
    • @ ukcryptogirlz can you explain the exact walkthrough to do this? i looked under my personal info and found no way to change this.
    Have you tried to obtain a new five digit PIN number from the IRS to authenticate for 2010 efiling ?  You may obtain this PIN number on the IRS website through this IRS link  http://www.irs.gov/individuals/article/0,,id=213471,00.html?portlet=4
    • I want a refund, this is crap and no help what so ever. I don't know if it makes me feel better or worse that so many are having the same problem. But it is apparent that turbo tax has no intention of fixing this nor even providing any type of customer support. This is the first time I have not gone to H&R block, and it will be the last time I use turbo tax!!!!!!
    • TurboTaxJamesCh i tried that, no success.. im talking to a rep right now, well see what they can figure out
    • This is ridiculous, I keep asking for a new pin from the website and it tells me I need to input 0. When I do that, I keep getting an error. I am about to switch to another company and ready to get fully refunded.

      This is beyond horrible service. No help, AT ALL.
    • I dont have an answer but I have done mine and a friend's and both came back the same and hers had a pin number. I have used turbo tax several years and never had a problem like this. I will not use it again. I also called a customer service person at turbo tax and she told me she didnt know what to do she was reading off a paper that told her what to say if there was a problem. She did say"oh you can mail them" I told her if I wanted to mail them I wouldnt have used this program and if they cant fix the problem than return our money, it is almost $100 between the two of us. Am not paying for a service I do not get!!!!
    • Also same problem as everybody else and have used Turbotax for years without problem. Tried suggestion from Turbotax Pro - that's how I found out the "o" Agi doesn't work. How do we get refunds? It's obviously a turbotax issue, not operator error or IRS. I'm fed up!
    • This does not work, instead of Turbo Tax reps coming to the board and pasting links that do no good, how about reading the complaints that people are requesting new PINS and they are not working!!!!
    I think I may have it without having to go through the entire process again. Just click print and file and then after that and click when it states I didn't file last year and it will automatically set the agi to 0
    • Instead of starting all over everyone or trying to get away from the PIN field by clicking back... I spent hours going in circles....   Finally I clicked "print and file" click edit under banking info, "ways to identify yourself" enter 0 if thats what IRS said and BAM... click through filing prompts and it will say  You have paid... click some more and DONE. :)
    • wooohooo i finally did it i filed my return its soooo simple and fast... so basically my freakin return kept getting rejected cuz i didnt file in 2009 and couldnt provide an AGI pin so like the irs told me put ZERO like supposed to!! and of course no it didnt work.. SO what i did next took ehh not too long and was actually much faster than this place.. EVERYONE GO TO TAXACT.COM ITS WAY BETTER AND THERES NO PROBLEMS LIKE THE WHOLE ZERO NOT BEING A POSSIBLITY AND BASICALLY ITS OK IF YA DIDNT FILE IN 2009 YA CAN STILL GET YR RETURN.. TRUST ME TAXACT.COM IS FREE I PROMISE NONE OF THIS OH BY THE WAY YA NEED TO PAY 50.00 EXTRA BUCKS WTF?! YEAH WAS ACTUALLY GONNA END UP PAYING THAT IF I HAD FILED WITH TURBOTAX.. SERIOUSLY TAXACT.COM IS GIVING EM SERIOUS COMPETION AND DEFINITLY WAY BETTER I JUST FINISHED FILING WITH TAXACT AND IT WAS VERY FAST AND EASY.. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE AND FOR NOW THATS HOW I SOLVED THAT ISSUE.
    • okay i can't even handle reading through this thread. DOES SOMEONE HAVE AN ANSWER?!? PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! i would also be content with a phone number where i could actually reach a person toward whom i could direct my anxiety attack.
    • oh good lord. i have done everything anyone on this thread suggested. i've been using the same PINifor the last 2 years... and in case my memory isn't trustworthy i definitely have last year's AGI because my copies of my 2009 forms are literally sitting in front of me. i told it i was using the AGI not a PIN. i even went back and tried entering "0" like the irs website told me to (again, for AGI not PIN). nothing is working and i have no idea who i should call about this.

      i'm worried that i won't be able to file electronically given my experience last year: because i never received a w2 from a job i worked in 2008, i had to file a substitute form by mail and (shocking) i never received the money i should have on my return. because of this one stupid w2 that i never received filing my 2009 taxes was a 6-month-long process. and instead of that delightful return i was supposed to get? yeah i ended up having to pay like $500. so that sucked.

      so does that mean that i'm going to be permanently stuck in the limbo of filing taxes, seeing the amount of money the government owes me, and not being able to do a [removed] thing to collect it? or even having the relief of calling someone to complain about it?!?  look it was bad enough last year dealing with this crap until october but this year i'm unemployed and i just can't deal. help. please.
    • I call the number to get a new pin number the recording told me to change 2009 agi to zero.  But I do not know how to do this.  any help in being able to do this
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