Has anyone used rush card for their dd before?

We have a rush card & I just want to know if the dd will show up tomm? My dd date is for 1/24. Or do they hold it for a few days?
  • I did a while back, it was when the rush card first came out.  I entered the routing number and account number it gave me and had no problems.
  • I used Rush Card several years ago, but I don't remember how quickly they processed refunds, but I don't remember being disappointed.

    If I'm not mistaken, Rush Card is a Bancorp Bank product. I'm not sure what their fund availability policy is.

    You should call Rush Card and ask them how quickly they make ACH deposits available to their customers. I use Netspend now, and Meta Bank makes deposits available within an hour of receiving the ACH.

    Hope this helps and good luck.
  • The rush card is a joke! They charge for everything balance, withdrawals, and deposits! I say its a get over!
  • I don't care if they charge for everything...lol...as long as my tax refund gets there safely!
  • Word!
  • I must admit they charge a dollar for every transaction that you make... And I think there is a minimum on how much you can withdraw per day from the ATM machine which isn't much.. I wouldn't advise anyone to use this card it's a rip off...
  • I've used rush card in the past and so has my boyfriend for tax refund.  Last year our money was on two days prior than what our dd date was for.  Also, I get my paycheck deposited on there and for the last two month all dd have been put on my card the day before my actual payday, around 3pm pst...
  • I think the rush card is a true rip off. I wouldn't use that card
  • i used the rush card last year and i had to answer some questions before they release my money. I got it on the date that was promised.
  • i use the rushcard all the time, and yes it does charge fees if you use it as a debit, but it does not charge if you use it as a credit... It is great for people who are having issues with accounts. They do charge you money but it sure beats someone withdrawing money from you banking account and the banks allow it than charge you 30-45 dollar fees.... this will be the 1st year i will have my income tax direct deposited but i have had my payroll direct deposited for over 4 years with no problems ever
  • I got the Turbo Tax card last year and it was great.. but I got the card 3 days after my money was deposited. I use a prepaid MasterCard  all the time and love it and I don't any fee's. This year I am having the refund added to my MC instead of the TT one I am hoping it goes as smoothly
  • I've used Rush Card for my tax refund last year, I had no problems at all. They don't hold your money.
  • Yes I have used mine every year since 2008. I have had no problems
  • I have the rush card for the last 2 years and i have never had a problem
  • Ive had rushcard for the last 3 years but never did DD for my refund until last year. They dont hold ur money, however if u plan on spending $2500.00 in one day, you wont be able to use it again for another 24 hours. I experienced that while trying to purchase my car and had no idea that there was a $ 2500.00 spending limit a day. Overall that was my only problem with it.
  • okay I just ordered a rush card for this tax season. my dd is suppose to hit 1/25. I heard they have a spending limit  of 2500 a day. But can someone tell me if you can do a cash advance to take money off
  • they wont allow u to spend over 2500.00 in one day ? really, is this using your card or withdrawals?
  • i used my rushcard last year and received my direct deposit a day before it was scheduled. and to those who say the rushcard is a ripoff, that was not the question that was asked.
  • any prepaid card is going to charge you fees... rushcard is the only card i had no issues with...
  • Rather its withdrawals or just swiping it at stores, once you reach that $2500.00 limit you have to wait 24 hours to use it again. No cash advance but yes you can withdraw.
  • IRS said my dd is set for 1/24/12. My husband just called our rush card and the guy said he was notified of the deposit & it will be on the card by 5pm tomm, so if your dd date is for tomm you should have it!! Good luck :)....you can take out 1500.00 per every 24hrs & 2500.00 using the card per day
  • My brothers card came late and he is having his money deposited to my rush card. we have the same last name and a date for feb 13th. will he get his money on time??
  • I've used my rush card twice for my refund.....no problems....and they usually post earlier than most.
  • I have been searching the web and see so many complaints. I'm kind of worried I hope it doesn't stop his deposit because his name isn't on the card. He has his card now but we can't change the deposit information
  • @Pyt_foru86 he'll still get his refund on your card it doesnt matter about the name bcz last yr I got my refund sent to my moms bank acct but since he has a rushcard now you can transfer his funds to his card.
  • I was told if its over 5000 they make u send in documents to get your money
  • @angelabryant674 I did 3yrs ago but I didnt have to send in any documentation, maybe its something new they started.
  • I was able to get it into his account but now we are faxing verification papers and on top of that his refund is short 500 dollars and they don't know where the rest of his money is. Im am going through so much have to contact turbo tax to get verification of the amount they sent and the IRS as well. I never in my widest dreams thought this would happen.
  • So u have to do all of this for the rush card?
  • I am in the process of doing all of this right now. It is so frustrating they have part of his money but wont release it and I'm faxing paperwork to them now.
  • Ok, I have a question....wht bank does Rush Card use??
  • Omg my return is 5765 so i know there gonna do this to me to
  • JP Morgan chase
  • It's ridiculous Its so crazy and mind boggling. I never expected this to happen
  • I will never use rush card again
  • Thanx for the responses. Is there a website where u can check ur status to see if they have anything pending?? I checked Google but I didn't see a specific site to go to to check.
  • they will send you an email when it is pending
  • I set up an account with them. Just go to rushcard.com and it will tell u everything. I got my deposit this morning I would have gotten it yesterday but I emailed the ID card and lightbill last night. I'm happy now I spoke with someone through facebook the whole time too. They have a page he answered any questions I had. I'm apologize to rushcard even though it took four days everything if fine now.
  • I was told anything over 5000 they give u a hard time.then i was told anything over 7000.so i don't know the irs said my deposit will be Wednesday. So idk.
  • The one I had was not over 5,000 but I emailed the corporate office my information and the deposit posted hours later. It communiy@rushcard.com
I have never used one and would be a little worried since they are not an actual bank I can go into and withdrawl funds. be careful and call them tonight to see if anything is pending.
  • I"ve used it for 3 years and had no problems. I got it on time as always.
  • what if your  refund to dd to your rushcard is over $5000 will they still load this amount on the card or will they hold the money ??? i cant even get a hold of anyone at rushcard it says the lines are busy and to try again later
  • Jennmae

    If Rush Card's deposit limit is $5,000, you may face the rejection of your refund to the card. You should definitely contact them or read the fine print in your terms of agreement or on their site.

    In the future, make sure your prepaid debit card has a reasonable deposit limit. You should also check for things, such as initial deposit required and initial value loads, to ensure you're getting what you need.

    Please review the cardholder agreement located here:


    Hope this helps and good luck!
  • I use rushcard every year! They are great with releasing refunds early. I just called to check about mine, and they have no record of my fed return...but my CA state is pending for release tommorrow...
  • It's 5000 per day excluding tax refunds:)
  • mezj -- That's good news!
  • excluding tax refunds is what i read also so i think i am safe thank u everyone for your comments
  • also just an fyi i spoke to rushcard this morning and they stated if the refund is over 7500 you have to answer security questions before you can withdraw money so you will have to call them once you see the amount pending in your account..
  • ok so, i called the bank sbbt that turbo tax uses and they have my direct deposit scheduled for the 25th tomorrow... i called rush card and they see no dd as of yet... i guess my question is will i get the money tomorrow morning or thursday
  • I use RUSH CARD and  when I went to log into today to see if my refund was pending this is the message thats there :

    Are you looking for your tax refund? Please keep in mind it can take up to 10 days from the date of filing for your return to post. We typically receive deposits from the IRS on Fridays. If the Friday after this 10-day period has passed and you still have not received your refund, please contact your tax preparer. If you filed your return yourself, you can check the status online by clicking 'Where's My Refund' at www.irs.gov. You can enroll in RushText & Email Alerts and we’ll send you a text or email as soon as your refund posts to your account.
  • when is your refund supposed to be dd?
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