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What is "Other Deductions" on a 1099-Misc. It's re: Royalty income, Gas/Oil production.

Devon Energy sends out a 1099-Misc each year that has "Production Tax" with an amount and "Other Deductions" with an amount.  The column "Federal Withholding" shows "0."  Any clue in which column the Prdctn Tax and Other Ddctns belong?  Thanks. KS
    You need to create a 1099-misc form with Devon as the payor. The Gross amount goes into Box 2. You need to also create a Schedule E for the royalty earning property. Under the Box 2 info on the Turbotax 1099 form you will have the option to Link the Schedule E for the Royalty property. On the shedule E you can enter the production tax as an expense (other tax is what I use). Other deductions is listed as an "other" exoense also.