Form 760: Line 16 - TP VA AGI and Spouse's Virginia adjusted gross income must equal the Total Virginia Adjusted Gross Income when filing electronically

Same question.  Junk software this year.  This is at least the 3rd bug I have spent hours dealing with.  I cannot "right click" on 16a.  I can't "right click" on anything.  I would like to put my tax finances into Turbo Tax and not sit around for hours trying to figure out why there is an issue. Is there anyone from Turbotax who can call me and figure out why i have spent hours inserting my numbers that now I have some pithy Va tax holdup preventing me from filing?
  • good luck, i use dial up and it sucks. i have spent hours on hold on their chat and their phone chat and when someone finally gets on they dont know shit! i had one lady tell me to call the va. dept of taxation because she doesnt know anything about taxes. keep in mind this is after i was booted off chat 3 times and it tool me like 3 hours to get someone and then for her to say that was nuts. i was pissed so i called the va. dept of taxation just for them to tell me that they dont know who rejected my state return because they never got it. GO FIGURE.  you pay for this software and they claim they have customer service and it is all bullshit. this is the first and only year i will use TT.  the first time i was rejected in my state return was because TT had an issue with the gross line receipts or something. never again.
  • You guys have made my day, are you ready for this I too have being fighting with line 16,16a & 16b all afternoon, they have realy messed up on this one. Wait for it I work for the local Comm of Rev Office and I DO THESE COMPUTATIONS manually with the help of the STS Calculator on Dept of Tax Website in about five minutes but TT won't let me put in correct information. Our federal was a little different this year so said I WOULD use TT, never again. Best advise to those of you with problems call your local COR'S Office tomorrow or better still come by the office, service is FREE AND QUICK and will be explained to you, might even qualify to have it filed FREE. Me I'm taking my state to work to finish it and demanding my fee back from TT for service I did not get. Good luck
How to fix:

Step 1: Go to forms mode and select "remove state return" from the File Drop down menu(option not available if you are in the step by step mode)

Step 2: See how the va refund calculator went to "see amount" click on that. Your return should come back and be relatively error free! While in forms click any forms with red exclamation marks. For me 760c line 3 part 1 just needed a zero and I was all set to e-file.

Hope this helps!
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