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When I checked my NYS refund status, it said that my return needed further review and that it could take up to 60 days. It also said to respond immediately should I receive further correspondence from them. No problems with federal. Anyone else have this

  • Yes this happened to me too, i have no idea why and I am a nervous wreck! I need my money just like the rest of us.....
  • Maybe it's their way of buying time...I've never had this happen before.  So nervous too!
  • The same response came up for me when i check my refund status.  I think it is standard language as i just filed last night - t hey could not have had enough time to see if further review was needed
  • I have the same status : "We received your return and it required further review which could take up to 60 days to complete. If you receive correspondence from us, you should respond as soon as possible." I called to see if I could find out what they were looking at & was told they look over every return & it takes time. I was nervous, but I'm starting to believe it is just a delay tactic since the state has so many budget problems. I received my federal refund this morning.
  • I am also having the same issue, I did not use turbo tax however I used TaxAct, I already recieved my Federal Refund as of the 28th, but the state is saying the same as yours.

    I was also curious like you and I contacted the NY Department Of Taxation and the very nice Representative on the phone told me that there was no comment / reason in the computer as to why my tax refund was put on hold.

    I think our cash strapped state might be just buying sometime, maybe a month or so (possibly up to 60 days as the message says) so they can get some money from those who owe to pay those who are entitled to a refund.
  • The same thing is happening with me as well and it is driving me crazy and making me very nervous since I use these refunds to pay for my son's camp tuition. I file early so I can pay it and now if it is going to be held up 60 days I will not be able to pay my son's camp tuition and he will lose his spot at the camp. I am so so so frustrated by this. I file a simple return every year and now this year I am getting the same answer from the state as everyone else is but my federal return is fine and suppose to be deposited into my account next week. I assume if the federal is fine then the state has to be. I think this is just a delay tactic cause the state probably can't pay us refunds but we are all going to suffer. JUST NOT FAIR
  • It would be nice if turbo tax could possibly shed some light on why this is happening in our state
  • I just checked again and now it says that it should be completed in 2 weeks
  • Has anyone's NYS return status change from being under review to a date where they may receive there money? This is driving me crazy.
  • My status hasn't changed...same message.  So frustrating!
we filed back on January 28th 2011.  The DAY NYS accepted our return we got the same message.  We received our Fed on the 11th of Feb 2011.  There has been no change in our status when I check where is my refund.  We filed a simple form and due to unemployment and a new baby last year we are set to get a refund from NY over 2000.   I called today to see if there was any other info per a person (3-18-11) and she said there is nothing showing as far as a letter and that it will be after April 1st before they release the money.   I believe that it is simply the amount of our refund that is holding up NY.  They are broke and want to hold onto the money as long as they can.  IF NY decides to audit us then it will cost them more to audit then it will time for me to gather my papers as I only moved here in 2009 LOL I guess Ill see what happens on the 1st of April?
  • Seems Like Our Wonderful Politicans Are Scaming Us Once More. Think About It, If They Hold Back One Dollar From A Million People, That's One Million Dollars That They Get Interest On Everyday. It's A  Down Right Crime. Somebody Should Go To Jail For Scaming The Taxpayers.
  • I have had the same problem.  I has been checking weekly and it says they don't have a record of it /i doubled checked turbo tax to see it was accepted and it was.  Don't know what;s going on?
  • That's crazy it seems like everybody filed the same day Jan 28th , I'm having the same. Problem it's almost 60 days , but the craziest thing is people that don't work or never worked and is on welfare seems not to be having problems with there taxes I know a couple of friends that got their fed and state with no problem in a matter of days , this is crazy , i need that swindle that's why the city needs money , they giving money for food , paying for housing , paying for medical , paying for child care, paying for carfare, paying for con Ed and cell phones , shit why am I working  nys give me a break
  • I would first like to say to Rbgychick, that she made no sense.  People on welfare or that have never worked do not get income taxes.  All of us late filers, who gave the government too much of our hard earned money throughout the year, unfortunately had to wait for them to pass their budget.  I filed February 14, 2011, and still as of today have not gotten a new message or my refund.  No correspondence either.
  • I filed mine on 2/7/11 and Still am getting the message saying it could take 60 days...SOOOOO frusterating!!
  • My nys tax return was accepted 2/7/11.  It was "under review" thru 4/1/11.  At that time my status changed to "final stages of processing... 2-4 weeks".  Today my status was updated to complete... refund expected on 4/20.  I know a few people who have to prove their child care credit.  they were notified by the state within 4 weeks.  if you have not received a letter then I would say you're good to go and just have to wait.  it is very frustrating but what can we do? good luck all .
  • Like everyone else I'm so upset with the delays of our tax refund. Mine was accepted on 4/05 and till this day the status hasn't changed from under review may take 60 days. Tried calling and was told to wait another 30 days. Was wondering if anyone knew if I was being audited or have to prove my daughter's daycare wouldn't I have received a letter by now? Does anyone have any idea when they would start cutting checks again?
  • I checked with NYS tax website and I'm still receiving a message that its under review. I filed my taxes back in January and I'm still getting this message. The longer NYS holds on to the money the more interest they make. If they are holding over 3 billion dollars (normal amount) they are making about a little more that 5 million in interest a day.
  • Mines was accepted Feb. 16th by NYS and to this day April 13th it still says that it is under review and that it could take up to 60 days...Not even an update and I've checked regularly on it...
Mine change to this: We have received your return and it is in the initial stage of processing. If your return doesn't require review you should receive your refund in 3 weeks.
  • I just rechecked mine & it is still held for review. I need that money more then NYS does!
  • My status just changed saying that it will be completed in two weeks.  I think this will happen with everyone.  I hope!  Good luck all!
  • i completed my state  tax on 1/28/11 and now it is saying that it needs to be review more. i was a little nerves  that i have read others comment i feel and little better that i was not the only who received that statement.. i hope it does not take 60 days. i need my money...
  • when did you guys file your taxes that you are now getting a message saying a refund in 2-3 weeks or whatever? I filed my state taxes on the 28th and just checked now and I am getting the message "return needed further review and could take up to 60 days."
  • I got the 60 day message on the changed this morning to  the 2 week message...I think I actually filed on the 21st.
  • I submitted my taxes on the 28th and it says,  We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks.
  • I submitted mine on the 27th I originally had the under review message but yesterday it changed to We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks. I think everyone is receiving the same messages and eventually it will all work out (keeping fingers crossed)
  • I submitted my return yesterday, got an email from turbo tax saying it was accepted by the state and when I checked the state website it said it needed further review and could take up to 60 days as well.  Hopefully it wont and we will have our money soon.
  • I submitted mine on the 28th as well, late that night though (around 10 pm), it was accepted the next morning by both federal and state. I checked mine for the first time on the NYS website and it said that my return needed further review and that it could take up to 60 days. It also said to respond immediately should I receive further correspondence from them. I've had no problem with Federal, says it will be deposited on the 11th. I've read on other websites that people are having this problem if they got the child tax credit? I don't know, but hopefully it is changed soon :]
  • My status just changed again.  Now it says "Your return has completed processing. You will receive correspondance about your return within 10 business days."  Has anyone else changed to this status?
  • First mine was under review and could take 60 days, then this week it said it is in the final processing stage and could take 2 to 4 weeks. I checked it today and it says "Information about this return is not available using this service. Please call 518-457-5149." What does this mean now? How can there not be any information about my return when there was always information about my return since they accepted it. My federal is suppose to be deposited into my account tomorrow but now the NY refund is causing me more and more problems. Has anyone received this new answer? What is going on here
It appears anyone who is using the child care tax credit is not receiving that money unless you provide the proof of the child as well as proof that you paid to the child care / camp. This is going to be the way NY state saves money since they will be gaining interest on the money they are going to hold on to while we attempt to prove our child care and probably also hope we do not bother with it. Trust me I will be. I just hope having a paid invoice is enough to prove it. I am not sure what they want as proof but I guess I have to wait for my letter as well. I am just annoyed that this whole process may take up to 90 days for review and we all know that NY will probably use the 90 days instead of doing it quicker. I just wish we could have sent all this information when we efiled instead of waiting for it to be rejected then having to do it. It annoys me that I pay for efile for NYS and am not getting my proper refund any sooner. In fact I now have to probably wait longer. I know I am receiving an adjusted amount next week but I should really not have to wait another 90 days for them to review my child care tax credit this is sneaky and not fair.
  • So it has been a few weeks, and the last time I talked to a NY State rep they told me that they are reviewing my taxes but I am not recieving a letter in the mail.

    That was all the information I was given, my status is still the 60 day crap and all I claimed was the child tax credit, not the child care because my wife takes care of our son.

    It's good to know that there are others here that can shed some light on the situation.

    Good luck everyone
i have a friend who went through this once. His solution was to decrease his withholding through his employer so that he NEVER gets a refund. Sometimes he owes but if he does its very little. This way he never has to wait for his money and gets a bigger paycheck every week.
It seems like some of you are using your tax accounts like a savings account. Not a good idea
Makes sense.
  • I have been waiting to get an email about the direct deposit to my savings account.  I forgot the amount by $50, logged on to see what it was and put it in....the system told me it was to be deposited on 2/10/11.  If that's the case, I filed in January and got my federal on 2/3, I got no notification.  Can't check the bank until Monday/Tuesday by either calling or going up there.
  • I got the same message.  The state is broke and trying to buy time is what I assume. Wish they would take that BS answer when the property taxes are due which went up this year and added another $176.00 to my mortgage!  Where is all the money going??????
  • I, too, received the same response.  When I called NY State, they advised that they are more diligent this year regarding reviewing tax statements.  This is a new policy, no doubt fueled by the state's lingering fiscal problems.  They advised that, unless you receive a letter in the mail, there's not much to worry about.  If you call their number, they can tell you if you are receiving a letter or not.  Hope this helps.
After getting some of the same vague status updates on the website as others have had - starting with the original message you posted your question about, I checked again today and it said this: "Information about this return is not available using this service. Please call 518-457-5149." I called the number and was transferred to a live person. He told me I would be sent a letter "in about a week" asking me to provide proof of my childcare expenses and dependents. He said in the meantime I would recieve the balance of my refund, the amount I would have gotten without the child care credit. Once I provide the proper documentation, I would then receive the balance of my refund. He was not able to tell me when the part they have approved would be deposited, but he was able to tell me the amount. Hopefully this sheds new light on the situation.
    This year is unpredictable. With all of the states bankrupted or near, NYS is looking for money from every source. This means they are increasing the number of audits, delaying refunds and increasing the tax penalties.
      As of April 18th, my status went from under review to the final stages, finally 2 to 4 weeks.  As I previously stated I filed February 14th.  We are getting there slowly.
      • I have the same message about my refund being under review and it could take up to 60 days.  My returns were filed around 3 March and I got my federal return within a week and a half.   I have not gotten any paperwork in the mail from NY.   

        The only thing I'm thinking could possibly be holding my refund up is my residency status, as well as my husband's residency status.  I am military, my husband is prior military and is now a civillian. I always file as a full year resident, since that his my HOR and I maintain a drivers license with my parent's address, which is also the address listed on all of my military paperwork as my domicilliary state. It's where I processed from when I enlisted.  Last year when we filed for 2009, my husband had worked part of the year in the military. We filed a joint federal return, he as a Texas resident and me as an NY resident, and then I filed my state taxes as "maried filing separate" so NY would not try and include his his Texas income with mine. There were no issues with our taxes last year. This year we filed a joint federal return, and a joint NY return since he is now my dependent and a stay at home parent to our new son, born in 2010.  He had no earned income for himself last year.   Assuming I read this right, under the Armed Forces Spouse tax relief act, he can either claim my state of residence..or claim whatever state we are stationed in.  Since we are living in Germany, I filed with him as an NYS resident.  I hope I am not being audited.
      • Wednesday,the 27th of April, I received word that my taxes that were filed on February 14th, were finally processed, and would be direct deposited today,April 29th.  I  checked my account, and have received them, finally.
      • Smh I filed on the 18th and it was accepted on the 20th. At first the nys ebsite said it wouldnt be available to view until later in the month. Now it says the same thing as everyone else its being reviewed and will take up to 60 days. The state is "broke" I guess =(
      • I filed my taxes on 1/20/12. Simple tax return, only thing I really deduct are my student loan payments. Just checked the ny status today and it has this status. I ased a Tax profession from H&R block what this means, and if i should be concerned at all, and they told me no. That as a result of the economic downturn, half a dozen states are delaying their tax returns. They are working to correct the problem. They are doing their best to get things back on track, and that it is nothing to worry about with my individual tax return. That everyone is pretty much getting this message as an automated response.
      • i filed my taxes  on the 13 of january and it was accepted on the 17 i just saw this same message yesterday. MY FEDERAL is due to deposit tomorrow but now im completely confused about nys. I have close to similar amounts that i recieved in last yr. my son attended the same daycare so there was no changes in the EiN number as of today i saids what the original headline said and when i called the lady couldnt tell me anything regarding my situation. Its so fustrating but its like big bank against little bank and we alll know who wins! i hope i hear something soon> wish me luck
      • I also have the same MSG.i did my taxes on the 19th of getting my federal tomorrow feb 3rd I I had a friend claim same day and she's getting her state 7th I'm so pissed I really need my money but I also claimed daycare and it seems everyone that did is getting this MSG if any hears anything please let me know
      • I too filed on the 18th of january and like everyone else i got the same message. Its so fustrating i already received my federal but the great empire state is taking its sweet time to give me my money but they quick to give me a ticket 2 minutes past the meter expired time
      Nope my NYS said accepted and the NYS tax refund status website said to expect refund within 2 weeks... Perhaps check NYS Tax website and go to refund status page... maybe it will give further information regarding your case..
      • I had the same thing happen to me except...My amount was adjusted. I just got off the phone with them and they told me "there are many people claiming child/dependent care." So they will send me a letter so I can send proof that I paid for a babysitter.
      • Does anyone know the number to call to actually talk to a live person about this?
      • I just looked also, i got the same thing as you.  My friend who filed the same day as I also got it.  It is what it is, NYS is in budget crisis, they will hold on as long as they can, but you and I will get it sooner or later.
      • I checked the NYS website a week ago and it said  that my NYS refund would be deposited on Feb 17th. Checked today and says same thing.
      • As of today my refund says it is in the Final Stages of processing and should be completed within 2 to 4 weeks.

        Thank God!

        Now lets see how long it takes for them to give me a deposit date lol
      • Guess I spoke too soon

        "Your return has completed processing. You will receive correspondence about your return within 10 business days."

        Guess I am getting a letter after all, womp womp womp.
      • My refund status say the same "Your return has completed processing. You will receive correspondence about your return within 10 business days." Just wonder if I'm getting part of my refund or what . Has anyone here who receive this message got an adjustment or just a letter?
      • I had that same message this morning - I found a number to contact a LIVE person 518-457-5181.  When I spoke to her she told me the return was in its initial stages of processing and barring any issues I would receive my refund in approximately 4 weeks.  I went back on line to check the status and now it says it is in the final stages of processing and I should receive my refund in approximately two weeks.  Doubt if calling had any effect on the change in status - but MAYBE??
      • Mine went from further review to final stages to now this.  "Your return has been processed. A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (FEBRUARY 23, 2011). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.  Hope this helps as to NYS is starting to refund your money
      • Well I guess I was wrong as well.  My went from Final Processing to completed with the message I will receive correspondence within 10 days.  This is so ridiculous.  I had H&R Block do my retruns.  I am not sure if it is because I moved to NY in May and had to file 2 state returns - my PA went through no problem.  Did I make a mistake moving back to NY LOL.  I am calling H&R block as soon as they open Today!
      • I'm with you NYDaddy! As of today my refund says it is in the Final Stages of processing and should be completed within 2 to 4 weeks.
      • Has anyone received any letter yet? This is so frustrating when you most need your money things happen and people who didn't even work got both refunds.. This is BS!!
      • Your return has completed processing. You will receive correspondence about your return within 10 business days.  Anyone know what this BS is about now
      • Well in my situation, my former employer sent me 2 W2's I called them up and they informed me to use the lesser of the 2.

        Did as they said and when I spoke with the Dept of T&F they informed me that the W2 that I included on my return was not able to be "verified" in other words the employer sent them the wrong W2 (I am guessing the correct one).

        However my last pay stub indicates that the lesser amount was the correct one, however the Dept of T&F received the higher one of course lol.

        Lets see what happens.

        From what I understand when I spoke to Wendy at the state she said if your getting a letter it's because there is an error with your return.
      • I guess I have to wait until Tuesday and call.  I had my taxes done by H&R Block so I am not sure if there is an error.  I moved back to NY in May and had to file in 2 different states.  My PA tax return has already been processed and I should receive a check shortly, but from what I understand, NY is really broke and so many are having issues with their returns.  Let you know what the letter says
      • Well the week has begun and my weekend was awful just thinking about that letter or what is going to happen. I hope it's a generic message like some people are saying other say people have receive a letter but say that there asking  for school letters, doctors, child care proof etc. But since I didn't file any childcare don't even know what to expect. So let's see if this week anyone post anything about that correspondence in ten days cause no one as far I see has said anything about receiving nothing. Some have not even posted any more this is stressful :/
      • Does anyone else have to prove their child care? I have called the IRS 3 times asking what I should send the letter I received is not very clear. Like proving I even have a child like come on my son is 10 I have been claiming him his whole life now I have to prove he even exists? So ridiculous they have his social security number. Plus the only thing I have from my sons camp is a paid invoice for the amount I claimed. I don't even know if that is good enough to prove I paid and whenever I call the IRS they say the same thing just send us what you have and then wait. I swear I wish I would have known about this earlier so I could have filed all this info in the beginning and not have to go through all this extra not needed stress. Has anyone else had to prove it in the past and if so what did you send and how was the final outcome? Someone help I need some peace of mind cause the IRS refuses to give any
      • This is ridiculous.  I called NYS IRS today and all they said is yes that I would receive correspondence and that it could take up to six weeks to receive the correspondence.  They couldn't even give me a date as to when I would receive the letter nor what it is about.  I really don't understand this whole thing.  Are they just that incompetent?????
      • Well I just finally got a hold of someone in NYS to answer my question.  Apparently My idiot H&R Block agent put things in the wrong place.  I should be getting my refund on 2/25.  The IRS just needed tol correct the form.  I never had issues with H&R Block before but this guy didn't seem to swift.  He didn't even bother to tell me that I couldn't actually submit my returns until 2/14 after I spent 4 hours in the office.  If I had known that I would have come back instead of sitting there.   I guess because I had to file 2 different state income tax forms he didn't know how to input the information correctl.  And I had to pay them over $560.00 for this mess.  Next time I think I will do Turbo Tax myself.
      Since we are all receiving these different comments. I have a question is it possible for NYS to audit us but the federal is fine and we get our return? My return from the federal is scheduled to be deposited into my account tomorrow but now my NYS status went from under review to We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks. Now today it says "Information about this return is not available using this service. Please call 518-457-5149." What is this? Does anyone know? Can I possibly be getting audited by NYS but my federal was accepted and fine? Or is the website just having issues?
      • I know what you taxes are simple and almost the same every year.  I don't get I'm waiting for correspondence in the mail.  Got my fed on Jan. 28...I read on other sites that people who file early and claim EIC are having this problem.  I've never filed this early, but dont know if that's actually the problem.
      • I got the same response and when I went on the NYS tax website . I found out they adjusted my refund and it will be sent next week. No reson was given for the adjustment. I did my taxes on Jan 24th so no real delay.
      • I filed earlier this week and have the same status message. I think that part of it is the state's way of holding onto money  - every penny they keep earns them a bit more interest every day, so holding on to thousands or millions they owe to the taxpayers would earn them quite a bit of revenue. I have seen this tactic used by large companies - switching to bi-weekly pay or holding out on paying accounts due until the last minute so that their money earns more while it sits a little longer in their accounts.
      • My NYS was saying thAt it had to be reviewed and then after two weeks it told me to call the 518 #.  When I did that I was told I was was being audited.  My federal went through with no problem, so pissed right now have too many things to do.
      • Don't understand why some people are being told to call and others are receiving correspondence in the mail?
      • I called today and was told I have been selected for audit. Had no problem with my federal. This is such bs. I am  a single mom who literally made about $20,000 in gross income and the only thing I claimed was my sons camp. I am hysterical over this. The only way I can pay for my sons camp is using my refunds and now I am being audited and they can't tell me why I have to wait for the letter. This is so ridiculous what could they possibly want from someone like me. The guy on the phone said not to worry and it will all work out like are you serious how can I not worry.I think they are auditing a lot of people I wonder if it has anything to do with turbo tax or are we all just getting selected randomly? Or because we have children?
      • I doubt it's because of children. I mean I know a lot of people are saying that but... I had a really simple return. No itemizing, no business, and no kids. Just me and my husband and I'm a graduate student. I barely made anything this year. I have no idea what the problem would be... but mine has been "under review" for 2 weeks now. Federal went through fine - I've even received the refund from them. No clue what's going on with the state but I'm starting to worry.
      • My status says" Your return is complete.  You will receive correspondence about your return within 10 business days."  I don't know if they would say it was complete if I was being audited...but who knows...
      • looks like NYS is going to audit anyone they can to help save some money. They probably figure audit and they may save some money. Honestly its awful to do especially since they are "randomly" auditing what appears to be the people who need the refund and are actually getting one so instead of shelling it out they are going to hold it longer. I see a future filled with audits. Lets be honest I only have one dependent and I am a single mom. I only claim one thing my sons day camp so what in the world can they ask me for? Except for a bill from the camp I am guessing but who knows all I do know is my refund is not coming anytime soon
      • I checked today and found that my refund would be released on the 16th hope it gets to my bank soon.
      • I called again today and it said We processed your return and adjusted the refund amount that you claimed. A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (FEBRUARY 16, 2011). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.For additional information about your return, call 518-457-5149.Apparently if you want the child care credit you need to prove a lot more then in the past such as that you have a child and you are the custodial parent as well as proof you sent them to child care/ day camp and proof of how much you paid. Clearly it is going to take a lot of extra paperwork and could take an extra 90 days but for the extra credit it is definitely worth it. I think this is going to happen to a lot of people.
      • 3 days later my status has changed to "We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks." Anyone else get this?
      • Has anyone else been told that their return has completed processing and you will receive correspondence in the mail within 10 business days??
      • I have been told by my H&R block rep that  NYS is broke and theyare giving everyone this message til they can figure out how to pay everyone what they are owed.  I was also told I'm lucky that I filed as early as I did and am having my refund direct deposited because that makes for a quicker return (IT BETTER NOT TAKE THEM 60 days TO PROCESS & PAY ME).
      • mine said "we received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks." for about a week, this morning it finally changed to saying something that I was to call some number to get information about my tax return, well I called and the guy said I would be recieving paperwork in the mail about the child care credit, he told me almost all the people claiming this credit will have to prove the child care and that i should be recieving the paperwork within 10 days in the mail...NY state for ya.
      • I didn't claim the child care credit but did claim the child tax credit.  I wonder if that puts me in the same boat?
      I still have this and my NYS return was accepted 2/1 yet I filed my Federal at the same time and it's due to deposit tomorrow.

      And my return was simple. Very simple. I started working in October, I'm 22, single, out of college (not in NY), no dependents, no mortgage, no investments. All I wanted back is the money they took out.  And according to my status, it will take 60 days.
        Please continue to check  and click on the link to check your status.  Good luck.
        • It is still saying the same thing.  The agent that I spoke to at IRS said that I should receive the DD on 2/25 and a letter would be going out on 2/24 - he said the refund amount was the same - I guess I will just have to wait and see.  This whole tax thing has been very frustrating.  I know I am not alonein this frustration -  after having over 23,000 taken out of Federal and paying the AMT tax on top of the whole thing and over 8,500 in State and, not counting on Medicare have to pay, that you have to fight so hard to get your money back.  I had to pay sales tax of over 1500 just for the privilige of registering my car in NY, and that is after I had already paid sales tax in PA where I originally lived and purchased the car.  I feel like they get you coming and going.  If you are not in the upper income bracket, you just get sucked dry, no wonder the economy is in the pits.
        • Look's like I'm not the only one with this message! H&R block did our return it was accepted the 27th of January 2011 and when I check the status of our refund this is the message I get .....We received your return and it required further review which could take up to 60 days to complete. If you receive correspondence from us, you should respond as soon as possible......... So I called them an spoke to someone after waiting on the line for 20 minutes and the lady told me the same thing as the web site did! She also said that was part of the processing part! That she looked on her computer and it did not show any letter ( correspondance ) going out to me! And if there was a letter to be sent out it would of told her! I also asked if it was an audit an she said no it would also stated that!  Shall I take her word ? or just know NYS is just broke an holding our money! You know if any of us owed NYS money they would want it right on the spot no if and's or buts about it right!! She also said she seen where it was accepted on the 27th that we should here something soon to keep checking or wait another two weeks an call back ! Now that would make it six weeks!! .any up dates with any of you? Please do share with me curious minds need to know :) Thank's for reading my post!! Good luck to all of us New Yorkers!!
        • No you are not the only one.  I am still waiting to see if I actually get my DD on 2/25 as the rep on the phone told me.  I understand NYS is broke - HOW I don't know.  With the sales tax as high as it is, the property tax so high and state tax so high you would think there would be alot more cash flow in NYS.  A little scary when NYS is one of the highest taxed states in the country.  What do they do with all the money that taxpayers pay in every year.  Although when I lived in Philly - I had to pay both state and city and the refunds I received were just about nothing and they took a lot of taxes out.  The City of Philadelphia doesn't even do a refund - what they take out is what you pay.  Good luck - keep checking because the status does seem to update frequently.
        • I called NYS department yesterday and  spoke to a really rude man which didn't tell me nothing but wait  your letter nothing further. I was upset so today i called again and spoke to a nice lady which didn't tell me nothing but  to wait for the letter that there is nothing else but that and that she cannot access any other files, she said just wait cause there like real backup i was like OK. Guess I should just wait for the *CORRESPONDENCE* it's been 8 days since the status lets see when it arrives and what this BS is about .
        • Well wrong again - I called today because the DD was not received NOW I am told that my income needs to be verified and the letter won't even go out until March 7th.  This is so incredibly ridiculous.  I am so FED UP with this whole thing!!!!!!
        • NYS is completed screwed up.Now I am being told I am being audited.  It changes hourly.  I won't get my correspondence until the beginning of March AND then it could take up to 90 days. This is the most ridiculous process I have ever been through.  NOONE knows what is going on and you could probably call 10 times and get 10 different answers.
        • Does New York State ever  update there website? I have had the same message now for 4 weeks!  Mine was accepted January 26 th an I have called them several times an get no where with them other than they see no letter going out to me and they tell me the samething I see on my computer!! grrr  .. Anyone get the message it could take up to 60 days your return is under review ?and you end up getting your refund?  Why does the state make us wait
        • I filed my return on 2/3/11 it was accepted by the state/federal the next day.  I received Federal 8 days later, the state gave me the same comment.  further review could take 60 days to complete. I asked around and no one else has had this problem that I have heard.
        unfortunately if you claim any type of child care credit ny state is going to "audit" you.. this happened last year and i guess again this year... all it means is they adjust your refund to what you would get without the child care credit.. then if you want the rest of your refund you need to send proof such as cancelled checks. so by the time they adjust your refund and then you send them your proof and they go thru it again it truly takes weeks and i am sure they are counting are people just not doing the leg work to get the extra money. but in no way is ny parting with the money easily. it truly is a pain and you get stuck waiting for weeks for it to all come together and get your money.
        • If being audited because of child care credit, do they actually send the partial refund first? Laurmich, did u get partial refund first?
        I completed my taxes on the 28th. I am getting the same message for my state refund as well. I will keep you all posted as to whether the message changes. My federal should be released to my account on the 8th.
        Last year NYS was delayed for me as well.
        I think this is like many people are saying...a delay on behalf of NYS not having the money to pay.
        The only thing I can think of is that I claimed $300 in expenses for looking for work. I was unemployed for 5 months last year. Maybe that is the reason why I am getting this message. I am not going to fuss over it. I am sure it will all work itself out.
        • I filed on the 26th, NYS said it needed further review  and it can take up to 60 days.  I then checked it a few days later and it said that it was in the "final stages of proccessing" the next day I checked and it said that it couldn't give me information on the websie and that I needed to call the "518" number, I called and they they told me that i was being audited and should get a correspondence in the mail, which I havent received yet!!!  I have three kids and I claimed dependent care because I paid for care while I worked, however I paid cash and I didnt get receipts because I paid my aunt!!! Anyone have any information on this procedures?
        Nicpin~ yes you get a partial refund and if you want the rest you would have to send proof of the child care such as cancelled checks... This happened last year and I am expecting it to happen again this year and probably for a while as long as NYS is broke.... it really is a major annoyance...

        Tinamaroe- I think the only way you can claim the child care credit is if your aunt is claiming the money you give her on her taxes as well other then that I am not sure how you can give proof after dealing with the state about this issue last year they are being very strict about proving the child care credit so you might not get your full refund.
        • Just to update everyone.... My status has finally been updated to, "We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks." It took about 2 and a half weeks after I filed my taxes for this to be the updated status. Good luck everyone!
        posting this Feb 8, 2012
          We filed our NYS taxes on Jan  18th  and was accepted  by NYS on Jan 25th
        since then we have always gotten the message that they were up for further review and could take up to 60 days.
         This morning Feb 8th , it now says
         "We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks."
             I tried to get more info on when we would have our money but cant find anything on it
          My sister got her NYS tax refund before her Federal , go figure !
                  Has anyone received there state taxes via Direct deposit ? was curious as to what day  of the week they were doing them?
        • Mine still hasnt charged and I also filled on jan 18 by the looks we prob won't get r state till about march April.... We will get it there just ganna hold r money as long as they can cuz NY STATE is broke! And ppl who filed daycare were just ganna have to send something in I'm just ganna write a paper and have my sister sigh cuz I payed cash every Friday. If anyone has more news or updates please share thanks! And good luck all :).                How lOng did it take b4 your status changed to the final state mine has been saying for about week now if not more I'm just nervous really need I got my federal on 3rd so that's good!
        • Please everyone just relax.  Everyones case is different and none of us are tax professionals and besides tax professionals cannot even answer this question.  I know while I was reading these postings everyday I was getting stressed out listening to the comments made and just thinking the absolute worst.  My status changed to an actual direct deposit date and I filed for child care so no not everyone must be audited.  Just wait it out, NY State always takes longer than federal, nothing has changed.  Also we know NYS is short on cash so it might be even longer than expected but it does not look like it will take months.  I mean honestly even though I have received a direct deposit date just from reading this posting all the time I am still nervous.  Also a few years back I did need to prove child care and although it took a little longer as long as I could prove it I received the rest of the money at a later date which actually worked out pretty well from me because I really needed it at that time exactly.  Just relax they are working slowly but surely, please don't let these comments here drive you crazy!!!!!
        • I filed 1/14.. my fed got accepted the 17th, i received my payment 1/23. State was accepted the 25th. I had the msg it was under review from 1/25-2/6. it then changed to:"We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks. 3 hours later that very same day it changed to: Your return has completed processing. You will receive correspondance about your return within 10 business days. Today it now says:Information about this return is not available using this service. Please call 518-457-5149. So i called. I have been selected for an audit. On phone with a NYS rep now. She says they randomly select people for audits. they do NOT pinpoint certain people. Everyone that seems to be getting audited are the people who claimed dependents or claimed child care expenses. So now waiting for the "letter" that i am supposed to receive via mail.  will keep everyone posted so you all know what to expect
        • Today it now says:Information about this return is not available using this service. Please call 518-457-5149
          Sp rejected or what?
        • ^^^^ Bunty2 that means you are being audited
        • Information about this return is not available using this service. Please call 518-457-5149
          So Amount which was adjusted will approved or whole Refund will Rejected?
        • I filed last night 02/08 and it was accepted today 02/09 at 0909L and I went in just to see if they were actually moving that fast and received the same message as everyone else with reference to further review and waiting up to 60 days. I have two children, claimed the child tax credit as well as student loans and out of pocket payments for tuition for myself as I am still an undergraduate student but did not claim a child care credit since I had my cousin watch them and at rare times paid other parties cash to watch them. I wasn't interested in going through the hassle of getting proof of payment and ss numbers and such from these people so I left it be.

          I was also completely freaked out when I saw this message too and was thinking over everything I put in my return wondering if I had made mistakes but I guess it may just be their way of holding onto the funds and getting those that claimed child care credits to have to do extra work for their 300 bucks per child or just ignore it and not do the work which is what they really want I guess for people to not go through the frustration to collect receipts and just let it go. That will certainly save the state an extremely large amount of money.
        • I filed on Jan 22 already received my Federal and my State return keeps saying that it requires further review, not sure why and hope everything is ok .
        • I filed mines on 1/28 and my federal and nys were accepted 1/30. I received my federal last week and just checked my nys status and got this message. It's will be 2 weeks tomorrow since I filed so I think  the message is just standard. NYS refund normally takes a bit longer than federal. I didn't do extras like child care, and other deductions  just claimed my children so it should be fine. Hopefully everyone will get their refunds no longer than a month.
        • Laurmich- I am literally going through exactly what has happened to you just a few days delayed. The only thing different is when I called the 518# after it saying the day my deposit was due that I am "selected for audit"...probably because of my child care credit says exactly that and it has been days. I have not received my letter and cannot get a live person on the phone. The recording says I was selected because something in my return didn't match my claim. Which is ridiculous because it was accepted by turbotax on 1/31. I received my federal return exactly 7 days after it was accepted. I've read everyone's comments and I guess it made me feel a little better. I called turbotax and they said it is just random and they know as much as I do.. BS. How long did it take for you to get the majority of your refund - your childcare/camp portion? I have not heard anything regarding mine. And can anyone tell me when I should be expecting this VIP letter?? I'm a 23 yr old single mom. I do not use the system; I work and pay my child care bills myself. This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. We all have bills. They should target a less vulnerable group. Any advice would be great! Thank you!
        • i have 2 questions for anyone to answer
          1) if being audited how do you find out if you are getting an adjusted refund or not?
          2) how did some of you find out what you are being audited for by calling the 518#??
        AF8809~ I got my adjusted state refund about 6 weeks after I had filed and my federal was given to me like a week after I filed it is such nonsense. It takes NYS a couple of weeks to send out the letter and then you need to send all the info back by a certain date. I too am a single mom work 2 jobs during the year and 1 during the summer so my son can go to camp which I pay in full and its the only thing I claim. It is really ridiculous that they "prey" on the hard working people who actually pay for child care and then have to jump through hoops to get the refunds they deserve.

        hatesny~ keep watching the website the info changes and eventually you will get a message and find out if you are being audited. Once you get that message call the 518 number and you can get a live person who will tell you why you r being audited (for example child care) and how much your adjusted refund will be and what you need to send in as proof to get the rest of your refund
        • Laurmich i already know i am being audited. i found that out the 7th. i called and talked with a rep and she claims she couldnt tell me why. i have to wait for letter and that wont be mailed out until later this coming week. i guess i will be calling back this week and see if someone could get me an answer. however i did not claim child care. i claimed my children. they are all in school while i work. so now i have no idea what to think.....
        • hatesny~ sorry I cant help you more just wait for the letter...i got myself all worked up about it last year and i knew it would happen again this year. Just wait see what the letter says and take it from there hopefully it is something you can fix easily. Its weird cause last year they were able to tell me over the phone maybe this year they changed there policy
        • I filled my taxes on the 20th, I still have the messege I don't claim any child care or anything, I do get EIC thats it. I called they said they can't tell me anything other than what the messege already says. I really don't understand it, everyone has a different thing, its not like its all child care, or EIC ect... sounds fishy to me
        • The state has no money I'm sure we are all aware of this by now... There are people who actually get paid from the state for providing daycare services for kids.  that have not been pd since. October last year. Imagine what they are going thru in order to survive....  State just needs to borrow some money from fed because they give us the right to claim the credit then dont want to pay us. I just say dont get your hopes up especially if you are expecting thousands back..
        • laurmich - Obviously going through the same issue as you and others at this point, and I am waiting on my adjusted refund, but they have no deposit date as of yet.  I noticed where you responded to AF8809 stating that you got your adjusted refund 6 weeks after you filed (1/27/11), but from your previous posts last year you said NYS gave you a direct deposit date of February 16th.  Did you actually get your refund on February 16th?
        • do any1 knw if the state has a delay also..i know ppl who got their fed and state but as for me i still dont have a dd..still saying under review and i filled on 1/24/12
        • did anyone received a Correspondence from the New York state?
        • I DIDNT DID U
        • mine changed a week ago to final stages of review blah blah blah.  it has been almost a month since it was accepted..  Anyone know how long after this message we get a dd date?
        • I am in the "final stages  of processing....."  been there since last Tue...
        • To 24legion - I received correspondence from NYS yesterday.  Like I assumed and was "breifly told by NYS rep, I am being audited form the childcare portion of my return.  They want me to provide birth certificates, proof of payments to daycare, etc.  This will be a long process before I see my money.
        • birth certificates??  that is a bit far.
        • I was accepted 1/28 and a couple of days later it was inital processing, a few dys after that I was in final stages of processing...NOW I just looked and Im back to initial stages of processing...?????????
        • you think birth certificates are a bit far? they also want a letter from a doctor saying my child has lived with me all year long as well on top of the birth certificate.
        • Freakin A... how ridiculous!!  can you say harrassment...
        it is not easy to get a refund if you claim the childcare you need the doctors note, birth certificate, proof of checks, a bill, and a long list of nonsense all because you paid for child care while you work and want a refund you deserve. I'm telling you it is such a horrible process
        • I received the first error that it was under further review.  I checked again today and it is saying that I am going to receive a bill.  My guess is that they are sending me a bill unless I can prove that I get the child tax credit?  That would account for a difference.  At first I was freaking out thinking it had to be something with the sale of my home, but I had no capital gains when I checked my paperwork. This is frustrating!!!

          Does anyone know if they will just adjust the refund/submit a bill that takes what you were originally intended minus the child tax credit?  And then send the paperwork about proving you did earn that credit?  

          Sorry....I'm just trying to stop freaking out that I will get this bill!
        • Yes, they want your life story!  My letter says, copy of both my children's birth cert, letter from doctor or school proving they live with me.....all the addresses I lived at in 2011, explanation of my relationship to each dependent, and proof that I paid for childcare for each child.  They want it, they got it.....because they are not keeping what I am entitled to.  They are really hoping taxpayers don't waste their time so they can keep the money.  The good news is today I finally received a direct deposit date for the adjusted amount without the childcare portion.  Hope this helps somebody.
        • Elbop0  they gave you the refund without child care because you called!! Explained please cause im desperate i nedd my money
        • Who did you call?  the WMR is down ( at least it is saying there is no info on my return ) however the automated phone still says final stages of processing. I am guessing if I was getting a letter ect I woudl have gotten a status change saying such.  It has been in final processing for a week now.  I just want my dd date..
        • I'm still waiting and tomorrow would make 3 weeks since I filed. I did dd. I thought it would be faster. My status wasn't changed.
        • Tyley I'm the situation like you I filled on 1/28 I receive my federal I'm still waiting for my state!! Omg!! I'm claim the same depedents like always!! I'm so mad!!
        • Hey guys I've been reading these posts since I first filed and got accepted on 1/30/12. I really don't understand why I have yet to get my refund back especially because I did not claim any deductions. I have had the same message since I filed. Should I just relax and wait?
        • NY state Tax  filed on Jan 18th , 2012 Excepted on Jan 25th 2012 and Here we are  STILL getting this same status message today  Feb 20th 2012 !
          "We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks."
           This is the same message since Feb 8th 2012
        • @ Lala1983 i still getting the same message as well. It's getting frustrating now. I like to file early so I do have to wait this long guess not this year. It's 3 weeks now and haven't received  an email from the state. I chose to get emailed if any thing was wrong. I guessing that state is just prolonging the process. I will keep updating. I going to give them until the  4th week its standard then I'm speaking to a NY IRS rep.
        • @Tyley Omg!! Me too still the same message!! Please keep me upgrade I appreciate!!:-)
        • Does anyone have a Phone number to talk to a  NYS IRS REP ? I don't wanted automated !
        • Lala1983 - What happens is some taxpayers are getting radomly audited by New York State.  Apparently they have new software to detect tax fraud, etc.  Most taxpayers that claim the child/dependent care credit seem to be getting audited.  They will adjust the amount of your refund minus the child/dependent care portion and send that to you.  You will receive a letter in the mail regarding documentation (birth certs, receipts, etc.) you must provide New York State before they will refund you the balance of your money.
        • @Ebop0 My return this year is similar to last years tax return nothing has changed. So the delay is seems more like a stall or they just do want to pay out the amount I am owed. If this is the case I wouldn't use turbo tax next year.
        • @lauriebee I found a couple of number on the net, not sure which one is for the tax return.

          @Lala1983 I will definitely keep you up to date. If I'm being audit which makes no sense it would be that a first. My twins are 9 and my daughter 5. Never had an issue claiming them before. And I don't do child care expense credits.
        • NYS tax refund UPDATE Fab 21, 2012
           Keep in Mind  , we had our taxes done Jan 18th 2012
          NYS  accepted ours Jan 25th
          Feb 8th  we got the message about final stages of processing and would be 2-4 weeks
           TODAY  FEB 21, 2101  @ approx 2:00 p/m EST  THEY UPDATE
          Your return has been processed. A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (MARCH 01, 2012). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.
        • Yes me too!  Finally!!
        • ME TOO!!  Finally today!  I was accepted the 20th of Jan.  I should have the deposit about 41 days after acceptance...  that is becasue if they waited any longer they would have to pay interest.... grr  I figured I would have it before the 45 days to pay interest was up.
        • to reach a nys rep call 518-457-5181.
        • I filed at the end of Jan.  I checked my nys return yesterday and it said the same thing as you all are stating.  I checked it agai this morning and it said that my return is in its final stage of processing and would take 2-4 weeks.
        • I filed on 1/26/12 and on 2/3/12 i got my Federal that i go check my NY State refund it tells me, ''We do not have any information about your return at this time. If you filed your return electronically, please wait one week to access this service. If you mailed your return, it could take up to 15 days from the time you filed before this service is able to provide you information on your return.'' So right now im clueless on what's going on....
        • Mines finally change to "We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks" that's online though .But when I call they don't have any info.  I think the phone message  haven't updated yet, I heard that message when a day before I got the 60 days message. So I guess mines is in the final stage. I will call back tomorrow but I'm pretty sure the online message is correct. But I'm happy to know it's being processed. Will you updated :)
        • I got accepted on the 1/20 and got the message stating under review and should take up to 60 days to complete. when i checked today 2/23 mines change to final stages and should take up to 2 to 4 weeks to complete....keeping my fingers crossed.
        • I have been checking my status regularly since I submitted.  I actually submitted on Jan 5, but was not accepted until Jan 17th.   I submitted mine and my boyfriends refund at the same time.  He has gotten his state refund.   I have been checking my status on the NYS Tax website and it has said "We received your return and it is in the final stage of processing.  While most returns are completed in 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks.".   When I checked my status this morning, it says.  "We received your return and it is in the initial stage of processing.  If your return doesn't require review, you should receive your return in 3 weeks."    WHAT THE HELL?   Has this happened to anyone else?  I called the 518-457-5181 this morning and it said they were unavailable, so I called back and tried again and they put me through.  After waiting 10 minutes, I was put on the phone with a girl named Toya (who sounded like she was high), I briefly told her my return was saying it was in the final stage and this morning reverted back to the initial stage.  She said she couldn't help me and would transfer me to an operator that could help me.  Back into the que I went except this time my approximate hold time was 29 minutes.    I waited for 40 minutes before I got a rep on the phone.  This guy seems nicer, and I explained what was going on and he put me back on hold and is currently looking at my account and whatnot to try to tell me what is going on.   So he jumped back on the line and told me that my return was selected for further review.  He said they are doing this to a lot of people, his exact words were "A lot of returns have been selected to be reviewed".   So at this point I'm back to square one and it could take up to 3 weeks.   This is such BS.
        • i recently checked my status and it said that i will receive something in 10 days, after about a month of waiting does this mean that im being audited? I mean it has said this for the past couple of days. Can somebody please be so kind and help me out with an answer please I'm so confused at this point
        • kitanb02... yes that means you have been selected for an audit
        • Did anyone with this problem ever recived there state taxes if so how long dose it take my refund is in its final stage whatever that may mean. Pls help me somebody this is my first year filing
        • now i have to wait for a letter in the mail within 10 days after waiting for a month for it to be i guess i am being audited....will i still recieve my refund?
        • I am receiving now "Your return has completed processing. You will receive correspondence about your return within 10 business days." So I called and spoke to the rep she said it can change again, she couldn't tell me anything else but to just wait 10 days for the letter  and call back :(
        • Im  having the same issue. I filed my taxes the early feb. i got my federal withing 7 days. The state selected me for audit. I had to wait 1 1/2 weeks for them to officially mail a letter. It turns out bc I claimed my newborn daughter for the tax credit they are asking for proof she belongs to me.........such bs! I had to un around to obtain the info they requested & my daughters dr informed me they are dooring this to everyone. He has filled out countless letters this tax season. I checked my status yesterday and it said it was being processed and would take 2-4 weeks. I checked again today and now its back to saying I cant my status online and to call 518# I called and spoke with ashley after holding 30 mins on a 7 min wait and she said she would connect me to a rep who could help me..............welll all she did was transfer me to an automated system that informed me no one is available & I should call back later. Why are they playing games? I am a honest person I get NO handouts from the government. If I owed them I would have to pay up but its like they can hold our money hostage. Has anyone received a refund yet?
        • Arri'smom
           I 2 am going through the same thing i have yet 2 receive my nys tax and its been going on 2 months now. but ur lucky at least you received a letter in the mail letting u know what 2 do I have yet  2 received anything. I just would like to know what I have to send in to get my refund, im a single mother with no hand out from government. this makes me want to get something from them since im having a hard time getting my refund make me think hard as hell.
        How long does it actually take to receive a letter from nys tax dept about your taxes? and also how long does it take for them to send you your check after they receive the requested documents? I mean come on nys this is crazy after filing taxes for 15 years now there's a problem, what's really going on.
        • I'm guessing that everyone that has been commenting on their NYS TAXES have got some good news recently, because i have not seen any new post just want to say CONGRATS to those who finally received their taxes. For me I'm still waiting on a letter this is so NYS for you I swear!
        • i have the same status that says, "your return needs further review.. may take up to 60 days" i got accepted on february 10,
        • i did my nys taxes on the 20 0f jan 2012 accepted on the 25 of jan its been in the final stage of processing since the last 2weeks and no dd date yet hoping i gets it will update
        • I have received a letter from NYS and they want to much info. So Kitanb02 you are not alone. I am just tired of being their guinea pig.
        • hatesny
          How long did it take them too send the letter to you? and what are they asking for? some people say that they send a partial refund is that true in your case? I mean if they need the info just let me know what i need i swear im so sick of waiting this is sad of nys to try and audit hard working people that is honest, but wont do a DAMN thing to the people who owe child support or back taxes they get their refund back faithfully and on time makes me wonder what nys is really up to besides being broke
        • I finially got the update I wanted a direct deposit date this Friday ,I filed in middle of jan after endless calls to the state and making. Copies of all my kids info for school and daycare I got an update yesterday ,this non sense with the state is over ,I thought I would be wating for months ,and like all of you i need this money hopefully everyone will be getting an update soon with the DD date ,NYS Taxtion sucks
        • i filed my ny taxes the same day i got my federal taxes (2/17/12) that next day it was accepted and it took about a week to get to the "its in the final stages of processing" blah blah lies lies crap message...FINALLY today i checked and it said my refund will be deposited on (3/19/12) an entire month after I filed...I really dont understand what took so long for 235 bucks its my money but nonetheless its on the way.
        • My return was accepted Jan 25th, and it is STILL giving me that 60 day message.  I am active duty military and don't live in NYC anymore, but still claim it as my tax state.  My return this year is pretty high since it is my turn to claim the children.  I am really hoping the status changes soon because this is ridiculous.
        • So I finally have an update. NYS has decided to provided me with a partial adjusted refund of $1600 until they finish reviewing my audit info I sent in which could take upwards of 90 days for them to make a decision on the additional $1628 they owe me...... This is expected in my account March 9th lets see what happens. To  me  this seems like such crap but im glad to at least get part of my money back so far. Im sure they will make me wait the 90 days jsut to further stick it to me. I think they hope you will give up and say screw the money. I am a hardworking single Momma no way are they keeping a single dime that belongs to me. I will continue to follow up until I get every single penny they owe me! Its funny when they dont have an answer for you & you call the 518#  you get a recording informing you "no is available please call again" but now that I at least have a partial refund I get someone on the phone in a matter of mins to explain the recent update (things that make u go HMMMMM). I have a friend going through the same thing and she was going to give up. Im sooo irritated by this whole situation I have volunteered to follow up on her claim for her to make sure she gets what owed to her as well. She is a dedicated Mommie of 2 she has no extra money to give away & I refuse to let her give up without a fight. if you know someone going through this crap tell them its worth the headache and extra work. They had no problem taking our taxes when every week so they shouldnt have a hard time giving us our money back either!

          kitanb02 They request a bunch of crap like a drs note (if you have an infant) or a letter from the school (for older children) informing you are the custodial parent, a copy of the birth certificate, receipts for your childcare expenses (I myself pay cash so I went online and had my babysitter sign reciepts that I created for ALL the weeks I paid her) I will forever request a reciept in the future. The letter took 2 weeks to receive from the date I received the message online stating my info was under "review".
        • - areyou getting your full refund? or just an adjusted amount until their audit review is completed?
        • Arri'smom
          I have no idea for about 2 weeks and 3 days now it has been saying that I will be getting a letter and yet still no letter, so I dont know what to expect from NYS I sure hope that i get something until i can give them proof of whatever they are asking for. How did you know you was getting a partial refund was it before or after the letter was sent? also how soon after did it take for you to get partial after you sent info in?
        • Having read this board for over a month now I have finally decided to tell my story. I submitted my Federal and New York State income taxes electronically on January 20th and got both accepted on January 25th. I received my Federal  refund on February 8th. As for New York, after an initial message of telling me it takes 2-4 weeks to process blah blah blah. I started receiving like everyone else the 60 day message. The difference with me unlike all others here is that I have taken NO deduction other than the standard New York deduction allowed to me. Therefore there is absolutely NO!!! reason why I have even received this message mentioning that my taxes need to be looked at further (there is nothing to look at) but still the website implies a hint of wrongdoing. If the state has no money fine, just say that and do what California does and send an IOU out to the taxpayer. From the other comments on here no one has waited in the 60 day status as long as me without a response from the state, why is that you say! cause there is nothing to look at. Simply the state doesn't want to pay me or others that have a claim to their money. The only way to stop this from happening again people is to claim more dependents and if need be you owe New York money instead and let them wait to be paid. Thanks for listening to my rants!!!!! Good luck to all.
        • kitanb02

          I was informed of the partial refund after I sent my paperwork in 2 weeks later. I called the 518# and was told of the breakdown. I was also told that even if I hadnt responded to the audit they would issue the partial refund of $1600 bc that portion is owed regardless. ill keep you posted
        • Today I FINALLY got a change in status.  It said it is in the final stages of review and can take 2-4 weeks.  How long did it take you after you got this message?  If I got this message does it mean I am safe and will not be audited and harassed for documents regarding my children?
        • KathleenBean I hate to be the bearer of bad news but thats the same thing mines said for a few days and then changed back requesting I call the 518# for info. If you have kiddies and claimed the credit your being audited. Everyone i know that has kids is getting the same run around!
        • Arri'smom.... After reading this post from beginning to end...I am pretty sure that I will be getting audited sooner or later. I am showing the "up to 60 days review " ......message.
          I just wanted to ask you, the docs you had to get ready, would copies suffice?

          Also, to all others, I have a little different situation. Besides just claiming my son for the EIC and the dependent care ( which i know how to prove if audited cuz i allow pay by checks), i also claimed my two younger brothers for the EIC. How to prove that if audited?
          My mom has been claiming them all these years, but this year she's allowing me to claim to them ( after all, I have been providing most of their support).
          Or maybe I shouldn't worry since IRS hasn't asked me yet .......
        • I just posted my first post at 11am today saying my status is showing the "under review and take up to 60 days" message.
          I was bored so i didn't to recheck and guess what ?
          Now it shows " We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks."

          Please let the next message not be " no information at the moment and call the 518 # ".
        • Just got that message about a letter. What do they require you to send in. The daycares on base don't give us an end of year tax statement and I am an idiot and didn't keep all my recepts. Will a typed letter with a signature from the daycare suffice? This is so frustrating. I'm a single mom of 2 and in the Marines, I was really depending on this return :(
        • Well, I read a lot of your comments and have to put in my 2 cents. We filed back on Feb 14. They accepted it and said its in the final stage............ That was about 2 weeks ago. Still no money in our account and still have that  "Final Stage"  comment at the bottom. Also if you try calling the 518# they will either tell you what you already know or say, "We cannot tell you anything till after April, 14th" Hopefully everyone has better luck on their returns.
        • Victoria85 Im not sure about your situation. You may need a letter from your Mom informing you provided for your brothers care. Even that may not be enough bc they want only the legal guardians filing for the credit. Your probably going to need the same paperwork I sent in for each child you claimed. A letter from the dr or school informing you are the guardian/parent. a copy of each childs birth certificate and receipts/cancelled checks for childcare. They also ask for a statement from youe explaining your relations ship to each child.

          KathleenBean your gonna need the same info listed above a birth certifcate a note from the dr/school stating your the custodial parent with your address listed. a copy of the receipts you have and if you dont have them I would also get a letter from teh daycare on company letterhead stating how much you have paid for each child in 2011. They ask that you send in what you have or anything you believe will help with their audit.

          Has anyone else at least received an audjusted refund? I got the $1600 as promised on friday and I will have to wait until 4/17 for the audit to be completed for my additional money since i filed on 1/17 and they go by your original filing date. I just spoke with one of my friends that has older children she still hasnt received her refund either. Im assuming nys is trying to weed out the liars and tax cheats this year. Im sure we all no ppl who lie on their taxes. This is what happens after years of ppl being dishonest. its sucks that all the honest ppl get the run around. Hopefully next year this wont happen im not holding my breath though.
        • So, mines were submitted and accepted on 9th of February . I commented before. I had gotten the 60 days review message, and the final stages 2 to 4 weeks to process thing. So a little over 4 calendar weeks later. Today, I received a message saying "We processed your return and adjusted the refund amount that you claimed. You will receive correspondence explaining the adjustment.A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (APRIL 03, 2012). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.".
          This doesn't say the amount it was adjusted to, or even that they are asking for paperwork of any sort to the adjustment change. Only that it was adjusted and the letter will explain why, not request more information. I'm thrown off by this. How do I know how much it was adjusted by and why before however long it is they take to send the letter and what if I don't agree with their adjustment. It just seems weird to me. Its not like everyone else that it told that they were adjusted would get a piece and then the rest after they send in proof, just that there was an adjustment and that I will get my money and a letter explaining the adjustment. Can someone shed some light on this?
        • at last i have a dd date for myy $2200 april 4 hang in there guys it took  6 weeks for the state to give me my money and i wasnt audit smh.
        • I filed Jan 20th. Accepted Jan 21st. Its Mar 13. Still the 60 day review message. Ridiculous.
        • The same thing happened to me but this time I called the 518-457-5149 number. I was dreading the call cause I was so I'm worse cause it said we are auditing (yikes) your return. Even though there is nothing I can think of for this it still makes me nervous because the word audit is in the message. I should have never called!
        • When I read some of your comments I couldn't believe that there were so many people with the same issue. I read someone's post and it said that they thought that the irs was just using the audit comment just to stall our refunds because of the state not having the money to pay us all at the same time. I think that person was 100% correct.
        • @claw63 I got the same message to day. hopefully I get my money too good luck!
        • We mailed ours Jan 17. After 2 weeks it finally stated your taxes are being reviewed. Finally it said call this number - We called the 518* and were told we need to send in additional info and that we would receive a letter in the mail. After a week we called to see where the letter was and they told us "well our systems are behind and the computer is lying about the dates, we haven't sent out any letters." Finally a week later we received the letter and all they wanted was a copy of the w-2 -- fine we sent it in.. Now 20 days later I called the 518* again to hear it might take up to 90 days just to get a FREAKING CASE WORKER!!!!! So I called the 5181* and after waiting 10 mins to talk to someone I finally get a person and she HANGS UP ON ME!!! WTH!
        • Same is happening with my PA return. No one can give me a straight answer.
        • I am in the United States ARMY and I have filed my taxes on Feb. 25th and yet still till this say on Mar 21 still no refund, why does this state take my money, needless to say they owe me a good chunk of taxes, and not give it back to me, this is ridiculous, me and my family with my wife and child now live in Washington, I am filing New York because it is my home of record :/ now I am absolutely regretting every moment of calling and harassing the people at the tax department because I e-filed my taxes as well, I know I am not getting audited because I called them and they were like "There is no problem with your taxes, you just have to wait the allotted 60 days." WHAT KIND OF B.S. IS THAT? the past three years I have filed and no problem 4-6 weeks bang there it was, the year of 2012 has not been good, New York state needs ti figure their crap out and give me back MY hard earned money that they all so gladly tool from me. NEEDLESS TO SAY, if I owed them I am sure they would be so quick within a week to take my money but 2-3 months to get my money back? this is getting out of hand...
        • I finally recieved my letter and they are not asking for anything regarding my children and their daycare.  All they want is my W2.  I guess because I claimed S-00 all year then claimed the kiddos.  I guess they just want proof that I claimed S-00 and had more taxes withheld.
        • I have been following this forum for the past 6 weeks. Here's my situation. My State and federal were accepted on the 30th of January. Received my federal witin 7 days. As of today I have been getting the 60 day review message (55 days). Called NY 2 weeks ago and they basically reiterated what was stated online (60 day review). Called yesterday and managed to speak to a human (I was surprised). The representative told me that there was no issue with my return, and that NY was slow in issuing returns this year due to budgetary problems. It appears that those of us who filed early had our returns held up so that the state could ensure they had enough cash. My friends who have been filing over the past few weeks have been getting their DD dates within a matter of days. Seems like if you filed close to April 1st, then the state has a more accurate idea of how much money they have left for refunds than if you filed early, hence the more efficient release of funds. Once again, I have waited 55 days without a letter or any explanation. I knew from the begining that the reason for the hold up was budgetary, but NY did not want to admit it, and used the further review comment on many of us early filers. If they had been honest about it from the begining then I would not be so pissed off, and would not have stressed so much over the past 2 months. Note to all the Intuit community: Adjust your withholdings so that at the end of the year you owe the state only a small amount. In this day and age, it appears that we can no longer rely on our refunds being distributed in a timely fashion in order to make purchases of larger items, or to pay of outstanding tuitions, etc. They held on to refunds in 2010 under Patterson, and in 2011 under Cuomo. NY can no longer be trusted. Good luck to all!
        • Ok i am gonna explain my story ok i filed january 19th for federal and state got excepted for both the 20th didnt get my federal till the 7th of February and the nys i got the message online to call the 518 number to tell me i was be audited so if you get that message online call 518 number message you are being audited on the 12th then sent me a letter got the letter by the 19th keep in mind nys did not send me any money until i sent them back the paper work that they sent me that i got on the 19th so i sent it out priority mail they got it in 2 days later after i got the letter from nys so i had to get a letter from my daugher school birth certificate  relationship i have to the child  and proof of child card like a receipt book sent it they got it feb 21st then that same day my online status gave me a direct deposit date for feb 28th i got my money on the exact day of the 28 not a day or 2 early nothing so if you looking for your money early dont even think about it so they adjusted my money i got 1400 out 2400 i was suppose to get they are holding 1000 and to this day i havent got any update or anything so we will see april will start the new budget year so maybe they will start giving the people there money out in april so im still waiting on the child care credit but will keep you guys posted on when i get it but best of luck to you guys who have not got your money you will surely be getting it soon and hopefully i will get the 1000 they owe me soon to goodluck.
        • I had initially received the 60 day message. on day 59 the message turned to the final stages of processing (2-4 weeks nonsense). I am hoping that this will change to a DD date finally after waiting 2 months. Fingers crossed.
        • Bad news for me! After 59 days of the "60 day further review" message, and one day of the "final stages of review message", I received the "letter in the mail, 10 business day's" message! NY has really stretched themselves to the bounds of possibility. Given that I have only the standard deduction and no credits, this can only mean that they are requesting a copy of my W2. Only took them two months to do this!! After I send my W2, I'm only looking at another 90 days + 2 weeks before I receive my refund (There is a 100% chance I will receive it as there is absolutely nothing wrong with it). If they continue along this path of behavior, I'm probably looking at 5 - 6 months total wait time for my return. What else can I say. I've read on the forums that they have actually been asking for "pay stubs" not "W2's". I do not have copies of these. They may be hoping many of us will just give up due to the effort required to gather and mail this stuff. Who knows.......
        • Has anyone received the full refund amount? I checked my status again with the 518 # and it now says I have to wait 90 days to assigned a case worker WTF im becoming very frustrated. If I owed nys they would take the money directly out of my bank account.
        • I've been in the 60 day review since NY accepted me on 2/4: I signed up on the NY taxation website to let me know when they processed my return. I can go on there and look at my return. Everything looks good,they have all the forms and the W2: also nothing in the notifications section either,which I'm assuming is letters sent out. Has anyone else signed up for this? Just trying to get some answers on why its taking so long.
        • Just a quick comment. My return was accepted on 1/26. I stayed in the 60 day review state until 3/22. At that time it was switched to the final stage of review 2-4 weeks message. I checked today and finally I have  a DD of 4/14. I didnt have any EIC deductions or daycare deductions. I wasn't being audited, because I called an asked. I think they just held on to my return or returns over 2k until the budjet passed this past weekend. Now they are going to start releasing the returns. I have never had this issue before and hopefully I will never have this issue again. Good luck to all..
        • I got the exact same message on a return filed on February 19.  I check their site regularly, but there is never any update of any kind.  I was never able to get a human on any of the numbers on the NY site, and I'm not sure how anyone on this thread got one.  After finding this blog, I called the 518 457 5181 (1, 3, 4) to get into the queue.  After 15 minutes on hold I got an operator who put me into the queue for a representative.  My call is "very important" to them, and my estimated hold time is 110 minutes.  Maybe my refund will get processed by the time they pick up the phone......  What incompetent bureaucrat is being paid by my tax dollars to run this kind of service?
        • rickse, I got through to a person by saying I was away on vacation and I think I received a letter, but I can't find one and I would like to speak to someone about the letter and to see if they could send me a duplicate. The woman I spoke to said there was nothing wrong with my return and they did not send out a letter, it's just being reviewed and should be processed by the end of the month. This call was around 3/15.
        • So I checked my status for the portion of my refund that is being audited. I was informed the case has been closed as of 4/5/12 and I should receive correspondence in 30 days. This has been such an annoying process. I hope the end is near for me & I get my freaking money.
        • We had the same thing happen, then yesterday we got a letter in the mail saying they took our refund and gave it to the NYS higher education services because my husband is still paying off his student loans. He's had his payment auto taken from his account every month for the last 6 years so it's not behind. If you owe the state any money anywhere, they are taking your return and giving it back to themselves.
        • so to update you all, i had recieved my 10 day correspondence on the 10th day. I went thru hell to get everything together for their audit. it took me 3 weeks to finally get the doctor to write me a statement for proof my 3 yr old resides with me. anyhow i faxed NYS 50 pages (hope they enjoyed that at 8:30am) 1 week exactly from the date i faxed it all I am now getting a msg that my case has been closed as of 4/2/12. i will recieve correspondence within 30 days. it does not tell me if i am getting my refund or not. on the website it still says that info on this return is not available using this service to please call the 518 #. so i am still in the dark waiting for yet another letter from NYS... this is ridiculous and I am about to just give up. Anyone who was audited go thru this? if so please shed some light on what this correspondence is about......
        • I filed my taxes 2/9, they were accepted by NYS 2/13.  For all this time I have had the "60 day" under review message.  Finally yesterday the message changed to "final stages of processing."  Hopefully I'll get a date soon!
        • So I called the 518# today and spoke with a rep. I was told the wait time would be 74 but got someone on the line in 5mins. I guess this is their attempt to get you to hang up. The woman I spoke with put me onhold after taking my info only to come back to say I would have to wait the 30 days for correspondence she has "no further info in her computer". WTF is going on nys? This is ridiculous. I filed my taxes early why 2 almost 3 months later dont I have a full refund? I asked if this menat im not getting my additional money she still had no answers. I was told my case closed on april 5th so I have to ride it out till may 5th bc they probably wont mail a letter until then......Are they making the ink & ppaer? SHEESH. Has anyone recieved this letter yet?
        • i got that 30 day message also after they closed my audit case 3/29/12 so right now i am waiting on a letter everyday going to the mail to check and still nothing guessing i am going to have to wait till the 29th to find out anything once i get my paperwork or anything i will let you guys know.

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          What do it mean when the irs closes your audit case do i still get a refund?

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          It only means that the audit was closed. You will receive a letter telling you what the determination was and whether you will receive any refund or if you owe and how to appeal if you don't agree with it.
        • Arri'smom and android2.0, I had signed up with the NYS online account services back in the beginning of Feb... As i stated in my paragraph up above a couple days ago about the 30 day correspondence.. well i got my letter sent to me via my online services account today.. I was denied.. that does not necessarily mean you 2 are, but all because i did not send in proof of bank statements to verify income i was denied.. I am very upset and I will fight... just dont get your hopes up that its good news.. the 30 day is either they adjusted it or denied it... I HATE NY!!
        • they also denied me i got my letter saying i didnt send in sufficent paper work bank statements and stuff this is ridiculous i give up keep your money nys i dont have time for this .
        • I got my date today.  Next week
        • I got letter yesterday. I was denied. Ill be filing a dispute. I need my money. I have bank statements and receipts ready to go. How bout they come get the folks I know really scamming them? I got 1 chick at my my job collecting food stamps living in govt housing getting medicaid and they paid for her freaking gastric bypass surgery!!!!!!!!!! Oh and the B*TCH got $10000 back from them this year!WHERE IS THE JUSTICE?