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Is Georgia teachers retirement income exempt from Georgia state income tax?

    If the retirement income was part of your Federal adjusted gross income, it is taxable in GA. That said let me give you a reason many get confused. From July 1, 1987 and Dec 31, 1989, GA taxed the contributions paid to the Teacher's Retirement System of GA. You need to go back and see if you added this as an adjustment in those years. If so, you can subtract the amount in question as a subtraction on Schedule 1, line 10. Most can't remember or haven't saved their tax returns that far back. If you are over 62, you qualify for the GA retirement exclusion of up to $35,000. You don't have to be retired for this exclusion. The pension as well as almost all other income, can be a part of the $35,000, so all or a part of your pension could be excluded if you are over 62. I suggest you look at the GA Instruction Booklet on Pages 10 and 11. If you don't have a copy of the booklet go to:
      I thought Turbotax's wording was confusing, (It seemed to say the Federal Government exempted government pensions from state income tax.) and I agree with the answer you got. If you want more information see:
      Also you can see Davis v. Michigan Department of the Treasury No 87-1020 (1989) I do not know of any action of the court that has subsequently reversed this ruling.