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We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Your expected refund date has been changed due to processing delays. You should receive your refund by March 6, 2012. Please wait until that date to contact us again because we cannot take any ac

"We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Your expected refund date has been changed due to processing delays. You should receive your refund by March 6, 2012. Please wait until that date to contact us again because we cannot take any action until then. Thank you for your patience." Directly from the WMR Website.

My original expected refund date was March 13, 2012 last week. I checked today and it said what I wrote first.  How is this possible that the expected refund date moved a week closer but says it was changed due to processing delays. I am wondering if I should expect it on the original March 13, 2012 date or expect that its going to be much later.  Has anyone had an issue like this? And if so, What does this mean?
    • This might explain the delay in the return, but why in the world would it reduce the time and then tell me it was delayed in the same paragraph? I guess that is exactly what a "glitch" is. It would seem that the issues they are having could be reported to US taxpayers alittle better than having to read it from a published 3rd party article.
      Thanks for the website, it just really stinks to not have a real answer. I hate limbo.
    • The EXACT same thing happened to me!!!  Just yesterday it said this.  Now, when I go to check my refund, it's saying they can't even find it!!!  I called my bank and they don't see anything coming through.
    • Christinej1,
      I also contacted my bank who also said they have not seen any refund anywhere and have not rejected anything to the account I submitted for deposit. I am hoping that the glitch doesn't effect my original deposit date of March 13, 2012. I wish you the best of luck.
    • The same thing happened to me.   I first received a message 72hrs after my refund was accepted stating they did not have any record of it.   2 days later it said due to processing delays I should expect to receive it on March 13th.   Then two days after that it then changed to March 6th.  So yesterday I checked the site about 5 times to see if it confirmed deposit and nothing.  I also checked my bank account several times and it had nothing.  
      So today I went out to the site and it had the same message about the 6th.  I then went back in there about an hour ago and the message changed asking me to confirm I entered my information correctly because they did not have anything in their records.  Once I reconfirmed the information it asked me to enter in the date the refund was accepted and how I filed (e.g. e-file).  Upon completing that information it then said it had no record of my return and to check back in a week.    Anyone else receive that message?  A friend of mine received the same message and then received his refund a couple of days later, but that about a month ago.  So I assumed that glitch was fixed, apparently not.
    • Johnz7,
      Wow! It seems the glitch is causing serious issues.  I have read a bunch on here abut stories kind of like this and the only answer I seem to continually see being given is to just wait.  All the information we seem to get points to that as being the only answer. I mean, The IRS is the one who is processing the returns and their information just doesn't seem to be correct at all so how could anyone else give us a better answer other than wait and hope it doesn't get lost in the system. At that point, getting ahold of tax payer advocates is the only way to find out where it is, but they will only do something if it has been 8 weeks overdue and you can prove that you have some kind of "special needs" such as eviction or lights being shut off due to non payment. I plan to keep people informed through this thread on what happens with me in the future but as of right now, WMR on the IRS website still says the expected refund date is March 6, 2012 for me.
      Thanks for sharing your story, atleast I know I am not alone.
    • Johnz7, that's exactly the message I've been getting all day today.  So frustrating.  I'm so glad I printed the page yesterday where it said I should have my refund by the 6th.  I just want to know what is going on.  

      I was talking to my co-worker at lunch and I am even more upset now.  Turns out, she went to a well known place to have her taxes done (not sure if I can say the name here).  She went on February 25th and e-filed.  That was the day after I e-filed through turbo tax.  She's gotten her refund already!  So did her brother who went to the same place as her!!!  I've never used turbo tax before and now I'm nervous.
    • wmr has been saying due to processing delays by mar. 6th since feb. 28th. well its feb 7th today and sbbt has nothing and we are doing this return for my mother in law who is incarcerated, which basically means the money she will get back will assist her while shes in jail. obviously it sucks to be older and locked up so i was hoping to be able to make her more comfortable. Now I havent the slightest clue on what to tell her as far as the wait. Originally i told her I should have it by yesterday so shes probably wondering whats going on. wmr is not showing any record now and sbbt still has nothing. I filed both my return and my fiances with turbotax earlier in the year, and while there was some wait involved wmr was somewhat consistent.
    • Hrmm..
      Well, the thing that kind of makes me wonder is, my return was accepted on Fed. 26.  Two days later I was able to see my original deposit date of March 13, 2012.  So, I said ok.  I will just wait it out no problem.  I just happened to want to make nothing had changed and checked the status agian yesterday and low and behold, it changed.  To this message up here, saying that the date had been changed due to processing delays but the change was to March 6, no longer the 13th.  I wonder if they just tossed that message in there for a few days till they straightened out their issues, however mine still says May 6th, i just checked to make sure 3 minutes ago and it hasn't changed.  I will definately keep everyone posted, hopefully and with any luck, the original date will pop back in there.  Thanks everyone, keep posting, more information is better than none at this point, and btw to the guy with his mother incarcerated, good luck to you the most.  Your mother being in prison must take its toll on you none-the-less having to explain to her the issues with the refund when you don't even have any answers.  Hope she trusts you, (well I don't think she has much of a choice right now) but I know things will work out ok.
    • Update on my posting yesterday.   I just looked out at the site and received positive news.  The text now states:

      "Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on March 12, 2012. If your refund is not credited to your account by March 17, 2012, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until March 17, 2012 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then."

      So, definitely a positive note from yesterday's message of "We have no information on your refund".   So the site definitely updates more than just on Wednesday's.   Though, I still wonder about the Direct Deposit Date.  I thought the IRS on did DD's on Wednesday this year and my message says Monday.   So who knows.  Hopefully it is just not another "ghost message".
    • Thanks to the above poster for your compassion. btw im actually a lady lol but i do appreciate you seeing the issues this causes for someone in charge of someone elses finances, not that trust is a concern but wanting to assist in a situation that sucks in the first place and then not really being able to give someone a definitive answer... hopefully ill see her refund soon and we will be able to get her the things she needs without falling behind on our own personal finances.
    • John7z,

      Woot! That is great news, considering I am in the same exact boat as you are, I hope that it updates today and lets me know the new deposit date of March 12, 2012.  Wish me luck and I will keep posting for those of you who are watching this thread. With any luck sometime today I will check WMR and it will tell me March 12, 2012.  BTW, John, I have read that if the WMR website says DEPOSIT, then that is the actual date of deposit (if not sooner). If it just says "recieve your refund" is means something totally different. I will keep you all informed and John please let us know if it shows up!
    • Ok, so now I am alittle confused. I went to the WMR page today and is gave me the same date, March 6, 2012! I was so sure that they were going to change it but I think what happens if you check the website more than a certain number of times in a day, it automatically says its being processed and gives no more dates to keep people from continually trying to access their information. The only issue I have is what does this March 6, 2012 date still mean considering that was 2 days ago.
    • In my case the site says will be deposited on 2/21. It is 3/8 already!!
    • That is a horrible story.  That sounds like AUDIT to me. What day did you get accepted?
    • Hey Folks i guess i fall in the same pot of mess as you folks... my original refund date was set to march 27 then change to April 3 and  now back down to march 6. since the 6th has pass i have not gotten my refund yet :(. So i call the IRS to see what is going on with the site and why does it say i will be receiving my refund by march 6.... the IRS guy said don't pay any mind to WMR. so in the back of my head i wanted to say well why do you guys have this crappy site up and running then if it don't work. and he also said that i might want to give it 4 to 6 weeks to process. i was like are you for real..OMG. so hopefully my refund will hit my bank account friday the 9th. i will update you folks when it comes... thanks and good luck!
    • I am too getting the same message. WMR still states that i should get my refund by march 6. Today is March 9 and nothing has changed!! So I am getting nervous..I guess I'll wait till March 13 to see if anything has changed.. Soo frustrating!!
    • Today is Friday March 9th and no refund..WMR still showing march 6th.I bet that we all will get our refunds on march 13th.because this don't seem right. all of ours say March 6th and that date has passed. I think they just put that date up for  us just like apple put up the "We'll be back soon." posted note :) but I'm going to call the IRS and see what kinda of BS they will give me. I'll be back
    • Yep, same BS.  WMR is stating I should get my refund by the 6th.  At least now they are again showing that they have it!
    • so I called the IRS about this March 16 hog wash. The IRS person check on it for me he was pretty he put me on hold for about 20min, and told me that the IRS put a hold on my check, but he didn't know why they did, also he said there was some notes on my account say that someone is has request for the funds to be release today on the 9th. bad news is i can't not get a refund DD because the refund amount i suppose to get was to large so they will have to send me a check in the mail.. so i guess its not so bad news. But the check are mail out of two centers Phil and Austin Tx. if i get my check i will let you folks know. on and another thing is i ask him about that march 6 date that everyone is getting and he said WMR has issues right now.
    • Married filing jointly. For the last week, my posting under my SSN has said "We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Your expected refund date has been changed due to processing delays. You should receive your refund by March 6, 2012. Please wait until that date to contact us again because we cannot take any action until then. Thank you for your patience." Directly from the WMR Website.  Still does when I checked today, 3/9.  However, curiously, when I checked status for same refund on WMR under my spouse's SSN at same time, it says only "Your refund date has been changed due to processing delays.  You should receive your refund by April 3, 2012."  This date is 4 weeks later thant the 3/6 date that is posted for me, but is the date I was being given under my SSN a couple of weeks ago, before it changed to 3/6!  What does this mean if the anticipated date for the same refund is different for each spouse?
    • All this is definately making me feed better though.  Atleast I know that I am not alone, if you all could remember to stay in touch and keep people informed I sure it will help the people that are continuing to read through this thread.  I will keep you all informed concerning the DD of my refund.
    • So, I never thought to check for the return with my ssn.  I've been using my husbands since he is first and in years past, I always checked under his. When I put in my ssn, WMR states the following:  We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless there is a processing delay or you owe other taxes, you should receive your refund by March 13, 2012.  That was the original date given when I put in my husbands SSN last week.
    • Good! With any luck, most of us will be looking for the same.
      Please keep us informed if it doesn't come or even if it does please!
    • I've been using my SSN since I'm first listed as the "primary" taxpayer on our tax returns, but heard that you could check under either SSN, so out of curiosity I did so this morning, and got the differing dates/results.  Similar to your situation, though, the 4/3/12 date that WMR says my spouse should receive his refund is the original date I was given when I put in my SSN as the first person listed on our returns, last week.  So, I'm wondering if they simply only update the info on WMR as to the "primary" taxpayer's SSN as listed on the return. [In other words, it looks like my posting updated from 4/3 to 3/6, and his didn't.]  ???  Hope, as the primary, that my info is the correct updated info.
    • now wmr only says your return has been received and is being processed. It has no additional info, no dates, no time frame. Im starting to wonder if this is a good or bad thing. I believe it changed on thurs or fri of last wee. Does anyone know what this could mean????
    • Give it a day or two. It will change with a date, it seems they are working hard to get the returns out on time. I really believe that after finally seeing my deposit date.  I can't wait for it but I will make sure to keep everyone what happens on this thread.
      Good Luck to you all!
    • You gotta be kidding me.  This was supposed to be the modernized e-file whiz bang year and the IRS is totally embarrassed now.
    • We had to paper file and filed on or about 2/6/12 requesting DD.  Both mine and my spouse's status on WMR changed over the weekend from "should be received" and different dates to "Your return has been received and is being processed.  If you file a complete and accurate tax return, your refund will be ISSUED within six weeks of the received date" for both SSNs. Status changed on mobile app "IRS2GO" to "Sent/Direct Deposited:  3/6/12"  as of earlier this morning.  Then IRS2Go changed just now to "no information."  I checked the "offset" hotline and it says there are no debts or offsets under either of our SSNs as of today.  No direct deposit to our bank account yet as of this morning, but refund should be in excess of $20,000.  I've seen some postings where people thought there was a limit of $10,000 for DD and that their refund check was mailed instead, and some saying there is no DD limit and that' they received theirs in excess of $10,000 via DD as requested.  What does all of this mean?  In light of the last IRS2Go posting earlier this morning saying "Sent/Direct Deposited: 3/6/12," should I expect a DD or a check by mail shortly?
    • Arizdiva,
      I would bet that your refund will be sent out in the mail as of March 6, 2012.  I would look for it in the mail within the next week. I am unsure if their is an actual limit to the amount of dd's however it does sound like there has been enough changes with your status that it was probably just mailed out.  
      Good Luck and keep us posted.
    • I am in the same boat as everyone else and I thought I'd leave a comment so I could be updated on everyone's return status. I filed on Feb. 23rd and my return was accepted the next day. I had the original date of March 13th. A few days later, I got the processing delays, March 6th on WMR. March 6th came and went so I called and the operator said it was processing and I should disregard WMR. Then for 2 days WMR didn't have record of my refund, and now it just says processing delays with no date. My boyfriend filed 2 days after me and received his direct deposit on March 2nd, just like WMR told him he would. He had a simple return though... Are the processing delays possibly caused by a certain credit or form we all used? I had an educational credit and I reported income I made doing child care at my home. I am getting very frustrated... I am too poor to wait around this long!
    • Can someone please help me?.. I filed my return via turbotax on the 17th of February. The very next day  it was accpeted (Feb 18th). I checked WMR about 3-4 days later and it said "Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on Feb 25th, 2012. If your refund is not credited to your account by March 1st, 2012, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until March 1, 2012 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then." After I read that message I thought to myself awesome I'll just wait for that day to come and I will receive my refund. That day came and I didn't receive anything. I checked my account and had nothing pending or anything. I checked WMR and it said "We have received your return due to processing delays you should receive it by March 6th 2012. Well today is March 12th and I still have yet to receive my refund. I've been using Turbotax for the past 4 years and never have had a problem. I do not owe any taxes neither do I have any outstanding debts, credit card balances, or hospital bills. I am a very responsible adult but I have the slightest clue as to what is going on with my return. If someone can give me some feedback or if anyone has the same issue as me and filed when I did I'd greatly appreciate it if you helped me out.. WMR still has the same message about the 6th and i can't get in contact with anyone overr the phone because the lines are always busy..Thankyou for taking the time to read this. hope I can get some feedback. Take Care
    • I filed Feb 1st, still no refund, I've been waiting and waiting, my original DD was 3/21 but never received it, no one at the irs has a date for me, wmr is full of shyt.
    • Faded,
      Wait for a few days, the refund date will change or it will just show up in your account.  That WMR website is kind of a joke. I would expect that it should be there within the week, keep posting here to keep us informed though.
    • I also now have a message of return being received and being processed. There is no DD date or any date for that matter. Hope we keep each other updated As this goes along.
    • I had submitted e-file on Feb 15th. It was accepted on Feb 18th and refund was to be deposited on March 6th according to Where is my refund site. March 6th came and went and no deposit. Last couple of days just keeps saying: We have received your tax return and it is being processed. There is no information when I can expect to get the refund deposited.
    • Thats crazy, the same thing happen to me..  Expected refund date was the March 20th changed to March 13th and today nothing...  I dont care if it comes on the 20 but why in the heck is it saying that my refund cant be found... Anybody receive their refund date
    • Ok all, this will be my last post, just letting everyone know what happened.  I filed Feb. 26, got accepted Feb 28, On March 1 WMR said my refund would be deposited on March 13.  On March 3, the WMR website said that the deposit date was changed due to processing delays and the refund would be March 6. WTF? I over-checked the wmr website (more than 10-12 times in a single 24 hour period) and it told me it could no longer find my return. So I waited 1 day, and the website reset saying March 6 refund date.  March 8, it updated and told me March 14 my refund would be my DEPOSIT date. Today is March 13 and I checked my bank account at 3 pm today, the MONEY IS THERE!

      I hope this helps some of you who are struggling to just understand the process of how things worked out for me and I believe that your original dates ARE the right dates unless something "glitches" agian.  Also be aware of checking the WMR website too often in a single day, they stop showing you return dates if you check too often to keep the site from being spammed by the same users by doing that.

      Good Luck to you all, signing off for the 2011 Tax Year!
    • To jonera16

      You said:
      I believe that your original dates ARE the right dates unless something "glitches" agian. Also be aware of checking the WMR website too often in a single day, they stop showing you return dates if you check too often to keep the site from being spammed by the same users by doing that.

      I don't believe this is correct. I was supposed to get refund on March 6th. Till date no refund. Also does not make sense that WMR site will stop showing refund date, if you check too often. All of this tied to that's quite public. We need to understand when this will be fixed and have people started getting their refunds.
    • To austin_tx_guy,
      I am just guessing here but I want to say that you must have filed for your return sometime in mid to late February. It seems to me that the March 6, date WAS A GENERIC DATE GIVEN TO EVERYONE during that time period.  And just for your information, I just checked the WMR site 10 more times today and was given a generic message that my refund was being processed with NO DATE this time. I am no expert nor do I claim to be, I am just a citizen who filed his return on February 26, who recieved his refund on March 13 after it was all said and done.
      I don't know what the real deal with the mix messages in between are, but I am glad that I checked today and recieved it, even though the website says it wouldn't be there till tommorrow.
      Good Luck to you all, I wish you the best.
    • Hello everyone. Ugh, Im so upset right now! Just like some of you, my return got accepted on Turbo Tax on Feb 29th and gave me a DD of March 13, then a couple of days later, the DD changed to March 6th. Well March 6th came and went and Nothing! So I assumed because of the "glitch" I kept reading about, I should receive it on my original DD of March 13. Well obviously I didnt recieve anything yesterday. I read the Tax Refund DD Cycle for 2012 and according to the chart, I was due my deposit today March 14th. And Nope, I havent recieved a dime! The WMF site doesnt give me a date anyomore either. It just says its being processed. Im so frustrated! I was really looking forward to catch up on all my bills with this money and now I dont even know when Im going to receive it.
    • As with jonera16, this will be my last post too.  I got my money today!!!  Today was the original date that WMR told me right after I filed.  I guess the date of March 6th was just a glitch in the system.
    • I'm in the same boat as some of you.  I filed and was accepted on Feb. 3rd.  For 2 weeks there was no info at all on WMR.  Then it came up saying "Your tax return has been received and is being processed.
      If you file a complete and accurate tax return, your refund will be issued:

          * within six weeks of the received date."

      I called 3 weeks ago and the lady looked at everything and told me it was processing and if I had not received it in 3 weeks to call back.  WMR is still showing the same 6 week message and today is the 3 week day since I called.  I'm on hold with the IRS right now.  I have never received a date or anything.  Only difference in mine is I requested a check and not DD.  Friday will be 6 weeks since I have been accepted and I have not heard anything.