wrong routing number right account number

i put on my tax return the wrong routing number how do i change that
    jay758. You can't fix it unless the return is rejected. If you have efiled and your direct deposit information is wrong and the return is accepted there is nothing you can do. If the direct deposit from the IRS fails you will be mailed a paper check to the address on your return.
    • is there any way i can call and tell them that the routing number is incorrect?
    • my name is Brian G. Martinez my  and I accidentally put my routing number and account number in the wrong section, it's actually reversed. University bank should have submitted it on the 11th i checked the irs and they said they deposited, how do i fix this problem
    • I put the wrong routing number right account number
    call your bank and let them return to irs so irs will be able to mail you your check. But be very certain that you will talk to a competent bank representative because some of them dont know how to diagnose it.. Make sure that you click the right account.. savings or checking because if not what will happen the money will not be reaching your account but it will be in a limbo state ..means to say if you check the irs , they will tell you that they already sent the money but your bank will say they havent receive it .. It means that it was sent to a wrong account. Therefore the money is invisible.
    • you cant even go back and change anything ????  thats terrible service  !!!!!

    I am going through this myself. I called chase my bank and they were able to re route my check my account number I listed was correct routing number wasnt because I opened the account in Illinois and now live in Texas I filled with the Texas routing number. I knew my depo was suppose to be deposited on the 4th I called my bank and they were going to reject it after 48 hr but I caught the error in time and the money was deposited into my account on time. I wish you luck I have been in sheer panic since I noticed the mistake thankfully I was able to correct the issue.

      If you have already e-filed and your return has been accepted, there is no way to change it.  If you return is rejected, you could make the change and re-file.

      What if the return is pending? can you go in and change it? i  entered the oregon routing number because i moved here in sept. but my account was originated in washington? will it go through or is there any way i can still change it since irs doesnt open untill 1/31/14?

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