what is federal carryover worksheet and where is it

Carryover worksheet W/H needs to be corrected before I can enter.  I don't know what this is or where it is
    TT  obviously wasn't very clear, given the huge numbers of frustrated people asking this same question in several forums.  The answer often given (and it seems to have worked!) to the question of how to get rid of the W/H-Pmnt error is to simply put the number in column D of the Federal Carryover Worksheet.
    In the On-line version of TT, there is no way to access any forms directly (at least not that I can find. There is no FORMS box in the upper left corner for me!)

    Fortunately, TT does bring up in an unexplained yellow box the form that you need to answer the error.

    So if you got here like I did trying to find the Worksheet, it's hopefully right below your error message, though Column D isn't highlighted or anything.

    Good luck!
    • I put $0 in the popup box to clear the error and then if you go to the Home Button there is a link to 'Delete a Form'.  Once you press the link it will bring up a list of all the forms that are included in your return.  Scroll down to 'Carry Over Worksheet' and select the delete button to the right.  You will be told you have selected this form for deletion.  I confirmed the deletion of the form.  I then re-ran the Review of my Taxes and it passed.

      Hope this helps.
    The carryover worksheet from last year is accessed by going to "Forms" (upper left corner), and then selecting the entry "Carryover Wks".  The relevant information from last year's return is contained there.
    • In TurboTax Home & Business Online, I have this same problem, but there is no way to access the Forms directly.  I keep getting the error about the total W/H payments on the Federal Carryover Worksheet.  But I accidentally created an entry in the worksheet that I can't now go back and delete or edit.
    • i am having the same problem too.  says its an error, but no where to fix it.....
    • I am having the same problem - TT keeps saying I need to correct my entry for 2010 (when I am working on my 2011 taxes). There is no where to get to the forms and TT won't let me "correct" anything. This is getting really frustrating...
    • I can't get to the federal worksheet either and it says that I have to file my state return by mail.  I could have done it myself on paper and I already paid for it.
    • What is my state/local ID on the Federal Carryover Worksheet?
    I had to correct an entry on my federal worksheet prior to turbo tax accepting my federal return.  It would not let me correct the state return.  I deleted my state return and started over.  Turbo tax then accepted the second state return and I was able to efile!!

    • I had the same error message - it will go away if you simply enter the total of colums b & c (which the system told my to do after trying to enter another amount).  More important is that you double check the amounts that are shown in those columns.  In my case, TT was bringing in the an estimated payment for local taxes that they recommended I make on last years return (the January 2011 payment).  To remove it - I had to go to the Estimated Tax section and check the box that says "did you make a 2010 estimated payment in 2011?".   Once I did that, it brought up the false information and I was able to delete it.
    • If you delete a state form you have already paid to submit (I am in the same boat as all of you in the above threads) do you have to pay again)? Lord, I wish I had gone to an accountant or H&R Block.
    • I had the same problem and I didn't even prepare my 2010 return in Turbo Tax.  I entered same amount in column b then deleted the form entirely.
    • Pita18's answer doesn't make any sense to me - this is my first time using turbotax, maybe an expert can understand that answer - I can;t find any way to correct the federal numbers it's putting in for 2010, let alone how to delete the state forms and start over.  Can someone explain step by step how to fix this problem?  Apparently when I tired turbotax for a few minutes last year (before deciding to have an accountant do my taxes), it kept those numbers I put in, and I can not find a way to correct them.  Please help!
    • Is the federal carryover worksheet even something submitted to the government when you file electronically, or am i worrying about a turbotax error that is of no significance?  I don't want to submit wrong information just because something in turbotax doesn't work right but, if this form is not submitted, I don't care.  does anyone know? thanks!
    • On the Carryover Worksheet:  Where do I find St/Loc ID?  I've never gotten this error before and I've been using Turbo Tax for many years.  In fact, I have never used the Carryover Worksheet before.
    • Turbo Tax generated my Federal Carryover Worksheet with a number that is incorrect and I can't delete it.  TT asked for a State/Local ID.  Who knows what that is?  I just inserted a 0 and it accepted the rest.  TT is happy now but  the damn worksheet is wrong.

    Underneath the question--Turbotax asks you to fill in information for the Federal Carryover Worksheet--there is a shaded gray box that looks like a sample.  However, the information/numbers TT wants you to copy are there in the box. There are about three questions, and you have to scroll down through the box to find the answers. The first one asks for an I.D. Mine was AR (for Arkansas) which appears right there in the gray box. I looked on my last year's return as well as the W-2 looking for an answer, and it turned out to be right there under the question. (The whole thing was unnecessary as I had no "carryovers." )

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