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phone number for turbo tax

they advertise "just a click or phone call away"., but do not give a phone number.  does anyone have a phone number to get help from a live person?????????  Now I see below I have to give out my email to get an answer.  I'm too busy to disconnect from turbo then open an email then go back to turbo.HELP
    To get a phone number to call,  you have to follow the process that Turbotax wants you to follow. If you follow it, you will get a phone number. If you don't, then you won't. The choice is yours.
    • You don't have to disconnect.  Just click on TT Support, then Contact Us, and follow the prompts.  Or, open a new window and go to, then Contact Us.
    • sweetiejean, I did follow turbo tax instructions but no phone number is listednand, I've been in all the help sections and do not have my answer yet!
    • Zelcat - Click on Add A Comment, and type your question. One of us Users may be able to help.
    • please someone help me with a phone number for turbo tax, need help
    Follow the answers given above
    • I KNOWW. i had to google the number!!! ...but when I called they asked for my SS number and there was no option to just speak to someone. All i want is a question answered real quick that is NOT answered in the Q&A. UGH turbp tax.
    All you have to do is click on Contact Us on the Support page, choose one category, one topic, and answer whether it's a tax or program question if that comes up.  Scroll down immediately to choose phone or chat
    • I've followed the Turbotax instructions several times and still get NO phone support number.
      Please share the phone number with us here! What are you afraid of?
    • they are truly scum bags
    • i cannot believe this .. what a joke
    • This is a thread from 2 years ago and no longer applies, so it will be closed.
      Here's the current method for reaching Customer Support by phone or online chat:

      When at the support page below, identify your product, then in the search line enter some keywords or question without quotes. On the next page, skip the suggested topic links if they don't help and scroll down until you see two interfaces CHAT or CALL.  It should show the wait times for each.  When Support is closed, those interfaces will not be active.
      Support hours: 8 AM-12 midnight Eastern (5AM-9PM Pacific), 7 days/week.
    There is no one phone number.  The calls are routed according to what you fill in when you go through the web page for support.  There is a range of different numbers depending on your needs, otherwise, you end up waiting 30 minutes only to get a customer service agent who knows nothing about and cannot help you with a technical support issue.  You only need to scroll down to select phone or chat once you've chosen a category and topic.  You may also choose tax question or product quesiton depending on your previous selections, bu then you still just scroll down.
    • I have had NO LUCK getting a phone number either.  This is so disappointing and frankly after voicing my frustration to many at least 5 people have told me that they stopped using Turbo Tax due to lack of support.   I will be the next one.  This is totally unacceptable that I have spent over an HOUR  trying to get a phone number!  As the previous person asked why cant you just post it or when a helpful person lists it on this site why do you delete it.  

      Turbo Tax is gaining alot of bad press right now with their lack of support and the fact that even the IRS has stated that your program has problems and that my specific problems are not IRS but TT's.
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