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change bank routing and account numbers

We changed banks.  Therefore, I need to change the routing number and account number
that Turbo Tax has on file in order to receive a direct deposit refund from the U.S. Treasury.
    If you have not filed your return yet you will be able to change your bank information when you go through the interview to file your return (Print & File tab, File a Return), you will get to a screen How Do You Want Your Refund? after you choose Direct Deposit you can enter/change your bank info.

    If you have already transmitted your return, you cannot change the bank information on the return that was efiled unless your return gets rejected, then you can change the bank information, fix the error for the rejection and re-efile. If your return gets accepted you cannot change it, once the bank rejects your deposit the IRS (& State if any) will mail you a check for your refund (the check can take 4 to 6 weeks to receive)
    • That pisses me off! I cant go under my own efile after two day's to change something!..I need to change the bank routing and account numbers asap!..
    • If this is the case where ill get it in a few weeks, i want my whole return instead of the charge for the 7-14 days e-file!..