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Can't transfer data from prior year

I recently downloaded the 2011 Turbo Tax software. There is no transfer option under the file menu to transfer the 2010 data to the 2011 software. Has anyone figured out how to do this for the 2011 saftware?
    After you have installed TurboTax and downloaded all the updates.   You start a Tax Return the very first Screen (TurboTax guides you like a GPS) when you Click on the (Begin) button TurboTax scans your computer for last years .tax2010 file.  You Select that .tax2010 file then you Click on the (Transfer Return) button.  Now of course that .tax2010 file must be on your computer from last year.

    Hope this helps.
    • They want you to pay to transfer- ($15.00)  Not rich enough I guess.
    • I want 2011 data transferred, not 2010
    • Please start a new question.  This one is 2 years old.