Sbbt status and Refund Status and delays and the five hundred different status messages and reasons

I tried asking this already but apparently it didnt post? I am trying to make sense of all these dates and updates as everyone else too, im sure. Here is my story lol

my return was accepted on the 16th, I had the DD of Jan 28th, two days ago it changed to BY Feb 8th, but all the while my ACH date on the SBBT website stayed Jan 28th NOW the SBBT site is stating it did not receive my refund as originally expected......which makes absolutely no sense to me seeing as the expected date was the 28th and its only the 27th do any of these systems know how to work a calendar?

I know others are getting this message as well its just really super annoying. Aside from that I called the SBBT number and the automated message is they are expecting the ACH for my refund on Jan 28th so that is still telling me that.

So what the heck is going on around here.  Receiving BY the 8th doesnt necessarily mean it is deposited the 8th, I know most are stating the 4th however, It doesnt even seem like anyone really has a clue.

To top off all of this, I read some messages now that stated IRS reps have been saying that for those who filed and were accepted before the 21st that there was an issue and thats why we are all getting random messages from the WMR site. SOOO???????
  • I was one of the ones to file b4 the 21st and yes i rcvd a crazy update on WMR informed to contact IRS due to delay in my ref called and was informed that i was set for DD on the 28th and SBBT rcvs DD from the IRS on thursday's and my info was updated on their site and waiting for it to post in my acct now
  • yeah i noticed it to and its all B.S. if you say the money will be there on the 28th, then it should be there!! TURBO TAX you want your money amd so do we!!! Cut all the excuses and do what you told us you could do or sbbt if full of bull just as you are!!! And as far as the IRS sayin there were issue with peoples returns, then why did they accept the returb and give you a date of deposit for these returns??
  • I need to contact SBBT where do you find the number?
Here you go mijito
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24-Hour Automated Customer Support: 1-800-717-7228
24-Hour Fax Support: 1-858-430-2796
E-Mail Support: Contact Us
Live Taxpayer Support: 1-877-908-7228

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24-Hour Automated Customer Support: 1-800-455-7228
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  • I too was told the 28th then late on the 27th the IRS WMR site changed to say it was delayed and to expect it by 2/8/11. SBBT site just says they didn't recieve the refund when expected and it was delayed and to check back in a week. What the heck is the problem? I use turbo tax every year.. never had a problem before..
    We filed married filing jointly with ECI and 3 dependants with child tax credit and ECI for 2 of them. Is that the problem ECI or child tax credit? We also got the Work credit. Just trying to figure this out.. Stinks that all the way up to the day before IRS site said it was fine and being deposited on the 28th.. then changed on the 27th and now we have to wait another week.. if not longer??
    Heck I couldve mailed it in and be getting it back the same time.. for FREE!!!
  • I too received the msg stating SBTG did not receive my refund and to wait a week to call back however WMR is still saying my refund will be deposited by 2/1.   
    ?????????? so confused right now. Dont know which to believe.
  • Called the IRS today, sat on hold for 30 mins, I was very nice and made it very clear I was only calling because I had received 3 different direct deposit dates and the last thing said there were processing delays, and that I was calling to see if the delays were something I needed to fix. The lady started basically yelling at me to tell me that I have not given it the 3 weeks for filing she said you filed on the 17th which is bullsheet because I filed the 14th and was accepted the 16th, then she proceeded to tell me that it has not been 3 weeks and then said I can check my refund on their website or call automated numbers, but then proceeded to tell me any of the dates I have received up to this point are "PROJECTED Dates" and that my refund has not yet been processed. SO when I get a  refund status that states something will be direct deposited on the 28th, then it changes to should receive by FEb 1st THEN changes to processing delays should receive by the 8th??????how the frick are we supposed to know what is projected and what is real.

    The lady was a total biatch, when she told me I need to check their refund page I said I have done that, and she said no you have not done that LOL ok really? seriously I have done that OBVIOUSLY how else would I know what your stupid ass messages say!  OH then I tried to explain to her yet again I wanted to know what the message about the processing delays was she havent given it 3 weeks I cant tell you what they are or if there are even any processing delays, wait 3 weeks before you ask.

    Ok im done, dont waste your time calling, apparently the IRS has a bunch of idiots working there.  Nothing like hiring warm bodies.
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