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My Bank of America routing number will not work
    Hi there,

    Bank of America has new routing numbers for direct deposit. It is not the same number that is printed on your check.

    You'll need to go to the BofA website to obtain the correct routing number for direct deposit purposes. Do a search for ABA Routing, it provides a list for each state for the different types of transactions.

    Hope this helps you out.
      You will find three separate routing numbers on their website under "account numbers and fees" on the left of the page where your account is. I used the routing number for electronic transfers and Turbo Tax accepted it.
        Log in to checking.  You'll see a link called "routing numbers" on the left hand side.  It will have 'paper, electronic, wire'.  Use "electronic" for the direct deposit.
          I phoned the BofA Customer Service # 1-800-696-6346 and they gave me a Routing # for my location.  TurboTax accepted this #, meaning that it was apparently in their lookup table.  This e-file screen should be much more helpful, such as allowing the user to go to major financial institution's websites to obtain and copy the necessary routing number iinto the tax program.
            Sign on to your BOA account online.  Go to account details.  On the left hand side click the "show routing numbers" and you will see a paper / electronic / and wires routing numbers.  Use the electronic routing number for turbo tax.
            • I put in the info from my check and it is BOFA. Got accepted and e-filed. But no refund yet (30d) probably due to the info being incorrect. How do I correct it in the e-file?
            • I'm having a major problem. Filed on 3/7/2011 - on irs website said that I would get my refund on 3/18.  It's 4/22 and no refund. Finally after calling them 20 times I found someone that made some effort and found that they tried to direct deposit my refund to BAC and it was kicked back.  She said it looks like the routing number I entered was incorrect and BAC wouldn't accept it.

              So here is my issue - when I entered the original BAC routing number into turbo tax - TT  wouln't accept it - -(0630000047)   - then when I entered the other ACH R/T (063100277)  turbo tax did accept it . This is the number I used when I filed my taxes.

              Just got off the phone with a lady at IRA. She said it was rejected by BAC due to incorrect  ACH routing number.  so,..... one of two things
              1. Turbo tax screwed up by not accepting the original 063000047 routing number
              2. BAC screwed up by not accepting ACH through the second routing number.

              Here is where I stand with the IRS right now. It's April 22 - they are sending a request to processing to have my refund mailed - could take 4-6 weeks.  So If I'm lucky I'll get my refund 2 1/2 months after I filed.

              Turbo tax needs to get this straight with BAC.

              So if you have a BAC account and electronically filed and expect a refund, you're screwed.
            • The day I wrote my issue, above, I got home to find a check from the iRS for my refund. Evidently they had tried to use the flawed routing number and had it fail. They then cut a check. Received it 30d after first file. State refund came the next day. Day after that I got a letter from the IRS about the issue. Refund issue resolved thru snail mail...
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