Illinois driver license

If my spouse doesn't have an Illinois drivers license or ID, what number can I enter into that field?  The PIN doesn't work either.
    To e-file an Illinois tax return, you will need an 8-digit Illinois Personal Identification Number, or IL-PIN. IL-PINs are assigned to taxpayers by the Illinois Department of Revenue.

    You can look up your IL-PIN by visiting the Illinois Department of Revenue's website. You'll be asked to enter your social security number and one of the following:

    Your 2008 Illinois Adjusted Gross Income (AGI); or
    Your 9-digit ZIP code (if you filed an Illinois return in 2008); or
    Your Illinois driver's license number; or
    Your Illinois identification number.
    If you do not have any of these items (for example, you didn't file an Illinois return last year and are a nonresident), then you won't be able to e-file. In that case, you must print and mail your Illinois return.
    • Even after entering the IL-PIN, Iam getting - Check This Entry : Any changes or is there anything missing?
      Information Worksheet: Spouse Drivers License must be entered. message. without that not able to proceed. Is there any way to e-file without DR license?

      Please advice.
    • I also have this issue--I have a KS Drivers License but have lived in IL for four years. Is there a way I can e-file without this? I also think TurboTax took my payment for my State e-file, so if it ends up that I need to print and mail, will I get this money back?
    Unfortunately you must have either an IL PIN or IL Drivers License/ID in order to e-file for IL.  This is Illinois' requirement, not TurboTax's.  Here is a link to the IL site which describes this requirement,

    You can, however, print and mail your state return using the TurboTax State Preparation Service you have already selected and filled out on TurboTax.  You don't have to do anything extra besides print it out and mail it in.  TurboTax will walk you through the steps and provide the address you will mail your state return to.

    I hope this helps solve it.  The IL requirement is definitely a bit of a bummer.

    Here is an article about it:
    I have the same problem. I have an NC license, and this is the first time I've filed in IL, so I wasn't able to obtain a pin. I was going to just use my NC license in the field, but I assume it won't work (especially since NC doesn't have weight on licenses). It's pretty ridiculous, but it looks like the only option is to either get an IL license or print it out and file through the mail instead.
    • i entered my drivers licence number and my social security number to get illinois pin number, even though they are both correct, the reply i get is your drivers licence number is not on file
    Re: the TurboTax moderator's answer - I do think the issue is TurboTax's not IL.  On the site it reads:

    To file using this method you and your spouse (if applicable) will need:
    an Illinois Personal Identification Number (IL-PIN). Click here to see if an IL-PIN has been assigned to you.


    a valid Illinois drivers license or Illinois identification card on file with the Illinois Secretary of state.

    ..."or" being the key word there.  My wife has an IL-PIN, but no license, and I've e-filed for the past several years on TurboTax without entering a LIC number for her.  It's only this year, that the program won't allow me to continue without a number.

    • I found this in another post, and it worked for me - successfully e-filed for IL.

      If you have an IL-PIN, just enter the PIN and leave everything else blank including the drivers license info (name, weight, zip code, drivers license number, etc. Then it will work. Trust me, i'm a doctor.
    • I am having the same problem. I am the spouse with a SC drivers license number. Can't change anything but the number. I have a PIN as well. Have entered that too as the "or" but it still won't work. FIX THIS PLEASE. I need to change some information on the WORKSHEET other than my drivers license number.
    This works.  From Molly 26:

    I found this in another post, and it worked for me - successfully e-filed for IL.

    If you have an IL-PIN, just enter the PIN and leave everything else blank including the drivers license info (name, weight, zip code, drivers license number, etc. Then it will work. Trust me, i'm a doctor.
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