I have not received my refund by the projected date

Turbo Tax said I was to received my refund on 02/15/2012, but the funds are not deposited in my account.  I check the IRS websit but it says it has no information, and tubotax said my return was accepted by the IRS.  Where is my refund?
  • I'm in the same boat, tt said today also but received nothing and cant check the status on my refund do to the phone and website being down for days. I filed on 2/4/2012
  • i saw on here that they have till 3pm today everyone i know that was suppose to get it today hasnt gotten either im still waiting
  • I filed mine on 02/05/2012, does anyone know if there are deleys?
  • I was supposed to get mine yesterday (2/14/2012). Still waiting.. I used the Irs website to check. And it is still giving me the same message that says you should get your refund by 2/14. What should I do? Anybody have an answer to this yet?
Brace yourself!

Turbo Tax prides itself on "Receive your refund as fast as 7 days with federal efile" I filed on January 20th. Accepted by the IRS on January 21st with an estimated refund date of Feb. 7th. February 7th came and went with no refund. Now, the IRS has "stated" a delay of 10 to 21 days, but NOW my estimated refund date has been changed to FEB. 28TH! Which would be 38 (yes i said, 38) days since my returns were ACCEPTED!

A question I continue to ask, is if you know tax season is approaching... make sure your systems are functioning PROPERLY! If you MAY have issues, then don't provide estimated refund dates or crappy statements of "delay's of 10 to 21 days" when obviously they don't have their stuff straight! I'm paying turbo tax $100 to receive my refund in "as fast as 38 days."
  • Same boat the automation says I should receive on 2/14, I have tried ever number under the sun just to confirm the funds are not lost in limbo somewhere.  At which point do we past the expected date do we aggressively contact a "LIVE" person and on which number?
  • I filed on Feb 3rd and was told I would have my refund within 7 to 10 days, which has passed! Where is my refund? and why did I pay you the money to get a fast refund and I have not received it yet?
The updated WMR says 10-21 days

Update: We are aware that some taxpayers who have filed electronically and received an acknowledgement from the IRS are concerned when they visit "Where's My Refund" and are told that we have no information regarding their return. This is a temporary situation, and we expect to resolve the matter in a few days. At that time, taxpayers will be able to get an expected refund date when they visit "Where's My Refund."

If a taxpayer received an acknowledgment message that their e-filed tax return has been received, they can be assured that the IRS has the tax return even though "Where's My Refund" does not reflect that. Taxpayers should not call the IRS unless specifically directed by "Where's My Refund," as there is no new information to give them.

We expect the vast majority of tax refunds to continue to be issued within the historical range of 10 to 21 days. The IRS is taking steps to update information so that Where's My Refund has current information. The IRS apologizes for any inconvenience and will provide updated information as soon as possible.

*my comment-with what I have been reading online----new anti-fraud safeguards installed on IRS system for tax refunds could delay the already-estimated time frame...
  • In the same boat... return accepted 1/27 and have not received my DD yet :(
I called the IRS this morning, and asked her about my return.  She told me they had received it on the day TT said it was received.  However all returns are being reviewed, its part of their new anit fruad system.  the lady told me in general it should be an extra week for the return, however it could take up to 21 days to processes even with direct deposit.  Once its processed it will show up on the WMR site on the IRS webpage.
  • Turbo Tax I was to received my refund on 02/14/2012, in my bank account, but no funds or deposited, why?
  • TurboTax is just a middle man. They advertise "As little as.... " they do not advertise "Guaranteed by.... "

    Not just in this question but seems like in every question I have read over the last 2 weeks, people are blaming TurboTax. This is an IRS issue. All TurboTax does is process information and send it along electronically, once it gets to the IRS it is out of their hands.

    I too, am waiting... MUCH longer than I should be. I too have inappropriately budgeted in plans for a return I have not received. It's frustrating, enraging even, but let's put the blame where it belongs. On the IRS. The IRS who have admitted on their own website that they are having issues. They have acknowledged that it is their fault. Will we get it resolved soon? Probably not, but stressing and pointing fingers doesn't make the money come any faster.

    It appears from IRS website as well as other posters here that refunds are now finally starting to come for a few people who have been in this same boat, that means we are on the list!!!
  • just checked IRS website. my return was supposed to be deposited on 22nd according to TT but IRS is showing 28th, so TurboTax is a little off on their dates. (not much, but a little)
  • I filed on 2/2 (accepted same day) & WMR showed that I would receive my refund by the 28th. Today, it shows the 21st. My parents went through H&R Block & received their money w/in 14 days. They filed the day before I did. If it's only an issue w/ the IRS then how are people that did not go through TT getting their refund faster?
  • I was just accepted today and after reading multiple comments should a realistically plan on my return taking up to 3 weeks, or even longer?
  • So where do we call to get a HUMAN?  I have called 5 numbers and get automated crap.  it has been 4 days, the IRS Site says it was deposited 2/14.  Nothing at my Bank.
  • I am getting nothing but errors wherever I check. I don't have an estimated direct deposit date either. According to TT, yes, the standard e-file answer, but nothing more than that. Everything says either call (state) or that there is no information and to check back in a week. It is incredibly frustrating!!!!
  • Same thing has happened to me. Ive been waiting for weeks but just went back, and realized there is more to file. It seems like you are done, but go check. Now i have to wait another 2-3 week. rawr.
I posted my answer yesterday to your question. New information: Check the WMR 2/18 At 11:05AM here is what it said

We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless there is a processing delay or you owe other taxes, you should receive your refund by March 6, 2012.

This makes me very upset. I filed 2/2 and this will be way after the 10-21 time line the irs said in the first place. Personally I think TT needs to refund all these people who filed and paid over 100 to get there taxes in 7-12 days
  • CAN WE SAY CLASS-ACTION LAWSUIT????... Figured it out. Everyone I have known who has filed paper or through other tax filing companies (e-file) have received their refunds back. I firmly believe this "glitch" is due to the IRS cracking down on TT because it is the easiest way for others to cheat on.  Those of us that are honest with our taxes are being punished for this... Just saying.....
  • for everyone saying its tt it isnt in most cases..I had them redo my return and it comes up the same...I spoke to irs and they said that the errors are coming up on their end somehow their are errors that arent even actual errors...Like mine i had a math error but there is no error...Something with their new system is messing our returns up...Yesterday the rep i spoke to couldnt see parts of the screen. ITS the software. They should have did a trial run before they started to accept millions of returns.... I blame the irs...In my situation i have no choice but to blame them...Everything went thru tt fine...I even printed it off to check errors...They even checked on the irs side and they are not understanding why i had an error...Needless to say i filed and accepted the 20th of january. Still no refund in fact i show a balance due on irs end due to the error..Good luck all it will get better...I swear we will get some resolution soon ;) Have a good weekend...
  • people who blame turbotax for this are idiots. the irs are dragging their butts
  • Lol I was accepted on 1/31 still no refund and now the site say "we have received your return & are processing it" I went through 2 different should be deposit by dates anyways my wide filed on 2/6 but used H&R Block because of what I told her I was reading on here. Well she is in the same boat as many of us now as far as a refund date & what do you think the people on her fourm are doing? Blaming H&R Block lol
  • Interestingly enough, the same day (2/5) I filed my state and federal through Turbotax and two of my daughters taxes through another site.  My daughters both have received their federal returns on the 15th.   My IRS estimated date...March 6th.  Not a huge deal, but disappointing and makes me wonder about my results if I had used this other website for my taxes, too (long time turbotax user).
  • I filed on Feb 2 and was accepted within a few hrs.  Today is the first time the WMR has given a date, which is March 6th.  10 to 21 days my ass.  try 6 weeks.  irs needs pull heads out of asses and do their jobs faster.  or better yet prior to tax season
  • i was accepted jan 19
    the irs wmr says should get by the 28th of feb now due to delays, no dd
    checked the first time homebuyers history showing this years payment finally on friday so hoping it is just a matter now of them needing to set my dd date
    turbo tax is going on the 16th of march debt my checking account for the fees cause federal not been deposited yet...
    checked offset site and neither me or my spouse has anything noted
    still can not order a transcript of my taxes though.
  • ezell what site do you check the homebuyers credit or payment?  See thats what is wrong with my return they are saying i owe it all for some strange reason....I havent tried to get a transcript cause my account shows a balance due right now but i am hoping that they irs get their heads out of their asses and fix this glitch
  • i am not filing via tt next year too many glitches electronically thru irs i will send it snail mail after this year it opened my eyes faster isnt always better ;)
  • im so frustrated, every morning expecting my check to be deposited.  I have waited about 3 weeks already.  How is that possible.  Well at least i filled for free, its just a feeling that if i had done something wrong that worries me.  Its nice knowing that you have that extra cash on had.
  • filed on feb 4th,  was accepted by both fed and state...WMR wont even give me any info.  says check in a week,  still nothing in account and no new info.
  • I filed my tax return on February 4th.  It was accepted within the hour that same day.  It gave me a direct deposit  date of Feb 14-Feb 24.  I kept checking the "Where's my refund?" after the initial 72 hours it told me to wait but it kept telling me that they didn't have any information on my refund.  I checked the site again today and although they are now showing that they have received my information, they are now telling me that I will receive it by March 6th.  My boyfriend has the same problem, only he filed 2 days before I did.  When did suddenly March 6th come into the picture?  That's over a month from when I filed!  I can't believe how screwed up this tax season has been!  I have never had this issue with the IRS or Turbo Tax!
  • keep checking the wmr, i filed on the 3rd... they didnt tell me anything until the 14th, and they said i should have it by 2/28 but yesterday when i checked it had changed it says it will be deposited on the 22nd. and its finished processing(i know this because i ordered a transcript and it went through) it wouldnt go through before it finished processing. so hopefully i'll get it this coming wed or thurs.
  • i filed and was accepted on feb 5th.  nothing on the wmr yet and got bs from the irs (the runaround)..anyone else who filed on this date have a similar problem?
  • its is https://sa2.www4.irs.gov/irfof-fthb (first time home owners credit) it shows my 2 years of payment

    to order transcript is https://sa1.www4.irs.gov/irfof-tra/start.do remember use primary ssn on return to order, know my return is done cause ordered transcript sucessfully

    iwmr tells me to expect my refund by the 28th but no actually dd and can not order transcript yet so hoping now all my return needs is a dd to be set

    also those who actually went to tax prepares are getting theirs faster cause have to show id and tax info when filling so have back up...tt is online and people key what ever they want
  • funny i checked that site it shows my original amount was 500 paid back 33 owed 1699 its competely wrong.....I can see why mine is messed up...Thnks for tht info Ezzell i think thts why mine is screwed up. I paid 67 back this year and last and its showing 33 and the amount is way off unless they are figuring times two for joint...But still it wasnt all due this year. Crazy is what it is
  • I am beyond upset with TURBO TAX!! I paid for their services and are NOT receiving what I was promised! We should ALL get a refund!! It is TAX SEASON the IRS and TT should have been ready for this! Turbo Tax should be working with the IRS to get this resolved and if not they should refund their customers and/or credit our accounts IF by chance we use them for 2012 taxes. If I provided this service to my clients I'd be fired.  So frustrated!
  • I filed and was accepted on Jan 20th.  Was given a dd of Feb 1st which was switched to Feb 7th then it switched to processing if no errors are found you should recieve your refund within 6 weeks. It's Feb 18th and still NO status update or refund!  
    I did however recieve an email from Turbo Tax requesting payment since I didn't get a refund they couldn't deduct the fees from it.  Well that's just it I haven't gotten a refund, it's still processing according to the irs.  When I contacted TT to ask if they would still deduct the fee's from my refund when it finally came even if I chose to go ahead and take care of the fee's with my credit card.  They told me there was no way I could change it. Sooooo now I'm going to be charged twice for something I have no control over!?!? I think not! Glad I'm not the only one in this ridiculous waiting game!!
  • How about this one.....

    I filed, was accepted, for a direct deposit date of 2/17 (2 days after the 2/15 on the cycle chart). 2/17 comes, and goes, no money.

    Why no money? Because I choose the Turbo Tax card and they apparently are just going to steal every ones money this year. I have no fee's being taken out, nothing of the sort. The wheres my refund says that the IRS HAS DEPOSITED IT ON 2/17.

    I'm sorry for the people who are frustrated that the date comes and goes but you need to read what it says. If it says "you can expect it by" or something similar that doesn't mean anything. It's just a rough guess. Wait until it says "Your refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on". Then it will tell you if it did or not. Hopefully you have a bank that gives you the money, unlike TT Card which is blatantly stealing the money.
  • I filed and got accepted 2/3 and my DD was 2/15. well 2/15 has come and gone. I went back on "where's my refund" it now shows DD Date is 3/6. This will be 32 days for me of waiting.
  • i filled mine on 2/2/12 and havent recieved my money back, and i believe that it is actually because Turbo Tax, even tough they only send the info to the IRS. A person that I know filled her with a professional, and got her money in a week!!
  • ok so i go to the hbs site and it shows 1699 was our total credit when we only got 500 each.  It shows last years payment and then under the amount owed it shows a negtive number....ok so whats up with that.  Sounds to me like they messed something up in the whole process....I hope they get this figured out before long i want my refund....i am not seeing how they are getting their numbers i think they need to go back to school or something
  • For people who are saying that it is not turbo tax fault listen to this...... I was going to have my taxes done through hr block but my friend at work told me not to. She said why not try using turbo tax. Now!!!!!! i wish i would have paid the hr block fees bc turbo tax is tricking people. The website mentions get your taxes back as little as 7-10 days. Turbo tax should have put get you taxes back in 7-10 and if there are delays you will get your taxes back in 3 weeks. I hope someone tries to sue them so that they can change that 7-10 time frame. You notice most people that are taking up for turbo tax already got their refunds. I do not owe federal taxes I called to verify that and it is still taking the irs forever to process my return. If a company can hold a few million dollars  just for a few days do you know how much money that company will be making off of interest........I do not know if it is turbo tax causing the "delays" or the irs.
  • im not sticking up for tt but i do know from my experience this year its not their fault the irs has a glitch in their systems they show me owing and everything sent thru was correct that tt sent..I even sat on the phone with tt for an hour redoing it and its the same i am entitles to  refund and i dont owe the irs...For some reason the irs is screwing everyones up some with the homebuyer credit and some other issues...I am very angry mine wont be resolved for another 30 days..IRS says i owe money as of 2/14 but i wont receive a letter until feb 28th wth why wait so long to send out a letter... I sent them a letter to have this resolved i cant wait another two weeks to get a letter from the irs saying i owe money when i see the wmr clearly states i owe and I DONT...The lady t the irs had no knowledge that the wmr site showed me the letter that i owe...She said it says that..I said yep and i am not waiting two more weeks to get the same letter in the mail...So the irs reps are not aware of everything she seemed shocked that i knew i was getting a letter and i havent gotten one yet...Hang in there everyone hope for a speedy resolution....This really sucks and i will send mine via mail next year....I too wanted it in 7 to 10 days well now it will be closer to 60 :(
Why do you not have my deposit if the expected ACH date has already passed?

The IRS deposits federal refunds to Banks once a week. If you logged in on the day of your expected ACH date (the date the IRS is expected to deposit your federal refund) and there is no refund posted to your account, it is because the IRS did not deposit it. It is not unusual for the IRS to deposit a refund one week past the expected ACH date. Please check again the following week to see if we received your refund. If your refund is not received one week past the expected ACH date, please contact the IRS (800-829-1040) or go to the IRS website (www.irs.gov) for additional information about your refund.
  • Filed and accepted by IRS on Jan 25,  I get an expected date to receive refund by Feb 8 and yet no refund?? where is my refund??  Why should I have to wait 10-21 days?? why should everyone else have to wait??  The Government is just a bunch crooks, and I mean this is not right..   every year that I have done my taxes with Turbo Tax I have received my refunds!!  would ya hurry up!!  I got bills to pay and they can not be late, I will send the IRS a bill plus 34.9% interest!!  Come on!!  You'll take money like that, but as soon as you have to hand it out!  I be darn it takes the IRS forever!!  THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!
  • JUST TO let everyone know,

    IRS deposits checks on all days and it is not just one day. Also if you are constantly checking the WMR website, it will lock you out and tell you there is no info for you. I know they updated their system yesterday because I filed on 2/3/12 and was never getting an update and today I actually got an update telling me that they received my return and are processing it and to expect a refund by 2/28/12. They tell you that day so you dont call them, it could be tomorrow or it could be next week. I know someone who received their check on any day of the week..
  • Like most of u I filed 2/3 and was accepted the same day and got most of the answers most of you are saying. At first, NO INFO, then they had my return and should be deposited unless there are errors on 2/21 then out of no where it changed to 2/14...mind you my husband and I file a joint return. So, after checking my account and my TT tax card 2/15 and found nothing there I checked irs.gov AGAIN...still had 2/14!! I then went back to irs.gov after checking TT again when I entered my info instead of my husands I had a DD of 2/21 which is a week later then what his says...We file together and have the same return why would we have different DD dates?? A friend also used TT and filed a week before me and got her return about a week ago so...I've come to realize it's NOT TT but the IRS...as always we will have to wait it out and see how long we have to wait..In prior years I've NEVER waited this long just have a feeling most people that filed at a certain time on 2/3/12 got caught in a back log of computer glitches...Really would like my money too!!
  • mine was accepted on feb 3rd also..if I known this i would not have paid the xtra money to efile i would have just sent it in snail mail, that may have been faster
  • this was the 1st time using turbo tax.  I thought it was a good idea, until they did not uphold their end of the agreement of having my return deposited in my account.  So much for being free, I also paid money out of my return, it was to easy to believe.  I am disappointed.  Bunch of bull, I won't do this again.  I'll go back to H&R Block and get robbed by them!  At least I get my money when they say.
  • I was accepted on the 3rd and no info on the website, so you know I did, I just filed on H R Block too, maybe I will get some service and a response from a real company. thanks alot Turbo Tax. Fail customer service. Really really poor.
  • Turbo tax was in error with mine and guess what hung up on me twice togay when I attempted to get my DCN number. Spoke with an actual person at the IRS and she said major red flag to not having my rrefund yet. I filed and according to Turbo Tax it was accepted but I NEVER recieved a DCN number. It was that DCN that caused me to be hung up on twice while attemoted to get it. First rep said OMG let me transfer you to someone who can help and oppps hung up on me, next rep was Oh no let me transfer you to a rep and yup hung up on me. Finally tonight I spoke with the 3rd rep who as soon as I said what I need was able to give me my DCN in less than a minute with no transfers. It appears that there is an issue with Turbo Tax's system. Still have no date as to when I will recieve my refund and tommorrow I will be contacting the IRS to see if the DCN number is factual or not
  • I filed 02/02 and got accepted on the same day.  I have yet to get any information from TT or the IRS.  My mom did hers on the 27th of Jan and got hers on 02/04.  I did my brothers taxes on 02/08 and he was told he would get DD on 02/28.  I am the only one that has yet to get any information.  I can understand "issues" what gets is why not check your systems prior to tax season? Why continue to state "as soon as 7 days", if you don't really know.  I blame both the IRS and Turbo Tax. Both entities did not properly communicate the possible issues one could face.  Had more information been provided, I would not have used my paycheck to "catch up" on bills with the assumption that money was only about a week away.  I get paid semi-monthly so I still need a week before getting another check.  These past 2 weeks have been difficult.  I may have caught up on bills but gas is on E and food is scarce. I accept my part in jumping the gun assuming my DD was coming but TT and the IRS should own up as well.  Tax returns have been distributed for several years now.  These people know that for those in bottom of the economy chain rely on tax returns for peace of mind and a chance to catch a break.  Definitely think more effort should be made to better prepare for tax season. I will definitely wait until late tax season next year to avoid playing the waiting game.  Wish everyone that is still waiting the best, hope some peace of mind reaches you soon.
I filed on 2/3/12 and today i finally get an update saying that my taxes were received are being processed and should expect a refund by the 2/28/12 if nothing is wrong with it.

LOSTnWASH, when did you file? they are so behind with the processing.
  • This is bs the government is so broke that they cant even pay refunds on time or as projected.Turbo tax better refund peoples fees if they were promised a fast refund.
  • I filed and was accepted 1/27...Needless to say all due dates whether TT or WMR have come and gone.  Finally talked to a person and they said my return is in the "error" unit for not filing form 8228A.  I looked up the form and it does not pertain to any of my circumstances.  The lady on the phone said "sorry, because it is in the error unit I can't tell you anthing else.  Call back in a week."  I called today and I being told that they received my correspondence and the error was corrected.  Expect your refund in 4 weeks.  Well, I have not been sent a letter requesting any information and have not responded to  any letter that I did not get.  I was told not to worry I probably just forgot a form or schedule and that the irs had enough info to complete the form with out actually rejecting my return.  I explained if they had actually rejected my return I could have corrected the issue within 1 day and not wait 3 weeks to correct it..  He still could not tell me an error code or what was missing from my return because no one can see what is going on with my return while it is in the "error" unit.  My letter that I did not receive was supposedly sent 13 days ago. My magical information that I returned was processed yesterday.  Doesn't TT check for errors before the return is filed???  Now I have to wait another 4 weeks??? That is 7 weeks from efile date.  I am NOT a happy camper!!!
  • My little Sister filed on Jan. 29th, and got her return on the 6th, and yes it was with TT, we all have to think, If everyone's W-2's got sent out on or just before Jan. 30th they all filed around the same time, so it would be Obvious that the IRS got, and is backed up on Processing, but good luck to everyone waiting, hope it comes through soon.
  • Call 800-829-0582 x 362.  Listen the the automated crap and then it will ask for the extension number.  I got thru in about 10 minutes.
  • Don't believe anything the government tells you they are all a bunch of criminals.What is so different about this year as opposed to previous years? Backed up my a**!
  • Call 800-829-0582 x 362.   After you select English then just type in 362 and you will be placed in the wait queue.  It only took me 15 minutes this morning to talk to someone.   I filed on the 3rd...was accepted on the 3rd and she stated I should have my DD in 3 weeks from the time I was accepted.   WMR has nothing for me yet.    Lets wait and see what happens.

    FYI...I filed my daughters the same day I did mine and she received her already.   My other daughter was filed as well and still nothing on hers.  SO 2 out of 3 are still waiting.
  • I think TT should be up front about how long it might take for a direct deposit. It seems that they are advertising fast refunds so that they can capitalize on the user fees. Let's face it, we agreed to pay Turbo Tax's fees because they promised a fast refund. We could have filed the old fashion way for less. Now, they point the finger at IRS. I believe they knew how long it would take before they made the promise. It sounds like false adertisement to me.
  • I filed and was accepted on 2/2 and have not got any dd date or even had anything changed since that date! I think It's ridiculous that I paid turbo tax to do a refund in the privacy of my home and got screwed! Everyone I know that has used other means has received their returns by now! I'll never use turbo tax again!
  • It is turbo tax not the irs I have friends who do taxs and nobody else is having this problem! Everyone I know who has used H&R n JH have received theirs n 3to 10 days! I was a refund turbo tax!
  • Why does everyone keep saying turbo tax promised them something ? All TT guarantees is ur refund amount all of the dates if you read state either estimated, or as little as . And all the dates that you see from TT are dates off of the IRS refund cycle chart so the only people that promise anything and dont hold up to it are the IRS .. Read before you speak please I'm having to wait longer than I ever have too it's not TTs fault.. I mean really now everyone every year we have problems with the IRS don't we ?
  • I submitted my return with TT on 02/05/2012.
  • Its funny how with the "Where's My Refund" link, a friend of mine was able to get information about her refund and she filed after, yet there is still no information about mine. I know there is a 10-21 day window for receipt of my refund, but come on. This is insane. It's actually been nearly 4 wks since I have filed my return, its been acknowledged by the IRS, and we are now PAST the timeframe stated by both TT and the IRS. What's really going on?
  • My Fiance and son both used Tax Act the same day I used turbo Tax. We all had our returns accepted the same day by the IRS. They have recieved their refunds. On the IRS website mine says NO INFO!!!!! How can we blame the IRS??? Seems to me if you used TT you do not get your refund. WILL NOT USE TURBO TAX AGAIN!!!!!   We all used direct deposit and theirs was deposited on 2/15/2012. NO WORD ON MINE!!!!
  • this is craziness. mine was supposed to have been deposited already and it pisses me off. i filed mine on feb 3rd and received confirmation the same day and said i should expect my refund by the 10th, well its the 16th and im still waiting. the irs website keeps saying im entering my information incorrectly but im not an idiot and i know what to enter. i have used turbotax for several years and this is the first time i have ever seen the refunds being deposited this slow. i paid 100.00 to use turbotax and  to receive them in as little as 7-10 days and i still havent gotten them yet. you can also go to www.sbtpg.com, which is the bank the irs uses to direct deposit refunds and check your status there. mine tells me the fees that will be deducted from my refund, but the bank "hasnt received my refund from the irs yet" and to check back in 7 days...its a bunch of bull! i might think twice about using turbotax next year. and the irs seems to have too many problems this year with the "glitch" in their system which is causing a delay in refunds. UGH!!!!!!!!
  • i sent my taxes in 1/31/2012. and i still have nothing in my account. why pay this fee when i was told 7-10 days and here it is 17 days later and still nothing. i could have went to the tax place and got a card that day. and it only would have cost 120.00 this is total BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL. THIS WILL BE MY LAST YEAR WITH TURBO TAX!!!!!!!! THEY CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I filed my taxes on Feb 2 and just checked for my fed refund on irs.gov and it has no info about my refund, so I'm in the same boat as everybody else.  I have received my state refund though. Maybe interest will be included in my fed refund...yeah right!
www.sbtpg.com which stands for Santa Barbara Tax Products Group only applies to customers who requested that Turbo tax deduct their fees from the customer's tax refund.  If you paid on your debit/credit card the website is not going to have your iinformation. When a customer files a return and choses to let turbo tax deduct fee from refund, Turbo tax creates a temporary account number (an SBTPG account number). You refund goes into SBTPG account, their fees are deducted then SBPTG in return deposits the remainder in your account.
  • Going through the same BS....filed and accepted on the 4th but no update on WMR....I filed my husbands on the 14th n he has a DD of 28th...I dnt see how you can skim over ppl who has already filed n got caught up n "THE GLITCH"...pure BS but hey what can we do besides wait...I guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles....soon glad that I dnt really need this money like some ppl I know how it feels to depend on this to get you out of a sticky situation I just hope it get to u sooner than later
  • I just checked my email I had new one from tt I thought great I am going to get a sorry we appreciate your business for the last ten years no I get
    Dear jacob,

    We wanted to remind you that your TurboTax Prepaid Visa Card is still the fast way to get your tax refund in 2012. When you direct deposit your refund to your card, you can receive it in as little as 8 days when you e-file! really false advertisement dumb a**** at tt cant even send out a reason or its not our fault instead they send huge email about receiving refunds in 8 days next year i will paper file and rub dog s*** all over it screw tt and the irs
  • I feel bad for all of you....This is the only year i didnt actually need it immediately...Every year but this i had it spent on bills like every one else...I know how stressful it is right now in this economy...They say the economy is back to normal..Haha no it isnt...I pray for all of you to get your refunds fast and Armywife i pray you get to keep your home and that some good news comes your way..(sending good vibes your way and prayers).This really sucks this year...I hope the irs gets their heads out of their a**es soon.  Good luck everyone and keep us posted. Me i dont expect to see mine before april.... :(
  • Filed with turbo tax on Feb 2 and got accepted Feb 3 by Irs and should of got refund in 8 days according to TT.  Well today is Feb 17 and still no refund.  Did get state in about a week after filing.  Pay all this money to turbo tax based on what they said and no quick refund when we need money the most this year.  IRS probably are having problems or screwing us for some other sinister reason?  Been using TT for several years but won't anymore.  We too know people who filed with H&R and other tax services that got their refunds real fast.  And we also know one who got fast refund by filing H&R electronically and had put on a debit card (maybe thats the way to go next year).
    Ya same thing for us when you get on internet and type in IRS.gov to check WMR and site is down...what bs.
  • I filled on 2/2 and accepted the same day. My status just now showed up on the wheres my refund and its is saying March 6th!?! That is almost a damn month!!! The IRS is a F****** joke!
  • I did mine on the second of this month,suposed to get it on the 15th.......not a penny yet.
  • I filed and was accepted on 2/3 wmr showed typing error? UNTIL 2/17 when I FINALLY received a dd of 3/6(we'll see)ALSO for you south carolina filers their wmr site showed no return even though i was accepted 2/10(1week)and I received my refund today 2/18 EVEN though wmr NEVER showed a pending return.So FOLKS both fed and states are screwed up this year!
  • Filed and got accepted on 2/2, never got a DD from WMR, it's been 16 days this is just ridiculous.
  • l00ks like we r all in the same boat!! Turbo tax is covering its butt by saying your return "SHOULD" be direct deposited into your account within 7-14days after your return is accepted.  I filed and was accepted 02/02, today is the 1st day -where's my refund- had refund status results for me! It says I "SHOULD" receive my refund by 03/06!  so........ I "SHOULD" BE RECEIVING MY MONEY 33 DAYS AFTER MY RETURN WAS ACCEPTED!!! (CROSSING MY FINGERS IT IS BEFORE THEN!)
  • I have used TT for years and I had never had a problem getting my refunds on time.  Mine was accepted on 2/3, I called 800-829-0582 x 362 and spoke to someone yesterday, she was very polite and explained the IRS issue with technology and she found my return and told me that it was in process.  Today I checked WMR and it was finally updated, I should expect my refund by 3/6, that's over the 21 day promise.  Due to an an auto accident and an inability to work for over a month we really need those funds this year...where's my bail out when I need it?
I filed and accepted on 2/9 and I just check IRS website and it tells me my refund will be direct deposited in my account by the 23rd, if it's not then call my back.  if nothing by the 28th then call IRS.
I wish everyone luck and hope they get their refunds soon.
For those of you that live in SC, their online refund status site isn't working correctly.  It's best to call them and the rep can tell you when you will get your refund.  I should get my state deposited on the 22nd.
I suggest those of you that haven't checked the site for status go ahead and check.
  • added a comment on Friday because mine to was suppose to be 15th but mine was not being acknowledged by IRS site until Friday Feb 17th, was accepted on Feb 4th.  Friday the IRS site said March 6 for laughs I went on today (Sun Feb 19th) and it is now saying my refund was sent to my bank account and expected available for deposit Fri Feb 24th. The IRS has been so overwhelmed by early refund requests and maybe they are finally catching up.  There is hope!  We will see Friday if it happens, if it is sent it should...
  • that's great news herculres867. I'm crossing my fingers we both get our when they said we are supposed to! :-)
  • I am glad so many people are getting a DD on WMR. I am still waiting for one and my return was accepted 01/23/12.
  • Just remember to those comparing Turbo tax to another . I submitted two returns my daughters which was basic with no itemizations and mine which was itemized, hers was in IRS system 3 days after accepted mine took 13 days.  She had her money within 12 days and mine will be 20 if the date is correct as of todays verification of deposit  Hope all will get good news with the claimed glitches the IRS has been working through.  I usualy wait till middle of Feb to submit because of issues last year it was the last minute tax changes that caused issues.
me too jenbijou.  make sure you call them first thing in the morning. hopefully you will not be on hold for a long time.
  • How's this for SERVICE?!? I called the IRS just now to check on my status. I spoke to a real person and he tells me I don't have a date that it will be released. Not a projected date, not a guesstimate date. NOTHING!!!!!!!! This is utter BULLSHIT! And not word one from TT making me feel better about any of this! Anybody else have an unknown DD? If so, please let me know cause my hair is literally turning gray from worry! I filed on 2/3 and was accepted 2/3.
  • omg...jenbi. that is such bull.  you should call and talk to someone else.  from reading people messages it seems like each rep says something different.
My wife used to work for Turbo Tax and I can tell you one thing for certain.....This is not the fault of TT. The return information that they receive comes from the IRS. The IRS system is backed up and that is why we haven't received our refunds. I filed on 2/4 and just received notice that I should have my refund by 2/28. There is something going on with the IRS servers that is preventing the refunds from being processed and paid out on time.
  • scottie i too filed in jan on the 20th i kept getting dates. Then i called two weeks ago was told i have a balance due...I said what@ they said yeah i owe them money for a first time home buyers credit. OK so according to the homebuyers credit i have 15 years to repay that i started to repay it last year as required. I also put it on this years return on the correct line.  I spoke to so many reps. NO one can see why it is showing this but they arent going to hesitate sending me a bill...OK so if they dont know why i would be owing how can they send me a bill?  Are the reps that stupid why dont they send it over to the error and have them fix whatever it is they are screwing up to make me owe. You owe but we dont understand why?  That is not flying with me...I was told so many things one told me to amend another told me not to cause i have nothing to amend.  Its all correct.  One told me to wait but i am getting a letter saying i owe? Oh and the letter is to be mailed out on the 27th of feb? OOK why are they waiting so long to send out a letter.  Someone changed my tax from 2700 to over 6000 how can they do that when my w2s show the correct amount?  I am beyond ticked off...WHo gives them the right to change numbers? Its not tt its the irs..I think they have a bunch of middle schoolers in there doing returns this year...GOOD luck everyone.
  • Well, WMR seems to have updated this morning...I filed and was accepted on 1/24 and now the site says that due to processing delays, I should expect my refund by March 6!  Seriously IRS, it takes you 6 weeks to process an electronic return?  This is our hard earned money at work here people...such quality civil service we receive...
  • I filed my taxes via TT on 02/03/12, it was accepted on 02/04/12. I have checked WMR everyday and no luck until low and behold today I received an ERD of 03/06/12!!! I mean really!!! Don't get me wrong, at least I finally got an update on my ERD however, over a month before I see my refund. This has been one of the years that I haven't been in die or need of my money but if it was, I would be beyond flipping out! I don't blame TT for it all, I blame the IRS. TT should practice better ethics and inform their paying customers of what the situation is before they proceed with payment and processing instead of leaving us all in the dark. We all know the IRS will throw BS at us until we vomit but TT should do a better job explaining on the fact that we will not be receiving our returns on the expected dates.
  • I want to address the people who are hollering that they are being ripped off by TT b/c they paid extra to efile. How do you figure?? You DO NOT pay to efile-you pay for the tax prep. Then you can choose to efile or mail your return. TT makes NO promise that it will be X number of days.
    I have used TT for MANY years, while I used HR Block for my kids. Switched everyone to TT this year. All filed w/in the same time frame, some received DD, some did not.
    Lay off TT. It's the IRS and all dates are only estimates.
    BTW- I am one who can't afford to wait either-living paycheck to paycheck.
  • irs is broke so we are all playing the waiting game...Its my story and i am sticking to it....Sorry when i go from a refund to i owe and there are no mistakes nothing was left out and they show i owe its got to be the irs i even sat on the phone with tt the other night and she redid my return and we came up with the same exact refund...So i think the irs is finding errors to prolong our money.  I needed it and am very p***ed they change my return to owing money i dont owe.  And who know how long i will have to wait i dont even have a damn letter its going to be dated the 27th of feb lol really i owe money and you are waiting to send my letter out at the end of the month....Something is wrong at the irs something seriously is wrong...When you call the reps act like they cant see what is wrong with your return but they know you owe them money? HMMM really.  Or you get five different answers and none of them match... I was even told by one rep the other day that tehy were working on it? WHAT their site says that i will be getting a letter for the amount oowed and explaining bow they tell me its being worked on? Time to get some reps in who can read a computor...
  • I filed on Feb 3 and accepted on Feb 3. I called TT yesterday and they told me I should have my dd by today 2/18/12. I look on the IRS WMR and it states to expect my dd on March 6th. This is insane. My state return is even worse. I still have no answers as to when I should receive my state return. You would think they would work over time to ensure people receive their money as soon as possible.
  • Poohbear......Last Year ou had bad luck with me and that STUPID HBC and Now this....I am so sorry the IRS is screwing you. The IRS loves to screw people and I so agree with you. I sure hope everything works out for you soon and not have to wait until June like last Year. Try to hang in there!
  • Like many of you I  waited for the refund to hit on 2/15.   Have just checked the IRS website and found "unless you owe taxes or have other problems, you should receive your refund by 2/28."  My efile was accepted 2/6.
  • This year is really crazy with the lateness of our refunds...usually the IRS deposits on Fridays (about a week after we file).  If you live in a state where you have to file state taxes, you probably already rec'd that (I live in CA and I've always gotten that several weeks after Federal...this year I got it a week after filing)
  • The irs does not know their own rules...I claimed the FIRST TIME HOME BUYER CREDIT in 2008.  I repayed 500 in 2010 and again in 2011.  My tax return is being held in the "error" unit.  I filed 1/27 and I am now being told to expect my refund 3/6.  I efiled and asked for direct deposit.  I was originally told that my error was becasue I had capital gains and did not claim them, but I have now determined that the irs wanted form 5405 completed.  I filed with TT and no form was completed.  I thought that it was a TT error that the form did not get completed, but the instructions for form 5405 CLEARLY state that I am not required to attach this form to my return because I have not diposed of the property in any way and still live in it.  I tried to explain this to the irs, but because my return is in the "error" unit no one can see it or make any changes.  If you received the first time homebuyer credit and did not file form 5405 with your return the irs is calling it an error.  I was supposedly sent a letter 14 days ago to explain that the 5405 was needed, but have never received the letter, but magically they have received my response to the letter and can now process my return???? (I never responded to a letter I did not receive).  Now I am being told to wait 4 more weeks to get my refund.  That is 7 total weeks.  I would have gotten my refund faster if I had paper filed......Hmmmmmm
  • Seems thousands of us are in the same boat. I filed, through Turbo Tax, on 1/22 and received notification of Federal acceptance on 1/24. I was projected to receive the refund via Direct Deposit on 2/7. That date was then changed to 2/14, then on 2/10 it was changed back to 2/7.
    State return was deposited on 2/1.....still nothing from the IRS.

    Today is 2/17 and just got off of the phone with the IRS representative. Apparently, there was an error on my return, LINE 37, on the 1040A. It seems that the information that Turbo Tax placed into that line, based off of last year's return (which I also filed by using Turbo Tax) was not correct. Thus, it got delayed and amended. Interestingly enough, this information was automatically brought over from last year's return, and not provided by me. So...perhaps the software needs tweaking a bit.

    Regardless, it has been processed, approved (now that the IRS edited it) and I "should" be seeing a Direct Deposit by the end of next week.
  • I filled on 2/3/12 and accepted on 2/4/12. For 2 weeks no info on WMR. I checked again today and now it says it being processed and i should recieve my refund by 3/6/12. on my TT it said i should recieve it no later than the 25th. we shall see what happens. Just keep checking the WMR site everyday....Good luck, we all need it dealing with this IRS.
  • I read threw most of your comments and I'm right there with you all. My federal was accepted on the 28th and last week when I checked WMF its said it would be deposited in my account on 2/14. I checked my bank acct. of course no refund deposited. Yesterday and today I checked WMF and now says "No Info" I called IRS and they gave me every excuse from we tried to deposit it into your bank account and it didnt go through so we are mailing it on 2/22. Just like everyone else I'm waiting and family and friends who used HR and other tax preperation places got there refund and they filed much laster then I did. This is not fair. I always had a good experience with Turbo Tax in the past. But after this situation I dont think I'll be using them again. How can it be that only the people that filed threw TT can be having these problems but other people that file throug other places arent? I believe TT has something to do with this problem. This is very fustrating and I know that TT will loose alot of their customers after this.
  • I'm right there with you guys. The IRS said I was supposed to get my refund 2/14 and I still haven't gotten it. I'm beyond a little frustrated. I keep checking to see if it's there and I think I'm making myself a little crazy.
  • filed evening of the 2nd and was accepted same night, but since it was after 11am I will go with an accepted date of the 3rd. Ever since the 72 hrs to check WMR I have not had anything (of course I do know the website has been having errors so I assume it just doesn't work), but the automated phone system for IRS doesn't tell me anything either. Just the general message that they don't have my information and it can take up to 3 weeks. So after 2 weeks of waiting I finally caved and called the IRS. I spoke to 3 people all together. The phone number is 800-829-0582 ext 362 when it asks you for it to talk to a real person. I got a very crabby guy that just kept telling me wait 3 weeks. So I asked to talk to someone else. The second person was a slightly friendlier lady that told me they have my refund, but it can take up to 3 weeks to process from accepted date. OK, I understand that. But, then she went on to add that she couldnt actually see my tax refund so she didn't know if there was any errors with it. So I asked to be transferred to someone else. Finally got a much much nicer lady that verified all my info with me that could possibly be on my return and told me that they have my refund it was accepted on 2-3-12 and the processing can take up to 3 weeks from that date. She didn't want to give me an estimated DD because she said she didnt want to give me false hope. So she just went with the general 3 weeks. So 3 weeks will be the 23rd/24th. I was tired of being on the phone for as long as I was on it so I decided to end the call there and probe no further. I, like most, am also desperate for this money. Not for bills, but more for unexpected situations that arose that I do not have the money for right now. I hope my taxes come in next week though. Here's to wishful thinking. Although it would be nice to see someone in all our situations give a little bit of light on this matter as to when they filed and if they got their return after getting the run around.
  • The only taxpayers I know that are having  trouble are those who filed with TT e-flle and expect to recieve a refund. If taxpayors aren't getting a refund, but in fact owe the IRS there is no trouble with their system.  It's funny how the IRS had a different problem this time last year as well and making excuses for the IRS isn't going to cut it, taxpayers need their money, and as difficult as last year was, many taxpayers have already committed to paying something when their money arrives. Since I've have to deal with the IRS on a professional level, I know how they operate, so I went straight to taxpayor advocate last year to get my refund. But you have to proved an extreme hardship, and it can't be just because you lost your job, or your kid is ill or your home is falling apart. Which mine is but I didn't committe my refund to anything or anyone because again, I knew this would happen. I remember I call to check on my spouse return and he was standing near me, but did not want to talk to them. This young girl was very unprofessional and told me "Iin gone give you no information on his account" and she hung up. I knew then the IRS isn't what it use to be........
  • Just to let everyone out there in the waiting area know.....ITS HORRIBLE.. I filed on 02/03/2012....yup, I called the IRS twice.....as much as they get paid an hour you would think you would not receive a different answer each time but I did....and that crazy  so called "wheres my refund" tool....took forever and a day but found out the IRS did work on it or do something because I myself get crazy impatient and worried when i need money...but..finally it did update my info and give me and actual direct deposit date, but since i used direct deposit through here and now curious how much longer that will delay my funds getting into my bank account....well i hope it comes through for my funds and everyone elses.....not sure i will use turbo tax next year though...my mother's bf had  a local community volunteer company file hs VIA paper and he has done got alllllll his refunds....and we live in the same city...filed THE SAME DAY.......crazy .....ohhhh well...best of luck to everyone out there...
  • momoftoboys i kno lol one of these years we are gonna get it on time not delayed....we can only pray
  • I Filed on Feb.3  Accepted Feb.3.  First time using TT.  I always, always, 18 years used a professional accountant.  Thought I'd do it myself.  Yikes...  Was a ghost on WMR until this morning.  March 6 DD.   I'm not sure if I'm buying that...  I just found a little clip of a news broadcast." IRS issues could delay Tax Refunds.     Kionrightnow.com .  That aired I believe 1/25.  I guess my question is, if The news knew of the E-file system being down, wouldn't you think tax professionals -- TT, H&R, etc. would know?  Leading to my next question:   Maybe TT should have pulled the advertising for fast, 7 - 10-day stuff, "as little as"  off the website earlier as to not mislead people in this particularly unstable economic climate, then, actually putting a notice up and telling potential tax clients that there were e-file delays (on the IRS's part BTW), maybe cut the price, offer a discount for next year or whatever -- you may lose customers for this tax season who want their refund speedy, speedy, but at least they won't be pissed ex-customers.
  • There doesn't seem to be any logic to the delay/refund time.  My return was accepted on 2/2, and the wmr has no info.  Others filed after me got actual dates, some already got refunds.  Mine was a very simple generic return.  Considering the whole process is electronic, there should be no delay at all.  Why they are not processing returns in the order that they were received is what pisses me off the most.  I'm changing my W-2 this year so that I owe.  This is a sham.
  • I just checked the WMR sight and this is what it said!
    We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless there is a processing delay or you owe other taxes, you should receive your refund by March 6, 2012.

    MARCH 6TH! I filed on 2/4!!
  • I would like to thank tirwin88 the other person (I forgot your screen name) for the # to contact the IRS. I filed my return and it was accepted on 1/28/2012, my deposit date had changed a couple times so I called 800-829-0582 x 362 and was able to speak to a representative. His name was Tim and he was very helpful. He informed me that my refund amount was changed because I did not receive the full amount for my Earned Income Credit OR My child Tax credit. The amount of my refund was increased by $1,700 and I was able to get a deposit date from the representative sooooo....Right now, I'm just sitting here Thanking God for His Blessing!!!! I pray that everyone is able to receive their refund soon and that its what you expect OR BETTER!! God Bless.
  • dear Iqwpirt.... I did the same first time homebuyers credit and i am having the same problems that you are... an error and now no error.... i had a dd of 2/14   then wmr says no dd and now this morning i have another dd of march 6... i filed on jan 25th    this is ridiclous....   they never told me what my error was but i am assuming it had something to do with the fthc...  but like yours its fixed now?   idk  but im so ready for my check   last year i done tt free version... this year i paid the 20 bucks or so thinking it would put me on up on the ladder but i gues i shouldve used the free version... i didnt have this trouble last year and i know ppl that did the fthc in 08, filed their taxes with a local company and already have theirs back    i don't understand what they did different to keep an error from occuring  she filed feb 1st and got hers back the 15th   If you have any updated info regarding yours let me know please     March 6th  really?   thats almost a month and a half
  • OK! so if we are late paying when we owe taxes we are penalized, are we going to recieve extra money because they are late paying us what we are due. They are quick to take ours but not quick to Pay us when we're due, can someone answer this question?
  • We filed on the 2nd and just found out this am that our expected date is March 6th.  We have debated with friends and amongst ourselves as to what the problem is and all of the threads here have many ideas.  My husband worked several seasons with H&R Block and devised a plausible theory as to why us TT customers are having more issues than others.  If there is a formatting error or such (that the IRS can kick back a return for) because of updated software (which we know has happened), the IRS can kick it back until an analyst for TT reformats the return to the IRS's new standards. He has seen this happen occasionally during his tenure with HRB.  He said we wouldnt be notified of the formatting errors because they dont affect the information input, just the way they transmitted it.

    Think of it as if the IRS rewrote their tax forms so that the info is in different positions on the paper, but TT filed it the same old way, so now your ssn is in the name field and your address is showing up on line 1a.  There is nothing wrong with the data, just the manner in which it was submitted, which means they dont have to notify the end consumer because documentation corrections are not needed.

    Sadly, it makes sense logically considering there doesn't seem to be similar issues with other tax preparation companies etc and he's seen it happen here and there first hand during his 4 seasons with HRB, but never on this large of a scale.  

    Hang in there guys....albeit small comfort, it seems there are a great many of us in this boat that need our return and are growing more and more frustrated by the minute.
  • I just got off the phone with an extremely helpful woman from the IRS. She told me that if you filed 1/31/2012 or LATER, there is a 3-week processing period, and you should get it around 21 days FROM THE DAY YOU FILED (if you e-filed like I did).

    You can call to see if they have received it and are processing it at 1-800-829-0582 ext 362 (dial 1 for english, then dial the extension number). There is a bit of a wait period, and the computer systems are partially down, but if they could get my information, I hope they can get yours too.

    Good Luck everybody!
  • I am upset and confused!!!  If I would have known this was going to be an issue I would have budgeted my funds a little better. I got caught up on credit card/Dr. bills with my last paycheck and figured WTH I'll get my refund and that'll cover my rent and I'll catch up on other things. WRONG! Now I'm not sure how I'm going to pay my $800 rent by March 1st.  I've got rent, a $300 electric bill due by Feb. 27th. I've put off paying my car insurance so that'll probably run out since I can't pay it. My cell phone and internet will probably get cut off. I'm not sure how I'm going to put groceries in the house or put gas in my car to drive the 45 minutes to work everyday.  I e-filed on 2/3 and was accepted hours later.  I don't even have an estimated date of when I could get my return. This is the first year that I've relied on it to help give me that extra push in paying off important bills.  I got my state return on 2/9. But no word on when to expect my federal. Does anyone know if I can expect to call my bank tomorrow (Saturday) and have my money? I know the banks are closed on the weekends, but I'm desperate.  Having it by Monday would be GREAT and I am really counting on it to come through before March 1st.  I'm already starving as it is.... :(   I just need peace of mind.
  • not tryna rub it in...I did my taxes on 2/9/12...got my refund this morning...just like last year only took a week...and a day.
  • i dunno why it's taking everyone else's so long. Sorry about that
  • I sent my on the 1/2 and I got my direct deposit on the 1/10.  I don't know some people got faster then others
  • Checked on my "Wheres My Refund" via Turbo tax which sent me to Web IRS.Gov.   IRS.Gov responded with "Your tax refund was deposited on February 8,, 2012.  Check with your bank or tax preparer if your refund has not been credited to your account."  Guess What - I checked.  It has not been deposited.  Where is it??  What do I do now?  Has my refund been lost in cybor space or has someone fraundently stoled it.  Who do I report this to now?  I don't think I'll file another return again.  People are scamining and stealing your money on the internet.
I filed 2/3, was accepted 2/4 and my check was deposited 2/14 and availible 2/15! For people blaming turbo tax, they shouldnt it is the " IRS " who has had software melt downs, or you might still be processing cause you have a judment against you or owe taxes! Hope this helps!
  • The same thing is happening to me, I've been using turbo tax for the past 5 years and normally when they promise the electronic refund to an specific date they had been good, but this year it feels more like a rip off; they already charge  for preparing for my taxes and filing them electronically; the expected date had already past and no money and the IRS said it could take up to three weeks before I receive it.
    Will Tubo Tax return the electronic filing money?
  • I find it hilarious that my dad and I filed the same day, both using TT and he has received his Federal Refund already.... I don't understand why they pick and choose or whatnot... Filed my bf taxes on the 21st and his return was to be deposited on the 1st and we didn't get it until the 8th..... Everytime I check on my status there is still no info for me, I called one number and it said I was to have it by the 15th, but no money as of yet! I would just like to have my funds....This is getting ridiculous!!! I called the IRS and they said that it will take up to 3 weeks processing time, but they had received my taxes on the 2nd... I was like gee that's a lot of help!
  • You folks think you are waiting???...Try this on for size.. my return was accepted on 1/22 and WMR gave a date of 2/7 then they gave a date of 2/21, then back to 2/7 on 2/10 ....when I called a week ago.. I was told that my return was held because I did not pay taxes last year...I WORKED THE SAME JOB LAST YEAR THAT i WORKED THIS YEAR AN PAID TAXES!!! Then the rep said " you will get a letter in three weeks"!!!! and then your refund within 11WEEKS!!! "I dont see any issues with your tax refund" !!! WHAT??? then why are you holding it??? I honestly beleive that the IRS held all of this money from people all over the country so that they could gain interest on it !!! This was all intentional...
  • I feel a little better knowing that there are several people in the same situation I am in but it doesn't make it any less frustrating.  My return was accepted by the IRS on February 3rd.  I found an expected refund date of February 15th, that day has came and went, with no update of when I could get it.  I have been doing my own taxes with Turbo Tax since 1998.  After completion of each tax return I received a date when to expect it in my account (which always fell on a Friday) and I ALWAYS got it then.  This is the first year I did not receive an estimation date.  I have went on the IRS web site several times with the same answer, "We are sorry, we cannot provide any information about your refund. It can take up to 3 weeks to process your return. Please wait at least one week before you log-on again to check the status of your refund."  I called the toll free number and it said the same thing.  I know Turbo Tax is the middle man, it is all on the IRS shoulders.  Like many others I have spent extra money to get my return 'quickly".  I received my state refund back and it took only 5 days.  What the IRS has chosen to do this year is ridiculous.  Unfortunately there isn't a thing we can do about it and they know it.
  • I don't know whose fault this is TT or the IRS, but I filed on 2/4 and my return was accepted but have yet to get  my refund.  My girlfriend filed on 2/2 using Tax Act and she has not gotten her refund either. I also keep getting the same message on WMR and it is very frustrating.  In all my years of doing taxes, I have never had this problem, I have always been able to use WMR and get information in the 72 hour time period and normally have my refund in as little as 12 days.  As for the comment of people who used HR Block, this money that they received is a loan through Beneficial I believe, that is why they charge so much.  The actual refund from the IRS then goes to the financial institution that provided the "loan" through HR Block, this is how those people are able to get their refunds.
  • This is the IRS causing problems, not TT.  If you search online message boards you will see people that filed with many different tax services complaining that their refunds are delayed.  TT is just not helping their customers in the least in dealing with this problem.   We paid for services that we haven't received.  What do they intend to do about it to keep those same customers coming back?  That is the question for TT.

    To those of you saying that we shouldn't complain keep in mind this is OUR money we are waiting for.  PLUS, we filed electronicall and paid extra to receive our refunds within 7-10days and in the past, that's when we received them.  The govt is holding on to our money this year.  Their excuse that it's a software glitch is pure fiction in my opinion.  Why are some getting their refunds and others not?  I filed a simple form on 2/4 and was accepted that same day yet I haven't received my refund nor any information at all from wmr.   It's true,  The banksters get bailed out and we get sold out.
  • I filed on the 2nd & it was accepted within a few hours. I went through the same as everyone else-- no info from the IRS as to a refund date. I paid TT 19.95 & wanted my money back due to their "guarantee of 7-10 day deposit"! I went on the chat with TT & explained that in their policy # 6 it was guaranteed !(small print of course so noone reads it- not I do) It did not stippulate whom had to be at fault. Low & behold I received my 19.95 back today from TT. The chat agent was very nice & helpful. No refund from IRS yet but expected date the 28th! Hope this helps.
  • I submitted my tax return, entered my bank account number for direct deposit, but for some reason Turbo Tax reverted back to the account number used for direct deposit last year for my federal return only, my state return was deposited in to the correct account... Now the IRS says it will take ANOTHER 4-6 weeks for my refund.... I want my processing fee refunded from Turbo Tax... Does anyone out there know how I go about doing this?? It was NOT my error as you don't have to re-enter your bank account information for your state tax return, it asks you if you want it deposited in to the same account as your federal & I checked YES.... VERY UPSET WITH TURBO TAX RIGHT NOW!!!
  • Why was IRS not better prepared if everyone is getting their refunds late....I also believe that is partly turbo tax fault as my son filed HRBlock and he already received his refund andI have not, we filed same day efile and direct deposit, so what happened...Turbo tax or HRBlock hmmmmmmmmmmm. will have to rethink this for next year.
My return  was accepted on the 3rd. I was promised my dd on the 13 of feb by tt. I did not get my refund on that date. Finally on wednesday ( 15 of feb.) the irs website was updated with my information. I got a refund date from the irs of feb the 28 but I hope i get my refund sooner. I know some people that went to other places to get their taxes done and they already got their refund.  I will not be using turbo tax next year. I will use turbo tax if I do not need my refund right away. I know what everyone is going through. I hope everyone gets their refund soon. In other years I have went to other places and got my taxes back faster. I do not think turbo tax is all to blame but they need to take some blame. Instead of saying oooo you "can" get your refund back in 7-10 days atlease put in fine print you can get your refund back in 7-10 days if there are no delays... if there are delays you can get your refund back in THREE WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Found this info. It doesnt tell me EXACTLY what I wanted to know but it ws a little helpful.


    You filed your 2011 tax return early and didn’t get your refund? Yes, according to the alert from the IRS, there is a delay again this year. 2012 tax refunds are delayed approximately one week.

    What’s the Reason for the Delay?
    According to the IRS:

    The one-week delay for some refunds relates to fine-tuning IRS systems to adjust for new safeguards put in place this tax season to provide stronger protection against refund fraud. The IRS is providing additional screening for fraud this year before issuing refunds, but the vast majority of taxpayers can still continue to expect to receive their refunds in a timely fashion.

    Update: The IRS requested tax preparers to return to legacy efile processing on Feb. 11, 2012. Here is the latest update from the IRS for tax preparers about the Modernized e-File the IRS was testing in 2012:

    •We have discovered some issues with linkages to downstream processing systems that have primarily affected returns filed between February 6 and 10, 2012. Those issues, we believe, have been resolved.
    •However, as a temporary measure to ensure future processing runs smoothly, and to provide adequate time to complete processing of the affected returns, we have temporarily lifted all restrictions on the Legacy system. We encourage you to use Legacy until further notice.
    •Be assured all systems used for processing returns are operational and are accepting returns.
    •Some taxpayers who filed electronically and received an acknowledgement from the IRS are concerned when they visit “Where’s My Refund” and are told that IRS has no information regarding their tax return. The IRS informed us on February 10 that this is a temporary situation and should be resolved in several days. At that time, you will be able to get an expected refund date when you visit “Where’s My Refund.”
    •IRS expects the vast majority of tax refunds to continue to be issued within the historical range of 10 to 21 days.

    Read more: http://www.mydollarplan.com/irs-tax-filing-delay/#ixzz1mfPjdfyt
    • dont explain my situation at all hope they get th other glitches fixed
    • I hope and pray for all of us who really need it or not get it soon.

      WMR has been saying it was accepted and is processing and if its accurate will get it in 6 weeks. So frustrating.

      I filed and was accepted on the 1/21 and it has been well over the time frame to receive my refund. Also Mine says its still processing and I have to wait 6 weeks if its accurate.
      I was reading this article this morning @

      Due to new and additional problems at the IRS with their new IRS computer systems, up to 50-60% of the refunds expected to be released by the IRS on 17 Feb 2011will not released.

      Per IRS they don’t see delaying your tax refund a big deal and don’t seem to be all that concerned about it and they are not taking ownership of this problem.

      Historically IRS has deposited most tax refunds on Fridays however the IRS has not told us when they will be fixing this computer problem and making these deposits but we are expecting and hoping they will be deposited next Friday Feb 24th.

      This is such a mess. I really need my refund my house is being forclosed and I was hoping to save it. We have been struggling so much I want out of debt and this will do it for us. Not to mention my baby girl needs a crib. UGHHHHH I am so stressed. I filed early to get it back early and that was a mistake.

      I will keep you posted as to when I get it.
    • People people people..calm dwn..Every1 is asking the same Q's but unfortunately r getting the same A's..but dnt take it out on Turbo tax they r the middle man they have nothing to do on how lng it takes to get ur refund back..its the IRS..there systems r dwn n there taking there sweet precious time playing catch up..look at it like this EVERY 1 that filed the end of jan or beginning of feb will get there refund early march..I hate it 2..but wht can u do but WAIT..
    • People people people..calm dwn..Every1 is asking the same Q's but unfortunately r getting the same A's..but dnt take it out on Turbo tax they r the middle man they have nothing to do on how lng it takes to get ur refund back..its the IRS..there systems r dwn n there taking there sweet precious time playing catch up..look at it like this EVERY 1 that filed the end of jan or beginning of feb will get there refund early march..I hate it 2..but wht can u do but WAIT..
    • Your right its not Turbo Tax fault, I have heard of people who filed with HR, TaxAct and Turbo tax and some have received there's and some not.

      I got an e-mail from a couple friends who just had there post to there account a few min ago. So that is good news for them.
    • ok for shits and giggles i called my friends at the irs lol got ahold of a lady whom got her manager involved....they said i will be getting a refund once they solve my error my return shows a math error but they arent seeing how or where or why....their systems are only half working but her manager said i did the right thing by sending a letter asap....asking for them to review it....takes up to 30 days but she hopes it wont take that long.... just wanted to let u all know their systems are down wmr isnt accurate and may not be for weeks. keep the faith everyone....
    • I hope you get your's earlier than 30 days.
    • thanks proudarmywife i aint gonna stress anymore the first week took a tremendous toll on me..I thought i was gonna have a heart attack i am now much calmer :)  the lady at the irs was suprised i was taking it so well..I said well if you talked to me a week ago you wouldnt think so lol Oh well at least i know  i am making progress. if i would have waited to receive my letter in two weeks i would have waited that much longer..Glad i sent it out tuesday she told me she was glad i was proactive lol  i said well i couldnt wait another two weeks when it told me on the wmr site i had a problem and i was going to get a letter dated deb 27th she didnt realize that the wmr gives that info...See they dont know everything ;)
    • i too was accept by2/6,with a due date 2/15,no deposit,i felt like i was going to die from worry,but i know its all going to work out for everyone,and am praying for you all,for peace,patience,and faith to believe in the one whose in charge of the whole world,declare your victory,find some way tokeep a peace of mind,reading your bible,meditating,spending time with family,having grand kids over,when u least expect it it will be there
    • yea me n my girlfriend are in the same boat we filled on feb 7th and it said would get our refund by the 15th and nothing. i hate this shit.
    • I too was expecting refund on Feb 15th per phone confirmation.  My IRS status was not showing (I filed Feb 4th).  My IRS status was finally posted today and saying refund by Mar 6th is expected.  That means they did not start the 7-21 day processing date until today.  This is over 30 days for an efiled refund.  Not a surprise for the way the government is being run.
    • I spoke with the IRS today. Mine was filed and excepted on the 3rd....They said it would be March 6th now because of some updates they did last week to the internet. It can go in on any day now, just not Fridays and Mondays. The Where's my Money site isn't working right now. Check it mid week next week and they should be able to tell you more about your money. I'm not at all happy about this but not much you can do but wait.
    • Here is what you do. I have had to call them alot lately for myself and clients too. Dial the main number....1-800-829-1040, follow the promts for english, then for information about your personal tax account, i believe that is option 2, and then just hit 0 untill the recording finally says.... "Please hold while we transfer your call to the next available operator".

      You might wait a few minutes, but it's worth it to speak to a live person.

    • I just got off the phone with irs I fied my return on 2/3 and when i went too wmr i did not get any info so  I waited bc i have used turbotax for many years and have always recieved my return between the 15-17 so i budged around that, thinking it would be here well big surprise its not and all the irs is telling me is it is being prossed and it takes 3 weeks so by the 24th and if i dont have it by then to call and see what is going on......RRRR I am not a happy camper, like many of you I need my return real bad this year for our house payment and other bills.:( heres to praying that it is here by the 24th if not sooner.
    • I also filed my daughters on Feb 1st, however she had no itemizations.  Her's did not show on IRS site until the 6th and she received her refund 13th,
    • All I know is next year my taxes are getting mailed with huge bottle of lube I will know what to expect and it will not hurt this much
    • lol.. next year I PRAY I  will not be in a financial hardship like I am this year. Well EVERYONE I hope that we all get our refunds today, the 17th isnt over yet so maybe JUST maybe we will get ours tonight or post tomorrow.

      I am sad that I am losing my house I was trying to protect my self in hopes. BUT what can I do.

      just cry I guess.

      I will keep you updated and can you all keep us posted when you receive your refund.

    • I filed the 2nd...NEVER showed up on WMR. Suppose to have a refund 02/15 as well...according to a LIVE person from the IRS that I spoke to the 9th. Well I call today, and got a RUDE lady...who only tried to give me the "wait 3 weeks" BS, finally she said "if you dont have it BY the 23rd call back", she was such a jerk! But Im hoping to hear something by then too. I also need the $$!
    • I filed and was accepted within an hour on February 2nd. My projected direct deposit date was 2/15. That came and went. However on the mobile Turbo Tax my refund date is showing for February 9-23. I don't know. I'm not holding my breath for anything.
    • Sad thing is that TT hasnt updated, according to TT my refunds are 'Accepted'. However I have already received my state, and FINALLY the Feds gave me a DD date of the 22nd Feb. I filed Feb 7th.

      Now I remember why I only used TT once before in the past.
    Filed and was accepted 2/2 Contacted every number under the sun just for a DD. I read someone contacted SBBT.Found the phone number and called They had a date 2/15. Did not receive it on that date. Contacted the IRS today 2/17 Spoke to REAL person. She said to me Feb 2 more people filed and the system was overloaded. People who filed and was accepted will receive there refund 10-21 days. Which means I should get it 2/21. IRS said if I have not received it by 2/21 To contact them again. It is taking 3 weeks to process the return and then an extra week..I am very upset about this but I am just relieved I was able to get some answers...Depending on this money for rent and a car. So need it ASAP
    • I called the IRS AGAIN today.  Twice.  I wanted to see the different answers I received.  
      First call 7:20 am...177:34 wait time.  Woman actually tries to convince me that even though I was accepted on the 3rd I shouldn't find it odd that my neighbor who I prepared their taxes through TT, received their refund today.  She told me something about volume.  So, the returns that were sent in/accepted on the 3rd, were not finished before they started on the ones files on the 7th.  She really tried to make this sound like it made sense.  They can't finish what they started on the 3rd so they what? Skipped them?  WTH???

      Second call at 4 in the afternoon, Man tells me they have it.  That it will take the full 21 days.  That he has no date for me.  Again, I shouldn't wonder if something is wrong because WMR shows NOTHING.  I also had some odd remark again about volume and shouldn't be surprised that someone who filed after me, already received their refund.

      I have an offset of 40 dollars.  I was told in the 2nd phone call that it may take 2 extra weeks for them to take the $40 off.  Really?  Mind you this $40 is from '08, they for some reason didn't contact me about it until this year.  Whatever.

      There is no way I believe or am OK with the fact that someone who filed days after me received anything.  A date or deposit.  If the work that showed up on the 3rd should have been finished and dealt with before the work on following days was even contemplated.  This is nuts and I have o say if this is true....This explains a lot on how the IRS is really doing things.I will never see my refund.
    Do not pay alot into federal but as little as you can during the year and place your money in an interest checking bc if the irs is holding your money you will not get interest. Everything has a price including money and the price of money is called interest.
    I heard...there are two systems the irs is using right now. One is the old system and one is the wonderful new system. The irs is trying to convert to the new system. When returns are sent some are sent to the new system and some are sent to the old system. If your refund was sent through the old system you will get you refund under 21 days if your refund was sent through the new system it can take longer for the refund to be sent out. I understand delays for a few days but why are some returns being delayed for weeks!!!
    • I'm also going through the same thing! I know many who used Turbo Tax and got both refunds within a week so I was excited to know I could get it that fast (and I need it.......BADLY!!!!) so I used it on Feb. 5th and I'm still waiting:-( I know it's not Turbo Tax's fault but I agree with the above that during tax time, when people so desperately need their money, why on Earth wouldn't they make sure their site and systems is up to par? It's the government for crying out loud! When I check the IRS site it gives me no info and upon reading it even says that basically DD would have to wait longer than those who filed by mail. Huh????? I've never heard of anything like that before and I sure could have saved some money if I just went the old fashioned route. Oh well. Turbo Tax was a cinch to use though so that's one plus! Good luck to all out there who are playing the waiting game like me........
    I just checked the irs website and it showed a dd date of the 23. My taxes was accepted on feb 3. I hope that is a true dd date. I feel better that I got a dd from the irs. I hope everyone gets good news today  bc I know the feeling of waiting for a refund.
      Gabriel447 - what is WMR saying when you check for status?
      • Ok, I filed on 2/3, accepted 2/3, first TT said Feb 13-23 then on 2/10 they changed it to 2/10-2/24. I have been checking WMR everyday and I can't get it to tell me anything. I see everyone else finally getting dates but I can't even get that. I took someone's advice and tried to get a transcript and it tells me I can't. So I'm wondering if they even have it! The Santa Barbara thing tells me nothing. My family is almost at the starving point because we get paid once a month and I didn't budget for not getting our refund! I just want to punch someone! And my husband has a job interview on Wed and we don't even have enough gas to get him to our corner store!
      jenbijou - did WMR say anything different today?   That Santa Barbara site only works if you are having turbo tax's fee come out of your refund.  if you paid the fee via debit or credit card then it's not going to havve your information. IRS sucks for implementing new system at the busyiest part of the tax season.  I pray that things work out and you get a date soon. :-(
      • Kim3212--I checked again today on WMR--still no info. And yes my fees are coming out of my refund so as far as I know that's who I have been checking with. I just don't know what to do! The IRS is gonna be closed tomorrow (right?) so I can't talk to a live person until freaking Tuesday! So at the end of my rope!
      • jenbijou - that is a bunch of bullcrap!!  i'm so pissed for you.  yeah, i think they are closed tomorrow.  you need to definitely call tuesday asap and find out what is going on.
      • Thanks kim3212! I'm just glad that I can see some people are having the same issues and I'm not the only one. I just hope to have all of this resolved soon....
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