utah state ID

the employer state ID number has 4 zero's in the middle totaling 13 numbers then the wth.  I have entered and reentered, but still receiving the error.  Please help.
  • i have the same problem and no one on the online chat knows what to do....i'm getting frustrated
most likely you are going to have to go back to your employer. the state of utah went to a new format this year and if your w2 doesn't have 11 digits plus WTH then the W2 is incorrect.  you can try this link if you haven't already.  if this is the same payer id as last year then perhaps your employer is still using their old payer id - then this link will help you to look up the new one

make sure you are not entering any dashes either
  • All of my employers are using the new format, 11 numerals followed by WTH and contains no hyphens. I am still recieving an error for all three employers. What gives?
  • Same issue here - STILL.  This appears to be a glitch on TurboTax's end ... the Super Users are regurgitating same canned answer despite the responses to their answers.  This isn't working and TurboTax needs to make an update ASAP.
  • I'm getting the error and it won't let me finish the state tax return.  I think it is turbo tax too because mine I was able to import.  I imported my w2 so why would it be wrong.
  • I am having the same issue. It is so frustrating. Any ideas of other things to try??? Turbo tax you are about to lose my business. I will just go to another program.
  • I have a Federal Emp Id  number and utah keeps telling me there is and error.  can't get past it when doing the w2 or final edit for state taxes for Utah.
  • I'm getting the same error on the state ID number. I've entered 14 digits with no spaces or dashes (last 3 digits are WTH) and I'm still getting an error. Can we get this fixed please?
  • Ut State Tax # 12394900002WTH
had same prob-here is the fix (or what your missing maby)
 not only do you have to do this for w-2
you also have to do this for 1099s (r, mis, etc)

-mine i had a 7 diget old # for a 1099r -had to goto utah website to find the new.
    I found that if I went back to the w-2 and took out all the spaces  it worked on both the federal and the state portion
    for example what was printed on my w-2: 12345678 001 WTH
    what I ended up entering on the form :     12345678001WTH

    no spaces the software must count them as dashes.
      you have to go back to your original entry and take out the dashes there
        Hey guys, I think I found the answer - TurboTax will say the error is with your W2 but if changing the W2 with the correct 14 digit # does not fix the error, then it is a different form.  In my case it was a 1099-MISC that had imported the Utah State EIN and it had dashes.  Check all of your W2s, 1099s and any other form that might have the State Withholding code on it. It could be any of them even though the error says it is the W2.  Hope this helps!
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