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NJ CAFE 125 Plan, Can I deduct this amount as a medical expense on my NJ STATE TAX form?

For example, if my federal wages = 45000 (box 1) and state wages = 50000 (box 16).  The difference is the CAFE 125 plan.  At the federal level this is considered pretax, but NJ appears to not recognize.  Can i deduct the 5000 as a medical expense under NJ since it is after tax?
    Yes, you can deduct the medical insurance premiums as medical expenses on your New Jersey return. But the difference between your federal and NJ wages might not all be medical insurance premiums. There are other things that are pre-tax for federal but not for NJ, and section 125 cafeteria plans include other things besides medical insurance. Only the amount that is actually for medical insurance can be included in your NJ medical expenses.
      Section 125 is post tax for NJ.

      It can also be either post or pre-tax for the Fed depending on how you filled out the form. It would note which one on your w-2.
        Under Exempt Income, NJ lists the following:

        "Some benefits received from from certain employer-paid cafeteria plans (but not salary reduction or premium conversion plans).  Request Division Technical Bulletin TB-39."

        Since you forfeit any unused cafeteria benefits, you can probably only deduct your medical expenses as you actually incur and pay them.  Also, only medical expenses in excess of 2% of your AGI are deductible on your NJ return.
        • I am not sure how this relates to being under exempt income.   The federal decreased my tax liability by taking the amount out at a pretax rate.  The state of NJ did not.  Since I paid my premium payments out after tax shouldn't this count as "In addition, medical expenses may also include amounts paid for transportation  primarily for and essential to medical care and insurance (including amounts paid as premiums under Part B of Title XVIII of the Social Security Act, relating to supplementary medical insurance
          for the aged) covering medical care"   Am I missing something on?