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TurboTax Online Login

How do I find my TurboTax Online Login from previous years.  I have the password, that I wrote down.
  • trying to get a copy of my 2012 tax return
  • Please start a new question.  This one is 2 years old.
You have to log in with the exact same user name and password.  If you can't log in or find your return maybe you forgot your password or have multiple accounts….
  • Thanx for your response.  I now know this years login but I still do not know my log in for 2010.  How do I find that?
  • No, in March 2012 a much more basic problem here.  NO SIGN IN FIELDS AT ALL ON HOME PAGE.  You have changed login routine drastically from 2010 and nothing at all about what's new-differnt-changed n home page at all.  

    This answer literally needs the url of a page with sign in fields