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Where's My Refund page - Reference Code 1121

Does anyone know what a IRS Reference code of 1121 means on the Where's My Refund page?  I filed on 2/13/11 - had returns accepted and was given an estimated direct deposit of 2/25/11.  I did not receive my refund on that date.  I went to the IRS Where's My Refund website, and which showed there was a delay in processing my return, was given the 1121, and the appropriate phone number to call.  When I called the number, I was placed on hold for a while.  The IRS rep checked my banking account information, and then came back on and told me my return was under review.  It would take a couple more weeks, and if they couldn't resolve any problems, they'd send me a letter, or I'd get my refund.  I asked if there was indeed a problem with the return and she said no.  Very confusing...

I wondered if anyone else had an experience with this code or any insight.  It's hard NOT to worry when it comes to the IRS.
  • 1221 Refund delayed, pulled for review, within 7 cycles conduct account analysis

    I have usually seen it with questions about EIC
  • Louise - but I didn't get a 1221 Refund delay code and I didn't claim EIC.  The reference code I received was a 1121.
Here is the official explanation of 1121

1121 Problem identified; P-Freeze IRM, P- Freeze

Here is some more info
  • Can you break this down any more for me in non-tax expert terms?  I'm trying to determine what my level of worry should be.
  • No real clue here

    I suspect that it is a balance due condition or unpaid debt (student loan, child support, state unemployment, state tax, etc)
  • The only debt like that I have is student loans, and I pay on those every month.  I am very confused...
  • Just wait.  No need to worry, but I wouldn't spend your refund until you have it in hand.
  • Same here and I have called 3 different times and no one can tell me anything...I also filled the same day as yours...
  • well I have been getting the same run around with the irs. No rep can get on the line and actually give u an answer that brings light. Some pf them even sound confused themselves. I filed mid jan. no EIC, no deduction, got 1st delay code was feb 15, on the 22nd it turn into the 1201 code. Nobody is helping us out. wheres the media??? I'm pretty sure people are suffering due to this "backlog!"
  • And the thing is, if it's just backlog, then tell us that.  Own up to being behind if that's all it is.  

    I hate all the meaningless worry, if it really is for nothing.  Sure, I'd like my money, but it's more about waiting for the "everything is ok" to me than the deposit itself.
  • @ amanda_pink.... Im totally with u on that. Nobody will give a decent answer there. I have told them I'm going to call back and hear something different from another rep. I take their rep id#'s and make sure I acknowledge the infor mation to the next rep, once the first 1 lied to me or through a bunch of salt in my face. Can we get some answers? Its just that simply. I dont even feel like beong bothered with their stories today, so I will not call.
  • Has anyone gotten their returns after receiving this code?
    I file my taxes March 2, expected day was March 18th and here I am still waiting....
    The first time I checked the status of my refund, I was getting code 1221 now I'm getting 1121 and "there's a delay processing your return" message...I haven't call cause I can see how many people have call and its just a waste of time. I also have student loans, could this be the reason for the delay?

    How frustrating...  >=0/
  • Turbo-tax expert-- please call the IRS and see if you can get an explanantion for refund code 1121...The advantage for your users  lies in the fact that you can speak tax-talk.  If the delays are on the IRS end- then state that and let's hurry up an wait.  If there's a problem with the individual's tax return then state the possible reasons for delays.  This will help guide your users .
  • I've done a lot of homework, and done this long, sick dance with the IRS...I hired a CPA to do my taxes, not because my return was complicated, but because I like the security of having a Pro on my side.
    My CPA  E-filed my return, second week of March 2011, got it kicked back, and said there was 'a problem'
    as (although I'd supported her all year) my Granddaughter's biological father was claiming her.
      I felt that part of justice is between him, God and the IRS...okay, remove Granddaughter, refile.

      1121 hit.  Several customer 'service' calls  and no explanations later,

    3-24-2011  - I ended up setting an 'appointment' with  an "IRS Taxpayer Advocate"
    4-1-2010  "Advocate" calls me...
      She gathered information, asked questions, - she was a very re-assuring, upbeat and warm person.  She was also a very smooth talker who spoke greased circles around the issue, but never actually gave me any answers at all, only suggested that time would make it all better...that she'd only had ONE of 'hundreds' of cases that required a taxpayer response, and that for additional proof of income.
    she said she would enter a case for me under 'hardship' ( I have bill collectors beating on my door)
    and , she would call me back the following Friday with the info...
     4-8-2011- I fully expected the 'Advocate' would respond with an "all clear" - check's in the mail, or something... No dice.  She said she would continue to press for an answer and call me back,
    and as the branch holding my return only had 2 to 4 days to respond to her case, I should expect a quick resolution, BUT - it may take as long as May 23. (?????)
      I grew impatient, and explained that the IRS is merciless, relentless and very impatient when I owe THEM money...Please explain WHY my return is 'frozen'... no answer, just a circular snakeoil dance of words.
    She warmly said she understood, and promised to escalte to her manager, and would call me back Friday  4-15.
    4-15-2011 - Advocate called ...siad she had no idea why there hadn't been a response to her case, and again reassured me that all was well...again,that she'd only had ONE of 'hundreds' of cases that required a taxpayer response, and that for additional proof of income.  
    She said she'd re-escalate, but to please remember that the IRS does things in 'batches' - on Fridays, and if a change was made on monday, it would be - not that Friday, but the one following when I'd hear or see soem response.  I replied that " You mean, best case, I'm looking at May 1 or more?"
      She said there was a "Teeny-weeny slim chance that 4-29 might go thru"...she said she'd call me back on 4-29... I said that was not an option, that after this much time, I felt an answer was OWED, not another round of 'wait and see'...she said she had "Over one hundred cases" and didn't have that kind of time.
    After me badgering her abouut her circular non-answers, she gave in and promised shed' call me this coming friday, 4-22...
      There's something very foul going on here, the IRS webpages are redatcted, the RS is stonewalling, and I truly hate being lied to.

    ANYone with a real answer, please post....
     - StayTuned...
  • No refund for me yet either.  

    I've been on the phone with the IRS so many times, I've lost count.  I've been told I was receiving a letter requesting additional information, then told I wasn't.  Then told I had to wait 30 more days.  After that 30 days was up, I was assigned a tax payer advocate who I have yet to hear from.  Over 60 days since I filed...and I have NO clue why I haven't gotten it.  All I can get are "guesses".
  • Same thing here. Filed on 01/16. Got accepted on 01/17. Supposed to receive my money on 01/28. My direct deposit date changed 3 times and on February 1 I got delay code 1201. Nobody knows what is going on with my refund. Every time I call IRS nobody can give me an answer. One person saying that letter is going out to me, another person saying they don't need any more information from me. One time I've been told that Turbotax did not submit my return correctly and there are lines missing, but I don't have to file again and IRS will correct it.  After that every time I call I am getting the same answer-It is being processed. It's been almost 3 months with delay code 1201 for me and nobody knows when I will get my money
  • 4-22 I got a call from "Barbara" - a Taxpayer Advocate, to tell me that the advocate I'd been speaking with was out of the office " Medical reasons", she knew nothing of the case, didn't want to re-submit an escalation to IRS because they *might* have already responded to the first Advocate, but told me she could see that there was no change in the case status.  She offered to set another appointment ( before next Thursday) for the first Advocate to call me back.  I told her I'd been doing a LOT of homework, had read the online IRS customer service manual, and saw the track they were taking...stall, stall...stall...
      She told me she "had to be somewhere in two minutes" and had to get off the phone...

      Has ANYone gotten a refund for FY10 from a code1121 ?
    ANYbody ???
  • Joe, I am sorry I can't say anything about your code 1121. I've been stuck with 1201 since January. Looking at the way IRS is handling our returns I come to conclusion that it does not matter what kind of code you get-you will be stuck forever anyway. Hopefully you will get your refund soon.
  • My refund was accepted on 4/9. Direct deposit scheduled for 4/22. No refund received got the reference code 1121 on the Where's my refund page and called IRS. They don't have any idea what these reference codes people keep mentioning are, but was told that the return was randomly being reviewed and I should call back in 45 days. I've been reading up on this and haven't found anything saying anyone had gotten their refund yet. Since the IRS charges penalties and interest on anything they come up with, are the taxpayers not entitled to the same, in return for being jerked around. And has anyone reading this ever received any kind of resolution yet (ie: RECEIVED THEIR REFUND)?
  • Spoke with a tax advocate yesterday.  Supposedly, my refund was released from review on April 21.  I am supposed to get my refund deposited, but they could give me no date.  I'm supposed to check the website at the end of this week or middle of next for a date.  Good news, but I'll believe it when I see it.
  • Did anyone have a prior year return under review before they got this code. Resolved or not resolved? My 2008 was being reviewed for a credit being taken, but they just (finally) cleared it.
  • 4-28-2011 I just got off the phone with the first Tax 'Advocate'...who informed me that her initial e-mails to the group holding my return were answered only by a 'cc' to the employee whose desk the case was on. several times.. Advocates' managers' e-mails, same deal.  She told me that this morning, she got the Manager of the holding group on the phone, telling her that nearly a month is too long to get no response.  The Holding manager said she was going to the holding employees' desk and telling her to " work this case - now".
      I asked how she would be updated, and Advocate said that 'they would have to respond to her form requesting hardship release of return.
      I pointed out that with the exception of her return phone calls, *nothing* she has told me would happen has come true.
      Advocate will have her manager call me before end of day tomorrow to discuss.
    We will talk again before next thursday 5-5.
  • can anyone in turbo tax escalate this to the media at least to force the IRS to either explain the delay or expedite the returns...WHERE IS THE MEDIA...???? i think they are the only ones that can help us on our plight....the lack of information, knowledge and answers is what bothers me the most...if there were explanations then we as reasonable adults would relax and pull back... with the complacency of turbo tax in dealing with this issue in spite of all the community board concerns a lawsuit is in order...I iwill never again use turbo tax for the indifference they have shown all thier benefactors.
  • I've been sitting with the error code 1121 for 3 months now. I havent received anything in the mail, and unfortunately, my phone number has changed, so I have not received any calls. I'm getting a little hard pressed with money, and my refund would be a great help.

    Amanda, did you receive your refund yet?
  • I have an accountant do our taxes every year for the past 8 years and this years was no different than previous years. However I've had this same code since the end of March and have yet to get an answer from the IRS. Today I called, after waiting my 90 days (two 45 day review periods), and the lady told me she was filing a referral to the department that was handling my return, she wasn't sure what the hold up was! Ya right! She told me they have 30 days to respond to it and if they don't then I need to contact a Taxpayer Advocate. Why can't they just tell me what the deal is! Why do I have to contact a Advocate? Just give me my money already!! So frustrating. However one good thing is she did tell me that the IRS will pay me interest on my refund for the delay. As they should, they would charge me interest if I owed them! But who knows if I'll ever get it back. Half tempted to tell them to just keep it as I will owe them this year as I have taken measures to assure I will never have to wait on a refund from them again. I will owe them and they will get it on the 15th of April and not a day before!!
    Let me know if anybody gets a return w/ this code!
  • Still no refund with same code! 1121.

    Called IRS today got no real answer, submitted my refund early March.... I think we got screwed this year.
  • I don't know about 1121 code, but I am still waiting with 1201 code. I filed early in January and been waiting since then. No answer from IRS, no letters, no reason for the delay-nothing. I guess I am really screwed this year.
  • If anyone thinks that they may owe taxes due to student loans or back child support, they can call the fms line. It can tell you if you have an offset(debt) with them. If you do owe, The irs will delay your return for 6 weeks or more without telling you why..  the number is    800-304-3107..  its an automated machine and its very accurate.. Hope this helps some of you..