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why am i being asked to print and mail form m-4868 for a 6 month extension after i e-filed and i did not put in for an extension on my return. Should i ignore it.
  • I am having the same problem.  I tried to go back into the Other Tax Situations tab to change it and I keep getting an answer about it not being available until March.  I can't get past this to file my Federal return.
Sorry about that those instructions are for the federal extension form. To remove the M-4868, select the Home tab and from the option listed below select Delete A Form. Now scroll down to the MA forms and select and delete the M-4868.

You can also remove the M-4868 by walking back through the state taxes tab to this screen http://screencast.com/t/noqxq2yemDu select No and on the next screen answer No again to remove the form.

Take care, I hope this proves helpful.
  • While I appreciate the attempts for help, they don't really answer the question.  This same question has been asked a bunch of times, and in each case there are instructions on HOW to remove the form, but not WHY we are being told to print / file it.  In my case, I don't owe taxes to MA, and I certainly don't want to file an extension.  But I don't want to get dinged somehow because they think I've requested one in my e-file but I never send in the corresponding form.

    Can anyone answer WHY we're being asked to file form m-4868 if we don't explicitly request an extension?
EYEzone, in the upper right corner of the program select the Tools button, and from the drop down list click on Topics & Forms. Now in the search box type Form 4868, and from the search results select "form 4868 extension payments" and click Go.

This will take you into this screen http://screencast.com/t/I6Pwyu1XO9y (click on link to view screenshot), make sure you select the 2nd option "I haven't mailed my federal extension yet".

This will bring up two more buttons, select the bottom button, "I changed my mind and don't need an extension", now press continue.

This will delete your Form 4868.

I hope this solves your question, have a nice day.
  • I had this problem too and tried the suggestions offered by TurboTaxMatthewF but when I followed them, there wasn't a 2nd option and two more buttons including "I changed my mind..."  There was no indication that I had ever checked anything for an extension!  Seems like it may be a TT glitch!
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