My state return was rejected due to my drivers licnense not can I fix this?

  • I called the IRS and found that you only need your state pin # id.If you added anything else,like driver's license # it will reject. The only problem is I cant find out how to get to the page and fix it! I called Turbotax and the person I talked to could not help me either.This is very frustrating.If anybody can fiqure out how to get back to the page where that info is,let me know.
  • Hi,

    Currently there are some issues with transmitting Driver's License information with the IL DOR and the E-File requirements that are getting transmitted. There are changes coming on both IL DOR end and within the TurboTax product to resolve this issue. We will be working diligently to get this fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your patience.
  • So what do we do until the issue is fixed? I don't want to keep getting rejected.
  • Unfortunately you will have to wait, thanks for your patience.
  • i have this same problem... how long do we need to wait? and when will we know when it's ready to be done?
  • How long, I am not 100% sure, both parties are working on a fix right now. We will do our best to let customers know of when the fix will be available.
  • I am having the same problem for my state taxes. I did not file a state tx last year so I was unable to sign with an electronic pin. Once the system is fixed will I be able to still submit my taxes without having a pin. Will I just be able to supply my drivers lic. number
  • You can always try other information on your Driver's License other than the DL number. The Illinois DOR has strict requirements in terms of what matchs up, so it isn't a guarantee because it depends on what they have in the system, but once this is fixed, it should help.
  • I figured it out........I went back into my State and opted to ammend my return, put the correct number in and re submitted through e-file and recieved an acception withen the hour. Unfortunately after 2 days and almost 2 hours on the phone with Turbo Tax representitives who had no clue how to solve the issue except for me to file on paper and send my taxes in! I messed around in their program and figured it out myself! Good luck to those of you in the same boat, hope this helps :)
  • What is going on with Turbotax and IDOR. I filed on February 2nd and I have been rejected 3 times trying to fix the License and/or pin number since. How much longer is this going to take for this bug to be fixed. I just need to be refunded. This is rediculous. Turbotax representative have no clue of what to do and all I kept hearing is "I guess you should do this or I guess you should do that". I used to love you turbotax but my love is now fading. CAN YOU GET THIS DONE?
  • Mine was rejected 3 times. What steps do I take to go back and opt out to amend my state taxes like the DCfan said? I need to know how to go back to state and then the step by step instructions please. Thank You!
  • I have an out of state DL and I worked in and filed for IL, can i enter my out of state DL number for my IL-PIN, what should i do to get the correct IL-PIN or to stop getting rejected?
  • herm1977, you should probably contact the Illinois DOR for the IL-PIN.
  • I've been rejected 3 times for IL state tax return due to driver's license not matching!
    It's almost the end of march... Is there going to be a solution from turbotax anytime soon ? How does amending work??
  • has this issue been resolved, because it's april and i'm still unable to efile (getting rejected)?
  • I am having the same issue. It  keeps getting rejected. I tried to create the PIN and it says it does not match my records.  I don't like this. How are we going to resolve this TurboTax? I don't want to miss the deadline.
  • Hi ..even I got into the same's been rejected thrice and not sure how to resolve this...any luck?
  • getting this problem this year as well - the IL website to get your PIN # is not working at this time, either
  • Kpelletier, I had the same problem last year, I was told that Turbo Tax was working on it.I paid $42 from the free fed so they could do the taxes. I had a Pin from IL but for whatever reason it didn't work. They couldn't help. I printed the IL 2040 filled it out myself and mailed it. Turbo tax wasn't very helpful. And this year, I tried for the free fed, and it takes me to the payment page and asks for $27.99 for the State preparation.I didn't want them to prepare the state. I'm not asking them to and I more frustrated this year. Lousy Customer service. If they treat other customers like this, I'm sure that Intuit will off load this problem company. My suggestion is to do the state manually or go to an ex IRS auditor like I had in TN.
IL DOR matches what you entered with their record. To get the best chance to have a matching record (therefore the return get accepted), enter all the information. If you are a returning tax payer to IL (filed tax return in IL for 2009 and/or 2010), enter the IL PIN, IL prior year AGI, Driver's License number and 9-digits zip code.
  • Ok, From what I understand, your service can't do what you say it can. You don't have all the bugs worked out. SO to get the PIN number from the state I can go to the IDOR website , get the PIN and file during the same vist. The question is this, What the hell did you charge me $42 for? So you can migrate info between two forms? Please!  Maybe you should debug your program before you decide to sell it. Or add the disclaimer before you ask for the money, so clients can make an informed decision.
  • Super pissed how many times turbo tax has rejected my IL form. Are you kidding me? I would like this FIX ASAP!!!
  • this is unbelievable i paid for a service that is broken and or not working properly therefore i am demanding action or a refund.
  • I am experiencing this same problem. How is it that months later this isn't worked out??
  • I got rejected 3 times from IL state.  I entered with both IL pins.  I am now late, am I in trouble - and IL owes me $$.  I can't figure this out!!  Can I get my $$ back from Turbo Tax??
  • This is my first time filing in Illinois, so I have to use my drivers license number. I have been rejected 3 or 4 times now. It does not appear that TurboTax has the ABILITY to e-file my state return despite charging me for it. I want my money back. If I face any state penalties for my now *late* filing, I will be filing a complaints with various state and private consumer organizations and encourage anyone else in a similar position to do the same:

    The Better Business Bureau -
    The IL Attorney General Consumer Complaint Form -
    Consumer Affairs -
  • I have been rejected by the state of Illinois four times now. Due to this, my return is now late. I am putting in my correct drivers license number, but my return still gets rejected.  Turbotax sold me a service that isn't working! If this can't be resolved immediately, then I want the money that I paid to do my state refund back!
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