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Do you have to claim a 1098-T form

I filed my return on the 27th and about 2 days later I recieved my 1098-T form. I know it could potentially get me a higher refund, but I really don't want to wait the 2-3 months for an amendment to be accepted. Can I just ignore it or do I have to claim it?
    You may be delighted at the bigger refund you will receive with the 1098-T information, since it is a credit that provides dollar-for-dollar reduction of your taxes.  The American Opportunity Credit even provides a 40% refundable feature, which means that you may qualify to receive back more money than was paid in for taxes last year.

    You don't have to claim it.  The IRS will be happy to keep money that really belongs to you.  They won't penalize you if you overpay your taxes.  But it will help you to amend.

    If you do amend, please wait for your original refund to come.  That way the IRS won't accidentally process your amended return before your original return, which sometimes happens, and really confuses their computer.  You can easily amend by going to and typing "amend a return" in the search field.  TurboTax will walk you through it.  Amended returns are mailed in, not e-filed, so you will need to print it when you are finished.

    If your original return comes back with an error message instead of being accepted, you can enter the 1098-t information at the same time that you correct the error.  Then you won't have to amend at all.  Hope this helps.